Case of the “Monday’s”


Why are Monday’s so brutal? After hearing my 5 alarm clocks this morning, I finally opened my eyes to the horror of Monday. What is it about Monday’s that make me want to crawl into a hole for eternity? I know what you’re thinking….what happened to Ms. Queen of Positivity ? Well even the most positive person has a wicked step aunt named MONDAY!!!! So, I pop out of bed throw myself together and rush out of the house and fight my way into Monday traffic. My heart palpultates as I almost slam into a car in front of me while looking behind and almost getting rear-ended myself. I weazel my way in and finally get to work 3 minutes late….Seriously? 2 meetings later and a couple of “pump up” sessions and my week is starting to look better. The toxic shock of Monday is starting to settle in….a final “calm” comes over me and I start to convince myself…

It’s gonna be okay

So what’s how’s your day goin?

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