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  2. Your welcome..not very good ones…I heard she likes to stay out of the spot light. If you look on the web the only pics you will find is the first one you posted and recent one of her with her arm around Jordan’s. To be honest with you, I didn’t even know he was married or had kids until a yr ago…I just don’t think he’s very proud to be married..he never wears his wedding ring and doesn’t talk about his wife and kids like Joey does. Jordan has always been my favorite too. I just think its weird.

    Can anyone tell me how you get to meet the boys backstage or for picture takings?

  3. He does look very removed form her, this is an odd couple. Donnie paraded his wife he was truly proud of her, Joe the same way. Jordan says he is a private person though. He mentioned her in the Block album saying the best day on earth was the day she was born or the world became a better palce the day she was born something like that. Who knows, I know they break up quite a bit. Oh well who are we to judge?

  4. Here is a link from youtube where I think I found him and his wife on a plane ride from an interview from back in April 2008. She is the one standing a little behind Jordan. If you can’t get to it with the link, then in your search look for New Kids on the Plane to Boston. Hope you all see it.

  5. I don’t think that is her…its their private airplane stuartist. I read she doesn’t travel with them on tour, she stays home with their kids, and she likes to stay out of the spot light. Plus his wife is Latino, this girl looks asian.

  6. If that’s Evelyn behind Jordan and Joe,, she isn’t bad at all.. LOL she’s ok… that other picture that was posted maybe wasn’t really the best pic of her. So…..

  7. I think that is her, she has alot of make up on and reminds me of Priscilla Presley. I think she is pretty though. She had a warm smile on her face and seemed to be very proud of all this…I read somewhere that her and jordan were listening to some of the music that was going to be on the album. He told her that he would be gone about six months and she said” Babe with this stuff you will gone for MORE that six months” Basically complementing the work. I think that is awesome. Way to go evelyn. Since seeing the new pics I believe the first was justa bad one , he didnt even look good in it. I think she is a very pretty girl and I wish her strength, She will need it with all of these rude ass fans out here. Look on you tube type in Joe and Robbo defend Jonathon. You wouldnt believe how rude these guys where with Jonathon. They insulted him then askedfor his autograph.

  8. Hey all, That is NOT Jordan’s wife on the plane, its the airline stuartist to their private jet. I found out through a friend, she said it was a rumor that it was his wife, when it really not. And that most of the time their wifes don’t travel with them on tour , radio and interviews.

  9. i too found it very odd that he did not accept his marriage publically for a while, and seeing that way Donnie and Joe handled the media regarding their love relationships made me wonder even more. I know they know each for years but It seems that their relationship has always been a struggle. I’ve always heard many bad things about their relationship and rarely any good things, heck not even atleast one loving proud picture of them together exists. I hate to say this but sometimes i wonder if it wasn’t for their first child nine years ago, i wonder if they really would of ended up together. I know they have a second child now and I’m sure that’s helped the marriage..atleast it seems like Jordan is happy now, but there is no denying and probably many whitnesses out there that can say Jordan did not seem happily in love for the longgest time.
    I don’t know if that girl is his wife or not but she seems a little young to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were,..of course she wants to be seen now..he’s “famous” again.

  10. I don’t think that the flight attendant would be included in the video like that, if that isn’t her then this girl who in this pic sure looks like the same girl from the video. If you can’t see the pic or get the link look at myspace page for chad Zimmerman (He worked with him on 2004 tour) and look through his photos, there are many of Jordan (candid) and one with him and wife. You can all judge for yourself.

  11. Some people like to stay private. She might be a little shy you never know. Maybe she was to keep things somewhat normal for the kids so when she is out with them they dont have to deal with the fans. You never know. I have read some stories about her being aggressive with fans, I would like more details though. Maybe that is why he keeps her out of the limelight maybe she cant handle the attention. I am not sure on all this. These are betterpictues and I wouldnt say she is ugly. The shock of my life was the Donnie and Kim divorce……maybe there will be another. It is very hard for a celebrity to maintain a marriage. Hell its hard for anyone now a days. People view people as disposable. If it were just like when our grandparents were married people actually put forth the effort to keep it going.

  12. Ok, I have to put my 2 cents in. I think its sad that everyone has to expeculate what goes on in Jordan’s personal life. I’d hate to be famous and have everyone expeculating what goes on in my life, what I did, with who, what and where. This kind of stuff happens in some marriages, the only bad thing about his, is that he is famous and so all his personal business is out there in the open and everyone is talking and gossiping about it. To be honest with you, its non of our business what goes on behind closed doors. People need to draw a line between being a fan, and being a nosy one. What happens in his personal life is his business. Being a fan, is not being involved in what goes on behind closed doors, being a fan, is supporting his work, and his music, that what a fan is..not gossiping about him or exposing his dirty laundry. What goes on between him and his wife is his business not ours. I feel bad that everyone is trashing her on her looks. She is pretty to me, its sad that she has to be bashed like that. Just because she’s not a model, or a skinny mini. Give her some slack. I’m still a huge fan of Jordan’s and The NKOTB. Going with my sister in law to their LA show, got my tickets and I’m ready to have a Mom’s night out..woohoo!

  13. Sorry, I seem to have repeated myself in the last post LOL. Also I meant to say cut her some slack, not give her slack LOL.

    On a positive note, anyone going to see them in concert? Like I said in my last post me and my sister in law have tickets for their concert in LA…Can’t wait! it will be my first time seeing them…and at the OLD age of 41…am I too old for that? LMAO.

  14. No you not too old at ll, I am 34. They havent announced a date for my area yet but when they do My daughter and I will be there. I also agree with your post. It really isnt anyf our business. If he wasnt happy he wouldnt be married. Point blank. They think because he is so off to himself lately that it has to be Marital problems. They forget that he has anxiety issues and I am sure it is hard for him to balnce the tour and family since they dont travel with him.

  15. houstonsocialbutterfly, LOL that sounds like a lot of fun. I was going to get VIP 4 star tickets but OMG They were like $375.00, I felt funny asking my hubby if I could go meet and greet with them being the old fart that I am haha! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus asking for $375.00 is a lot of $$ Whoa. I live in LA and I’m sure they will be there to do some radio interviews and maybe we can catch them there.

