Fashion Tips for Short Girls

Fashion tips for short girls can cover a range of topics. From the colours you wear to what styles of clothes to avoid, there seems to be a wealth of dos and donts out there. While my main fashion tip for short girls is to have confidence and stand tall, if creating the illusion of extra height is what you want to achieve then take a look at the following fashion tips for shorter girls.

1. Go Monochrome

Wearing a single colour from head to toe can help create an elongated silhouette, giving the illusion of height. Too many different colours can break up your silhouette, creating a blocky appearance.

2. Say Hi to Heels

One of the most obvious and embraced fashion tips for short girls is to wear heeled shoes. Whether youre after a bit of a lift or added inches, a pair of heeled shoes will physically give you extra height. If youre not used to teetering around in stilettos, why not try a safer option like a wedge shoe?

3. Wear High Waisted Styles

Creating the appearance of being taller is all about proportions. Wearing high waisted shorts, pants or skirts creates a kind of optical illusion. The higher waist leads to the appearance of longer legs and thus a more willowy silhouette.

4. Dont Be Afraid of Maxis

Maxi length dresses or skirts seem to be a major worry for shorter girls. Full, pleated skirts have a tendency to swallow you up which may be where the fear of maxi skirts lies. My fashion tip for short girls is that to make the maxi work for you, stick to sleek column-style skirts and dresses.

5. Show off Shorter Hems

Mini skirts and dresses are great if you have the legs for it. Combined with the right choice of shoe, they can create the appearance of long, lean legs. However, skirts and dresses that finish just above the knee are a safer bet for most short girls.

6. Choose The Right Pants

When it comes to fashion tips for short girls for wearing pants, its all about getting the right proportions. Youll want a fitted style that isnt too bulky. Boot cut and slightly flared jeans can make you appear taller. Try and avoid any wide-legged or overly voluminous styles.

7. Avoid Cropped Pants


When choosing pair of pants, avoid cropped styles. Pants that finish above the shoe can also create the appearance of thicker legs. You want a hem that covers most of your shoe as this will give the appearance of longer legs.

8. Beware The Fit

Shorter girls need to embrace fitted clothing. Anything too slouchy or voluminous has the potential to add extra bulk to your look and make you appear stockier than you are.

9. Choose Thin Belts

When it comes to fashion tips for short girls, belts can be dangerous territory. Using a belt to cinch in a dress or top can effectively cut your body in half and hamper efforts of creating an elongated silhouette. As a general rule, however, stick to slimmer belts as they are better proportioned.

10. Wear Darker Colours

Wearing dark colours can give you a sleeker, streamlined appearance. Thats why we have the whole black is slimming theory, right? Wearing dark colours together can help create an elongated silhouette for shorter girls.

11. Embrace Alterations

Dont be afraid of getting clothes altered to suit your stature. Alterations such as shortening hems or torsos can make all the difference to getting the right fit. When it comes to fashion tips for short girls, creating a streamlined silhouette balances on the fit of the clothes.

12. Avoid Oversized Handbags

When it comes to fashion tips for short girls, dont overlook accessories. The right accessories can have a huge impact on your overall look. Shorter girls should opt for a smaller handbag, as oversized it bags can swamp your silhouette and make you look shorter than you are.

13. Wear Vertical Lines

For a long time weve been fed the line that horizontal stripes will make us appear wider. So, according to this theory, vertical stripes should have the opposite effect. You dont have to wear multiple stripes either, as a single vertical stripe can have the same lengthening effect.

14. Choose The Right Print

Prints are ever so popular when it comes to clothing. However, choosing the right kind of print can also play a part when creating the illusion of height. Shorter girls should avoid wide patterns and prints. Instead, go for long patterns or prints that seem to cascade down.

15. Wear Pointed Flats

Shoes with pointed toes can give the appearance of added height. So if heels arent your thing and youre hell bent on wearing flat shoes, ditch the ballet flats and opt for a pointed toe instead.

16. Avoid Ankle Straps

Shoes with ankle straps can make legs look thicker. If you want to make your legs look longer and leaner, then avoid ankle straps at all costs.

17. Watch The Neckline

V-shapes and U-shaped necklines also aid the illusion of height for short and petite girls. They can also be much more flattering than high necklines and collars.

18. Have Confidence!

No matter how short or tall you are youll only look as fabulous as you feel. Its important then to exude confidence, whatever youre wearing.

These are just a few fashion tips for short girls that can give the illusion of added height. Are you on the shorter end of the height spectrum? Whats your best fashion tip for short girls?

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