4 responses to “Pics

  1. You are soooooo cool. And everything you write is so witty and charming. I love how you used the word “daftness” in your subtitle. Did you think of that? Because that is the first time I have ever seen it used like that. OMGBFFLOL!!!!!


  2. Hiya! Looks like you make Houston a great place. My Mom works for Continental so I’ve been stuck there a few times but never ventured out. Saw that you viewed me on POF. NathansNewLife was the profile.

  3. Hey girl!! How’s it going. How’s Sssssuuuuper Media!? My band Buffalo Bayou is back in action and I wanted to give you a heads up about our upcoming gigs…it would be awesome if you could make it out to see us. Hit me on my e-mail. II- peace

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