    My sister in law and I are going to see them like I said the 26th of Nov, we got our tickets and our seats are in the orchestra level, not sure if there good seats, but they’ll have to do. We could also see about hanging out after the concert and see what happens. I feel silly being 41 and hanging out to see the boys LOL. You know, since they came out with their new CD, I feel like I’m 20 again, that’s when I first got their Album…they didn’t even have CD’s back then…so I got all the album’s on cassette tapes…do you all remember that? It was either record albums or cassette tapes.

    Kelly, thanks…I guess I don’t feel too bad, I know that Danny and Donnie are 39, and Jon will be 40 in November so I don’t feel too bad..LOL How old is your daughter?

    Hey do you any of you have a myspace page? the boys have one out and they check it most of the time…
    My teenage son told me, and I like to go in and listen to their music and leave comments on their pics..my teenagers even love their new CD.

    here is Danny’s

    MySpace URL:







  16. http://www.myspace.com/sunshine193755

    ALO- this is my myspace and yes the guys have a lot of pages… My daughter is six years old and is in love with Donnie. She also likes Joe…the other day she said I could have Jordan…I was so grateful for her permission. LOL.

    I will say I am envious of Evelyn in a way but I wouldn’t trade lives with her. I am a very private person and could not handle people around my home day in and day out. I wish her the best. Look on You tube type in ROBO AND JOE DEFEND JONATHON. You would not believe how rude these guys were at Jonathon. This is what they and their families have to deal with. ALOT. And to be honest I couldn’t do it because if I were there when these guys were messing with Jon I definitely would have said something without a care or any fear in the world, because that is just me. 5’3 all of 120lbs and a feisty attitude. LOL. People don’t respect personal space or boundaries. I do. I would love to meet them but would never camp outside their home to do so.

    I know how you feel about feeling young again. When they first appeared on the today show I cried. Literally. the old exciting feeling came back . You are never too old to enjoy the New kids. Have fun at your concert stay after and try to meet them. Let me know how it goes.:-)

  17. LMAO @ spreading false rumors!!!!
    1- read closely and you will see I wasn’t the one who wrote about the “rumor” in the first place.
    2- The States is not the only country “blessed” with the likes of Perez Hilton and TMZ. People TALK, spelling bee lady! Especially when a foreign celebrity is involved.
    I only said I heard about the story….I don’t know if it’s a rumor or not….and neither do you.

    JonathOn? HUNNY? Eewww!!!

  18. I think you just need to get a life, as defensive as you are. You take something someone has said and you turn it into something totally different. You have made the claims about Jordans supposed drinking problem and how he flirts with his fans. You have also made accusations of him not wearing a wedding ring. Just because a man doesnt wear his wedding ring doesnt necessarily mean he is unfaithful. OH WOW!!! I spelled Jonathans name wrong, burn me at stake!!!! Do yourself a favor and GROW UP A LITTLE BIT!!!

  19. i was at some of the his solo shows in 2005. I saw him flirting with my own eyes. I would say cheating more than flirting. There was this one girl who i would see at several of his shows and she would always be taken backstage. I do remember he would never say that he was married and that confused the hell out of me cause later on someone told me he married in 04′. So yeah i didn’t see sleeping with this girl, but to me that is cheating. I’m sure there are a few other who know what i’m talking about but to me it’s never seemed like he’s been in love with his wife and people talk crap about her cause he’s never given her the respect he should of. You don’t hear ANYONE saying one bad thing of joey’s wife.. and look at the way he is about her. He’s is truly in love with her obviously and he wants to world to know.

    • I totally agree with you. Joey is always talking about his wife and son plus the baby on the way. He loves Barrett and Griffen with all his heart. The guys are amazing but why stay with someone you aren’t in lovewith. Ths kids are not a good enough reason. At least not to me.

  20. I agree, Miss Knight! It is widely known among fans that Jordan has said several times during shows he was not married (after his wedding in ’04 and before the reunion). It is also known that he flirts….a lot!
    No rumors here, just facts……in case some aggressive, bitter ladies out there need more explanation. LOL

    I have only heard wonderful things about Joe’s wife (Donnie’s ex is known to be delightful as well). In fact, my friend (whose fave NK has always been Joe) went to Donnie’s birthday party in Vegas and she got to talk to Barrett a little bit. The next day, she called and said “I’m moving on to Donnie! Barrett’s sooo nice…” LOL
    Women relate to women. When the wives/gf’s are sweet and pleasant, fans will generally respect that. I wish Jordan showed Evelyn the respect she deserves as his wife. It would make things easier for her and for him. He would still have adoring fans, but they would respect their space more…..

    I have said before that my opinion of Jordan has declined over the years from hearing/ reading all these flirting stories and everything. I wish he treated Evelyn more like a wife, so fans would too.
    Now, she does look better in the myspace picture. She looks attractive! ;o) I can’t believe I just said that but it’s true LOL

  21. then maybe we should keep our remarks to ourselves, about her instead of bashing, complimnt her on he fact that she must b a strong woman to tolerate all this. She may love him so much and just want to keep her family together. Maybe she grew up without a dad and dont want that for her kids, I have a few friends who put up with alot of crap just for that reason. Seriously if she divorced him she could get ALOT in childsupport and spousal support she surely wouldnt go hungry.

  22. I’ve been reading all these posts and I think it is unfair to paint Jordan as some kind of monster. If he doesn’t live up to the fantasy you created in your mind that’s really not his fault.

    He’s a human being with problems, issues and flaws. Just like me, just like you, just like everyone you know. So he’s not an angel-big deal-I also don’t think he’s the devil or at the end of the day a bad guy.

    And all this talk about poor little Evelyn. If we know he’s been cheating on her for 14 years she also has to know. If she chose to marry him and she chooses to stay with him I don’t consider her a victim in this.

    Instead of talking about Jordan needing to respect his wife more maybe Evelyn should learn to respect herself.

