The Social Butterfly was saved by the Bee!


I’m actually 95lbs now! Being 4’11” and skinny in every part of your body but your stomach leaves alot of people asking, “When are you due?”, “Are you expecting?” Iwas fed up with the belly I had and decided to do something about it. I have really bad back problems (6 bulged discs) and I can never get the full effect of a workout without not being able to stand the next day. A friend of mine suggested the Xiu Tang Bee Pollen…I decided to research it online and found that there were many counterfeit companies, so I read ratings…I found the to be the most legit, and from that moment The Butterfly was stung by the Bee! I love the way I feel…they give me energy without the jitters and the come down that diet pills five you. They also suppressed my diet and made food less appetizing to me. I also noticed I was shredding pounds…each day I weighed myself and the number dropped more and more. I am happy to say that I have kept my weight off and I love not fitting into my old clothes (gives me a reason to have to buy new clothes) 🙂 Below is the link to ordering from the Bee Pollen Girls and getting my discount. Enjoy! Post your results if you want!

Click the image to get to Bee Pollen Girls, LLC

One response to “The Social Butterfly was saved by the Bee!

  1. YEAUP!! IT does work! I lost 16 lbs in a month and wanting more!!This Diva needs to get skinny for the holidays! Love ya !!

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