  23. You Know what KP I wish we really could end this war. I am not defensive nor bitter. If my post before offended you I am truly sorry. I did not mean for it to be prejudiced at all. All my male friends have been to Brazil and have stated about the bikinis. Do I think it is gross NOPE, not at all, if you got it flaunt it. If your comfortable in your skin go for it because in the states it is not that acceptable. Which I feel is riduculous. I have apologized and that is all I can do.

    One question is if everyone knows for a fact that Jordan is this way, because honestly I have seen it too, he hardly mentions her, then why do we adore him? If he is this rude to his wife, and I am just speculating here from I have read on this forum then why give him the time of day. Donnie seems more worthy.

  24. You all have a point. But I came across this youtube video and they were on the view, look at Jordan and see what you think when he is asked about his personal life, she asked the boys about their family and kids. I don’t think he’s very proud either. Joey is so proud is this video. You all be the judges.

  25. I just watched the video and he does seem nonchalant when discussing his family but in another way he seems real shy. Merc, you hit the nail on the head but one thing I would like to say is some women stay in situations because they are in love. I am just speculating here, but if he has been a cheater and like you said if we know about it surely she does, especially if the article in the Boston globe is factual. I mean the article seems too tabloidy to be in a newspaper. But if it was, surely she read it too.Some women when they say ‘I do’ they are in it for better or for worse and by god she seems like she will stand by him no matter what. You have got to give her credit and some respect for that. I really feel she loves him dearly to stay with him if all these stories of cheating are true. Lord knows it is not for monetary purposes because she will never hurt in that area. I am sure her lifetyle may change a little but compared to the average women she definitely wouldn’t hurt. I am the type where seeing is believing and try not to believe everything I read on the internet. So until I actually witness Jordan behaving the way he has been described to have behaved I will have a hard time believing it. I am not calling anyone liars I am just that way.

  26. You’re right, Kelly. My apologies if I offended you as well.

    Just because I write about Jordan’s cheating etc., that doesn’t mean he is a monster or an awful man. I analyse people for a living so I can’t help it. I do not think he is a monster, a dog, an a**. I *think* this is what he grew up with, what he knows and how he’ll act. JMO
    As for Evelyn, that is low self-esteem. She may love him a lot but if she knows he cheats and stays around, that is low self-esteem. Children don’t keep marriages together (healthy marriages, I mean). It is unfair to put that burden on kids. And if the marriage is bad, the relationship is cold, children are sensitive enough to realize it. They’d rather be from a broken family than in one.
    OK, whatever…I’m rambling…
    Why do we love Jordan so much? Because we love the idea of Jordan. The handsome, suave young man we grew up admiring from afar. We knew nothing about his personality, just what we could gather from magazines and interviews. The Jordan of my dreams can do no wrong, ladies!!! LOL now the real Jordan, the guy we don’t know, the guy we hear is cheating is still unknown to us….sort of. I am scared as hell to be disappointed, I’m serious! My sister and I are going to the concert and the meet and greet and we’re both preparing ourselves……maybe one of them won’t be having a good day, maybe one will be cranky…I want to keep that childhood dream intact…..

  27. When I originally saw the bottom picture I had thought that was Kim Wahlberg. Now that I look closely I see that it is her. Now she is beautiful. I have albums on my myspace because I am too old to hang posters LOL anyway I have albums dedicated to Jordan and Donnie. I have a few pics of her and Donnie and she is really pretty and I think it is awesome that even though they are divorcing they are remaining close friends. I have also heard from people and read on thoseWahlbergmen.com that she is very pleasant to all the fans. Maybe Evelyn is just shy. Maybe Big crowds make her nervous. Maybe she had a bad incident once with a fan that gave her a complex. I am not sure. She may be one of the sweetest people on earth. We will never know unless we meet her.

  28. Or maybe she is just sick and tired of people putting there noses in her business. Maybe she is sick and tired of people bashing her looks and attitude, just because they’re jealous of her. Maybe that is why they choose to keep they’re private life private. Who are we to judge, really?
    I think Jordan is talented and sexy.. beyond that all I know is what people choose to say or write about him… I don’t really know him.. how could I? Why do so many people speculate about his marriage??? Does it really matter to anyone else, why he does what he does, or what his wife looks like or if he is happily married, or if he cheats??? What friggen difference does it make to anyone but him and his family??
    I do agree if he we’re more open about it people would probably be more supportive and speculate less, but again that is his decision and obviously one that they feel stongly about.
    About the only thing I can say about Evelyn, is that she must be one strong, confident woman to put up with all this… Thousands of women who would stop at nothing to get with your husband?? Constantly having people outside your home and everywhere you try to go? Bashing you at your every move?? I don’t know how she does it.. don’t think I could handle it nearly as well as she seems to be.

  29. Hi everyone, I am new here and have been reading the post everyone has written. I just wanted to see if anyone else have seen Jordan on TV about 8 or 7 years ago when his son was born? He was on some talk show and he was just smiling ear to ear! I don’t remember him talking much about his wife but he was jst beaming about his son. Just wanted to see if anyone else has seen that.

    • You are right, he was on the Queen Latifah show talking about changing diapers and being up all night with his son. He really did look and sound like the proud father. No mention of his wife that I can recall

  30. I accept your apology and again I am sorry. I am not a prejudiced person and by no means do I want to come across that way.

    I understand what you mean about keeping your childhood dream intact. That’s why sometimes I dont like watching movies about the lives of certain entertainers because it changes your perception of that person. You find out their deep dark secrets, secrets that we may view as morally wrong. But we do have to realize that these people are human also. I think you are right about him growing up this way because, now I am not completely sure but didnt his father walk out on his whole family for another woman? You would think that he would remember the heartache it caused his mother and would not want to do that to someone himself.

    I agree with the whole self esteem point you made. I for one wouldn’t put up with it. With all the diseases out there…NO wouldn’t put up with it. I have self respect and I wont be used, cheated or walked on by anyone not even Jordan Knight. My parents had an unhealthy marriage and only stayed together for the sake of my brother and myself. Trust me it was no day at the beach.

    I hope your meet and great goes well and you are not disappointed.

    Everyone says how Jordan has changed and he seems so introverted. Do you think they are comparing him now to who he was when he was younger? Because some people change as they get older. I know I have I am not the person I was 20 yrs ago. I have two children now so things I did 20 yrs ago I probably would not do now because it is just not feasible. Maybe that is what Jordan’s thing is. He is a parent now and grown up a lot. I am rambling now….

  31. i totally admirer Jordan for what he is a wonderful singer, I never came on here to talk bad about him as far as him cheating on her. Even though I’ve seen things in relation to that, i still have the same admiration for jordan. I just feel for him, if he hasn’t been in truly loving relationship with her. if you ask my opinion i don’t think a man that truly loves a woman or is deeply in lovve with will cheat.
    maybe it is for the kids?!

  32. I would hope not…but they say men tend to think from the brain that is located between their legs. I am not sure. I know I dont cheat and could never bring myself. I feel if you get to the point where you have that temptation then you need to end the realtionship you are in because it is obviously over if cheating crosses your mind.

  33. Yea Cindy I saw it too. In fact ….wasnt you that screamed from the residents room for me to hurry up Jordan K was on tv. You were doing your BM charting. LOLOL for anyone who may not know BM stands for Bowel Movement in the nursing field. Yes he was grinning from ear to ear…and no he did not mention anything about Evelyn…. I believe he was on the view promoting his new album. I may be wrong but wasnt he asked if “wedding bells were in the near future” and he responded with a quick NO. That was when Dante was born….

  34. i remember that. There is an article online somewhere. He mentioned the mother of the child was his financee and they asked him three times when he was going to marry and he kept trying not to talk about it. Then he said he didn’t know. That was in 1999. Gosh and he ended up marrying in late 2004? i know in 99, 2000 he was promoting an album but what took them so long.. and then when he married he denied it? that’s just plain strange to me.

  35. I do remember that View when Jordan showed a pic of Dante. He was very happy. I’m sure he loves his boys very much but when it comes to their mom….I ain’t feelin the love LOL But people have weird ways of loving and showing love. We can speculate (which is a good thing because the msg boards won’t allow it LOL!!!) but I think we won’t ever know unless he wants to talk about it.
    I have read several times that Jordan was the most introverted one this time; even Jon was interacting more! It could be because he is not the same teenager from back then…..you can change some personality traits as you mature (shy to extroverted etc). Or he may be dealing with a problem. That would be more like it IMO because fans were saying he was simply not smiling, he was quiet and kind of ignoring people. But it could be anything…..by “problem” I meant something like a heartburn to something more serious – God forbid!
    I just hope he is a little more upbeat as the tour progresses because I know many, many women would love to get a smile from him…..including me!!!!!

  36. LOL yes Kelly I remembered today that it was you when
    I seen that. That patient thought we were nuts and just laughed at us. He was a sweet old man! I am going to look that interveiw up and see what it was on. an’t beleive you put BM charting on here LMFAO!

  37. Jordan is 20+ years old in those pictures.

    They are not new pictures at all.

    That said….I feel his devotion and love to his wife is so sexy.
    It’s hot he loves his wife. It comes out in his soulful voice and his lyrics and when he plays the piano.

    His thank you to Evelyn inside the Block CD cover; so sincere.

    Leave them be.

  38. Cenela- we are not picking on him…like KP said we are speculating and just having a discussion. To be honest I do hope very much that they are happily married. I would also like to say I was a little saddened to hear Donnie was getting a divorce. They looked so happy together. I believe I read somewhere Donnie intentionally waited til he was 30 to get married. I think, I could be wrong, he wanted to get that wild flare out of him before he tied the knot. He also stated he wanted his marriage to last forever and he felt 30 was the mature age to get married. Something along that line. That could have been the case with Jordan. I know people who have had kids, bought homes, THEN got married. Jordan may be a little overwhelmed by this tour. I will say when they came out to announce it on the Today show they themselves looked very surprised at the outcome of fans. He has had anxiety issues along with Jon. It could be the being away from the family thing I know it bothers alot of parents to be away for long periods of time. I know when my company sent me to Cali for two weeks, the first week was relaxing but the second killed me. I think I spent every minute I was not at work on the phone with the kids. Maybe he just has a bellyache or he could be tired. Heck I dont know. But what I do know is and I know this for a fact and I am sure EVERYONE WILL AGREE WITH ME is he is still Jordan and he is still going to rock our world through his music and this whole reunion thing.

  39. Jordan couldn’t have written anything different from what he did, obviously! Why start rumors when he is at the top of the world again? I’d write whatever to look good for fans and everyone else. The fact he wrote she knew the world was better when she was born is low self esteem disguised in arrogance – on her side. If she thinks that much of herself, then she’s in for a big surprise LOL I just don’t respect pretentious people and neither does Jordan, apparently!

  40. it’s funny you mention that about his lyrics, because back when he took out the love songs album one of my gal pal’s made an interesting point. she was curious about this one song he sung on QVC from that album, the ONLY song he wrote himself. “iwish” As far as I remember there were a few songs he wrote in 1999 album that were for his wife? well my friend told me to listen to the lyrics to this song and when i did, it reallly made me wonder if it was for someone else other than his wife. also because of what i’ve seen at his solo shows.

  41. Maybe in 99 he wasn’t ready to get married. I think, he’s just shy…I posted that interview of him, and I have been seeing a lot of interviews of him on youtube, I agree now with Kelly, I think he was just shy.

    Those pics I gave to Lory, are old…the last one I wasn’t sure of, but, I got those pics from a group I’m a part of and she posted that last one saying it was Jordan’s wife…for all I know, it could be Donnie’s ex wife.

    I think people give Evelyn a hard time and talk about her is maybe because some ppl are jealous, some wish they could have been in her shoes.. so she isn’t a model, who cares what the h*ll she looks like.. so they bash her looks. I think she is pretty. As for the 1st pic that was posted, who knows she could have just had Dante, after I had 3 kids, it isn’t easy getting back to where you were before you had your little toots. As for his personal life, We only believe what we hear on the internet, news etc… and a lot of it can be true or untrue, but we don’t know their private lives or what goes behind closed doors. I think he loves his wife, if he didn’t, he wouldn’t have married her.

  42. Hi everyone. I think Jordans wife is pretty. i want to go to the concert in Frankfurt Germany and i need VIP tickets!!! How do i get those? Can u help me please!!!

  43. You have to wonder why anyone would choose to be star when every single bit of their life is inspected with a fine toothed comb and they can’t even go out without being constantly photographed. Jordan, and all of the New Kids must have amazing strength to deal with all of that. No one, except Jordan and his wife, have any right to even attempt to judge them. For all you know, maybe his wife didn’t want to be discussed publicly, and who can blame her? Reguardless, it’s their life and it’s none of our (the fans) buisness. Let them be. Love Jordan and the New Kids for their music, or, don’t, but if you truly love Jordan then just let him live his life in peace and don’t judge him based on things you have no way of knowing all the facts about.

  44. Since he doesn’t talk about his marriage or kids, I think it is very possible that he is very unhappy married. I skeptic that he could be gay because look at his picture back in 1990, and he looks SO GAY!!! But, I love him and he looks so cute. If he comes out of the closest and admit that he is gay, I will ALWAY be his big fan no matter what.

  45. Why don’t we show our support to Jordan? I think he has been waiting for long, long time to reveal himself. Remember he mentioned that he was so proud of Lance Bass that he admits that he is gay, right? Jordan says, “one of us, KNOTB is gay” and said that it would be so cool to add more gay audience. I didn’t have problem with that. Of course, I am straight and I will always love KNOTB whatever if they are straight or gay, but we need to show our support for them. Deal???

  46. wow this blew my mind….that second picture was thepicture i took when i met jordan and evelyn back in 1994 by the pru….dont know how in the world it got on the web….crazyyyyyyy….

  47. sorry but there wouldn’t be so much commotion over his love life if he would’ve just acted differently towards her and their relationship. that’s the bottom line.
    Honestly, if the story were “Jordan marrys the love of his life and the mother of his kids, he accepts it with pride from the get-go and had not been whitnessed to have a drinking problem at solo shows RIGHT after marrying her in 2004-05, heck going on a small show tour immediately after marrying.. or actually been seen “cheating” by fans…and I include myself as one of those whitnesses…THEN I really doubt anybody would be saying anything wrong about him or their relationship.
    Yes being famous must be very hard…especially when you are with someone who doesn’t want to be seen or could be he don’t want to show her. But that sure must be very stressful, especially now that they are back together, i doubt he will be leaving the stages soon and it seems his stress has always come from having to live two lives because of that..having a child early and touring at the same time and possibly not having the true support he’s needed from her. I’m sorry but it is obvious when a man is in love and truly happy and I really feel for him if he’s not.

  48. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh serious?!?!?! Jordan said “one of us is gaaaayy”?? SHIZ that breaks my heart!!!
    Nothing against gays because I have several friends who are BUT you’re supposed to have crushes on the NKs and not get your gay friend to do so!
    All in all, when I heard about the rumor, it kind of dimmed the SPARK…….

  49. Hey Guys-Just wanted to comment on a couple of things.

    First, I agree with KP about the “thank yous” he did for The Block album. I remember reading it for the first time and when I got done all I could think about was how pretentious it made his wife sound. Not flattering at all! I thought maybe I was just reading too much into it but I would not be happy if that was the best he could come up with for me!

    Also, I feel like I also read that article with him commenting on Lance Bass coming out and I don’t remember him saying that one of the NKOTB was gay. Maybe I missed it but I honestly don’t remember it. Not to say that one of them couldn’t be gay but I just feel like it’s not Jordan. I mean if he were gay than he could do obvious things to cover it up and try to really show us he’s straight. But if you watch him, he often does subtle things towards women that make me think he’s not. If you saw them over the weekend on VH1 Top 20 countdown you see this moment where you can tell that he has a little thing for the host that’s interviewing them. It’s just this shy kind of way that he looks at her. I would think if he’s trying to prove a point that he would be more obvious about it.

  50. Here’s the quote from Jordan Knight regarding Lance Bass’ coming out:

    โ€œI think it’s pretty cool,โ€ Knight, 36, told Lowdown Tuesday after singing some 1980s hits at the Cutting Room, complete with NKOTB’s patented choreography. โ€œI’m looking forward to a boy band that comes out, and right off the box they say one of them is gay. I think that would be the best thing. They’ll get all the girls and all the gay guys, know what I mean? It’ll be perfect!โ€

    This is from back in 2006.

  51. ALO- Dont feel alone…I gained 95lbs with my son . Went from a size 3 to a 14. It took me 7 yrs to lose all that weight and get back into a 3 again. So I feel for Evelyn but she looks good now and since you are on my myspace friends list and I know what you look like You look good now also…Your kids are adorable too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyways Jordan is not gay…I dont believe it for a minute I would still love him though…also KP- I got the same impression from his acknowledgements from the album. At first when I was reading what he said ” the world became a better place the day you were born’ I thought oh how sweet then ” But of course you already know that” I was like HUH? It ruined the moment….but I am wondering if he was just being facetious. Razzing her a little bit. If she is that high on herself then WOW!! I don’t care much for people like that. There are no loving pics of her and Jordan Lots of Donnie and Kim, Lots of Joe and Barrett ,None of Danny and his ex wife and I mean none at all.

  52. “If he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t have married her” – are you serious? My husband married his first wife because he wasted too much time on that on again off again relationship and he thought it was the “right thing to do”….smart uh? He was stuck for years with an aggressive, immature and unfortunately looking woman because he dated her through college since she would throw herself at him at every opportunity.

    No, people don’t always marry for money!!!

    Now, about tha Bass dude article, after the poster posted here, there is absolutely NO hint Jordan said “one of the NKOTB is gay”….unless the whole thing was not posted.

  53. I agree with KP. And if that was the case, then why did he deny it the next month he married her? Why was he seen drinking alot, as if he was something was not right? Someone also said that if he didn’t love her why did he get back with her.. well maybe for his kid at that time. Didn’t he not grow up with a father..? I honestly wish him the best…but something just has never seemed right with that relationship.
    YOu guys should seriously listen to that song, on QVC.. my friend also said that she knows someone who saw Jordan with a girl outside one of the venues he performed at back in 05′ , she said they were talking for a while and hugged several times, before they said bye. i think she even has pics, cause she was sitting in the car watching the whole thing. and apparently it wasn’t the first time she saw her at several shows. I’m not starting rumours.. i think this girl has a myspace too because the girl emailed her telling her that someone knows.. :-[

  54. Whats QVC?……. The song is called I wish?…I live in a small town and when his album love songs came out i couldnt find it anywhere….I need to see where I can order it online……. I would just hate to know that someone was in a loveless marriage. I have seen it with some couples and wonder why? My daughters father’s wife only married him to piss me off or so she thought the funny thing was she didnt. The look on her face was classic when I gave her a basket with a candle and a picture frame and wished her the best….She repeatedly cheated on him I knew the marrige was a joke it only lasted a year…and If I wanted him I could have had him back a long time ago…

    As for Jordan and Evelyn, I am not sure I read these posts and I am sceptical because like I said before I live in a small town where it is very common to make up lies…My daughters former step mom if you ask her about me she would tell you I am the biggest druggie, whore and unfit mom. I dont do drugs, despise them to be honest. I am almost 35 yrs old and have been with very few men 2 of which are the fathers of my kids…Everything I do is with my kids unless I am on the computer or at Bingo with a friend …yes I play bingo you have two choices of enetertainment in this town Bingo or a bar I chose Bingo…If you ever run into me I am with one if not both of my kids as far as being unfit..ok whatever my kids never do without….You see the girl for some odd reason was Jealous of me so to make herself feel about herself she made these false rumors.

    This is why I am so skeptical about the the posts. i dont know if these stories are true or not. I do know they have ahd an on and off again relationship. I have had one of those and we didnt work. He is married now to an adorable woman and very happy and I am happy for him and wish him well.

    The way I see it Jordan can ahve any woman he wants and he knows this. I mean its obviuous. So if he doesnt love her why is he with her? He can still be an avid part of his childrens lives. My daughter and her father have a wonderful relationship and they see each every week. He can afford the support he wont be poor after paying it, so then whats the deal? The Deal most likely is he does love her and he wants to be with her.

    KP- you say you analyze people for a living, what do you see? Why do you think he is there. I am not being sarcastic I am being for real here.

  55. look up “jordan knight I wish” on youtube..there is a performance he did on QVC which is a product selling channel on TV. there is also a part where he talks about the song and he even seems nervous talking about it, he says the song is dear to his heart.. and explains it by saying “you know how sometimes you just see someone and you want to talk to them but you can’t.. this same song is the only song from his love song’s album on his myspace also. FYI i made a post on jordanknight and wife blog too..
    KP i see what you’re saying about he could leave her if he didn’t love her..but i’m sure you’ve met couples that are in a marriage without true love.. and one who comes from a broken home i’m sure would not want that for his kids. Lots of couples i know, and it pisses me off.,marry to settle and because they feel they won’t find anyone and be alone.. and then their are those who find the love of their lifes and know they want to marry them immediately. no if’s or buts.

  56. Miss Knight, yes I agree. A lot of people marry just to settle down, have a family etc without thinking that in the long run everything is going to get messed up.

    Kelly, I hear ya on the step family thing…my husband’s ex wife used to call our house and leave messages on the answering machine calling me a dumb blonde, bimbo etc…whatevahhhh I’m not even a real blonde ROFLOL I’m a psychologist and work as a criminal profiler. I’ve seen some nut jobs…better, I ONLY see nut jobs in my field and I’m only getting started LOL

    I don’t think Jordan is wacko, BTW ladies ๐Ÿ™‚ I think he stays for the same reason my husband stayed married for 9 years….he values the “idea” of marriage too much, more than the marriage itself. “For as long as we both shall live” sort of thing; plus he has 2 little boys involved and when you get kids involved it’s much more difficult to just say “screw it”, you know? The person gets comfortable in the situation and it’s “too much of a hassle” to just end it all. Men usually (and unconsciously) want to play the martyr and get a pat on the back for being “so strong, so brave” even if the relationship sucks.
    Guys, I have no idea if that’s Jordan’s case….he may just be a guy who wants the attention, wants to have a good time, wants other women to prove something to himself. Maybe to prove that even though he is married, he still is sexy and wanted?

    On a lighter note, I saw some videos on YouTube from the concerts and I teared up when the guys sang If You Go Away. Jordan sounds amazing….I LOVE that man LOLOL I just told my sister to bring some Kleenex because I’ll need it!!!

  57. I forgot to add: I’m not saying he doesn’t LIKE Evelyn….it’s the love part that we’re all questioning ๐Ÿ˜€

  58. Yea but Jordan is not in the position to marry to settle. He can have any woman he wants. Really from what I speculate this is the one woman that loved him for him. The real him and not Jordan Knight the rich singing sensation.

    It was probably hard for anyone of the guys to find a woman that would love them and not what comes with them…. I am sure it is hard for a celebrity to find true love thats why so many date and marry within their circle.

    Even if Jordan wasnt Jordan Knight from NKOTB I would still think he was hot…because he was totally my type when I was teen. Dark Hair and Dark eyes. I love it!!! Still do… say we were classmates I would have crushed on him big time he is what I am attracted to, physical appearance wise. But both my exes who are the father of my kids are blonde haired and blue eyed…go figure!!!

    Give me a man that lookes like Jordan and his personality is like Donnie (Who is hot also and who lalely I have been droolin over LOL..dont tell my daughter!!) and that would be my ideal man… WOW HOT!!!

  59. Yea KP, the new and ex wives can be a handful and you certainly dont sound like a dumb blonde. My exes married two winners let me tell you. I think your theory is why they stayed as long as they did. They both ended up divorced. What is sad is they meet these really good girls who I think are really decent and have never given me a problem are real good to my daughter and my son and they cant seem to keep them. But they keep the whack jobs.

    As far as Jordan goes I hope for his sake this is not the case. I hope he is very happily married as well as Evelyn.

    I think we just want him single again we would feel better about crushing on him and having naughty thoughts LOL. But as his fans we owe it to him to be respectful towards his wife. No matter how bad we wanted to be”his favorite girl” he would be “loving forever” when we were kids and she ended up being that girl. Oh well such as life.

    As for the song I wish, I dont think he is dwelling on an old flame he cant be with, as it does state in the song . “We have never met or spoke” So therefore who is he dwelling on. The song is about a person who has a crush on a person but never had the guts to pursue it.

  60. Cindy and I would like to thank any of you that has posted any of the footage you have of the concerts on youtube, at the rate it is going due to the fact they havenโ€™t scheduled any dates in our area (Indiana/Kentucky) your footages are the closest we are getting to seeing our boys. Thank you all
    Lots of love fellow blockheads.

  61. when i saw pictures of him and that fat pig all i could think was… WHY JORDAN!!!
    ive seen you in the spot light before i would think you would choose a more attractive women to share your life with.but seriously it just doesnt make scents. oh well iguess my brother was right about you.

  62. Ok, I whats this about Jordan being gay? OMG Another rumor? who heard he was gay? I’ve been hearing a lot that Jonis gay on the internet, but like said, until I hear it from their mouths and they come out like Lance Bass, I won’t believe it!

    Kelly, I’m sorry I haven’t been on myspace much, I am moving the last weekend in October and I have so much going on.

    I have to sell my NKOTB tickets for the LA show, I’m so upset about it. Me and my sister in law were suppose to go, but now we can’t and I paid $198.00 for 2 floor tickets. Long story. We were suppose to move back home to LA, But now that the economy is so bad, and is expected to get worse before better we can’t move now. We have to wait another yr..so if any of you are going to be in LA or live in LA and want to see NKOTB, let me know.

  63. Oh forgot to say, we sold our home to move back home to LA, Now we had to get an apartment here in Florida…

    Has anyone here seen the NKOTB tour this yr?

  64. I dont see an ounce of fat on her at all Blanca…I detect real animosity towards Evelyn. Yes we pictured Jordan with a model type high maintenance women and it surprised us that he went for the down to earth soccer mom type. She is pretty and she is not fat. I am sorry you feel the way you do…..

  65. I’m glad I’m not married to anyone famous. I would hate my life being under a microscope and have everyone talking about how fat, ugly, and unattractive I was. GOD Please leave this poor wife of Jordan’s alone. OMG! How old are we here?

  66. Bless Evelyns heart..to have to put up with us cutting her down, making speculations regarding her marriage, and discussing her life…. She is probably the sweetest girl in the world. We will never know until we meet her, if we do. I wish her the best.

    I agree ALO, I have the nosiest neighbors, in fact the whole town is a bunch of Bussy Bodies. They have to know everything about you. It drives me crazy, If I were a celeb or married to one I couldnt handle it one bit. I would be in the nut house for sure.

  67. ALO I am so sorry to hear about your misfortune…The economy is so bad right now and I dont see it getting better. The guys picked a fine time to schedule a tour when everyone is fighting to make ends meet. I hear ya though, I want to quit my job and find a new one. I work in a group home, I was out for a month due to an injury from being attacked by a resident. I returned to work last wednesday and tonight he told me he was going to hurt me before the nights over. I wanted so bad to just leave but of course jobs are slim and I am stuck. Thankfully he did nothing but its coming I can feel it… I do hope things get better for you. There is no way you can fly out LA for a mini Vaca and still see the show?

  68. Jordan’s wife is a fat wildabeast. She has an ugly attitude that matches well with her ugly face. It is true that she told Marlene first that she was pregnant with Dante before telling Jordan. She also told Sharon before telling Jordan as well. After all of the women in Jordan’s family knew, only then did she tell Jordan, while his mother was in close proximity I might add.

  69. Kelly.. i didn’t say he was dwelling on an old flame. The song came out in 06′, He wrote it at that time, same time I heard rumours of of him liking this girl at his solo shows.

    The only way I see Jordan walking out of an unhappy marriage, if that’s the case and lots of things point to that. is him falling in love with someone else. But i do think he puts his kids first so who knows. He is a very kind man.

  70. I have a question….where is Evelyn from? does anyone know her family’s country of origin? “all knowing” seems to know quite a bit about Evelyn.

  71. And How would you know this ALL KNOWING?Have you met her? Do you know her personally? Please stae facts and not fiction out of jealousy. Rumor spreading is the worst trait anyone can have. I know there are women that trap me intentionally. I know of three women that have flatout told me they did. One of the men being my older half brother. But how do you seriously know this? I really doubt anyone close to the two would post on the internet.

  72. And ALL KNOWING you would know this how? Were you there? Do you know them? hum soumds like someone never grew up and doesn’t know how to be an adult. Just had to say it because that is really ugly things you have posted on here. wow it never seems to amaze me how mean some so- called -fans can be!

  73. Kelly, Alo – I’m sorry you guys are going through tough times. I’m watching the debate and I get disappointed by the minute.

    I’ll try not to say anything bad about Evelyn anymore because truth is, we don’t know her. All I know came from friends and fans here in USA and Brazil. I haven’t had one interaction with her so I can’t say for a fact how she is, only what I picked up on from what people who have met/seen her say.
    I’m hoping to meet Joe’s wife and take a picture with her at the after party at LAX nightclub (Las Vegas, Saturday). I will keep you all posted and if Jordan’s at LAX and flirting, you will all know LOL!!!!!

  74. On the Surreal Life 3 I remember him trying to get with Ryann Starr or he was really flirting with her. That would of been the time that he married his wife. Did anyone else pick up on that??

  75. I will be going to their show at the Staples Center today too. SO EXCITED!!! Anyone else catch any shows??

  76. I don’t agree with calling her names.. that’s just not necessary and very disrespectful. I am on this blog because it’s a discussion of something we’ve all always been curious about, due to so much secrecy from Jordan. I don’t see anything wrong with be curious..it’s when fans cross the line and become disrespectful that it becomes wrong.
    But as they say where there rocks a river flows. I can’t see so many people having not the greatest opinion on her if at some point, somehow they hadn’t whitnessed something or heard something.
    I’ve know women who have gotten pregnant to tie a man down and who knows but that sorta explains why she might tell everyone else but him first.
    i just can’t help but compare two men coming from similar lifestyles with similar talent and love for music, joe and jordan. but both very different when it comes to who they care for.
    I just saw a picture on a myspace album where a fan took two pics of Joe’s wife with their baby infant. She was all smiles and so was the baby. This was i think at the Ohio show recently. I’ve heard wonderful things about her always and she’s not the most beautiful girl, but it seems she makes joe happy and that is what matter and the true fans see and feel that, and you see it clearly on Joe’s face. not the case with jordan.

  77. KP- yes let us know. I have been hearing he is not being very friendly from some of my myspace friends who have attended meet and greets. I hear it is all Donnie that is going out of the way for fans…..I dont think you are being too foul toward Evelyn..you haven’t called her a Wilda-beast yet. LOL What I am saying there are people who know facts but then there are people that make up lies because they are jealous. Be Careful about the information you get. Ask questions about them. It could be a former groupie that thought they were the one and he dumped and married Evelyn. So out of bitterness they will slander Jordan til the day they die. Especially now that the NKs have returned.

    We all know they were not angels back in the day. They were in their late teens early 20’s with their testosterone level sky high. I am sure they got around. I highly doubt they went back to the hotel to eat captain crunch and drink orange juice. All I am saying though is some of these posts are down right cruel. Wilda-beast!! OMG. How shallow are you? Fat pig!! WTF! come on ladies. We all pretty much in our 30’s lets act it. I can see coming on here and discussing things we have seen or heard, questioning the fact that she is kept secret whereas Joe’s wife has not been and neither had Donnie’s ex but the name calling is too much.

    I unfortunately did not see the surreal life with him on it. I was told that he hit on a female on the show and she called him a “has been” or something of the sort.

    IN -I read in a book a long time ago that Jordan liked Puerto Rican women. So I am assuming she is of that ethnic background. I do know she is Hispanic.

    If she did tell all the women in Jordan’s family of her pregnancy first,then him. Yes to me it does look like she was building a support system and back up. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she was attempting to trap him. It sounds to me like she knew he didnt want a baby at that time and she didnt want to have an abortion. They did break up afterwards, but got back together later.

    I really dont want to speculate too much because I dont know. All the info I get is off this board. From what I see he doesn’t mention her much. On the View when asked what he had been up to in the past 14 yrs he was very nonchalant. ” Recorded some songs, made a couple of albums, made a couple kids.” He wasnt as outgoing as usual. I got the impression that he is shy and overwhelmed by all this. But now I watch it and he seems like he isn’t happy, a little down to be honest. Whenever the family is mentioned he seems to get real guarded. That is just my perception on all this.

  78. I think it’s unfair to keep saying that Jordan is being “unfriendly” and not warm with the fans. This constant comparison to Donnie is silly! Donnie and Jordan are 2 different people. If Donnie wants to be loud and outgoing and crazy that’s his choice but Jordan doesn’t have to have that same personality. He’s told us a 1000 times that off stage he is shy and uncomfortable around lots of people. I’m sure that is all it is. I can’t imagine he doesn’t care about his fans or would purposely treat them bad. I mean, the guy’s been struggling to have a career for the last 14 years. There’s been autograph signings where 4 people show up and concerts where 20 people show up. I’m sure he’s not being disrespectful to the fans and he’s relishing every moment of this. It’s just his personality and I think we should stop saying he needs to be more like Donnie.

    P.S. I’m not saying anyone on this board has necessarily made that comparison but I hear it a lot and I just think it’s unfair.

  79. I read somewhere that Evelyn told Jordan’s mother first that she was pregnant because she didnt want to be pressured by Jordan to get an abortion.
    But i don’ think its true.

  80. Merc said this:

    First, I agree with KP about the โ€œthank yousโ€ he did for The Block album. I remember reading it for the first time and when I got done all I could think about was how pretentious it made his wife sound. Not flattering at all! I thought maybe I was just reading too much into it but I would not be happy if that was the best he could come up with for me!


    I totally agree with you. I read those “thank yous” by the first time today and the same thought crossed my mind. I thought it sounded really really weird…I mean, when I read Joe’s words for her wife it was so different…love and devotion was all around, although the “thank you” I liked the most was Danny’s…he is so spiritual and tender…I really believe he is one of the best at heart and his words for his late mom were so touching…made my eyes water…He totally adores his children…He even had some nice words for her ex wife and had some beautiful words for a certain G.G…..who the hell is that??? Grrrrr ;P

  81. Thanks KP and kelly. I’m glad we found a place..we are moving the weekend of Halloween.

    Ok, it really amazes me how nasty people are treating Jordan’s wife..OMG calling her a fat wildabeast..That is just uncalled for and rude! I agree with Cindy and Kelly. Fan’s shouldn’t be putting down their spouses ..in fact being a fan of theirs has NOTHING to do with with their personal life..JMO. We need to act like adults and be respectful to other peoples loved ones. What the hell did she do to make people talk so badly about her? I think maybe some are just jealous. Again JMO. What do her looks have to do with who she is married to? I feel so bad for her. Who knows she could find this board and read all this bad stuff said about her. Just rude and VERY immature. Like Kelly said she is probably really nice and sweet, or if she isn’t, I don’t blame her..LMAO.

  82. When I was driving to work yesterday I was listening to the radio. The DJ was talking about the NKs being back on stage. This women who was at the concert was saying how they were giving out wrist bands for the meet and greet. She said the guys came out and the room went wild (ofcourse). She was bascially making fun of it and so was the DJ. It was very negative. She then she said this 40 yr old women took her bra and underwear off and threw them at Jordan Knight. She was laughing and making cracks. the DJ asked what jordans response was and she said that the underwear landed on his shoulder and he yanked them off and threw them in disgust.

    Can you really blame the guy? I mean he doesnt know where they were last. I am sorry but I do find behavior like that Tacky and unclassy. We are suppose to be adults. Parents. If they schedule a concert close to my area I am taking my little girl (this week she loves jordan next week it will be Joe or Donnie) and hopefully getting VIP so we can meet them. I wouldnt want her to see this kind of behavior.
    People need to realize when you act this way you are only telling these guys that you are a easy, trashy and Im sorry a whore. If we want them to be respectful to us then respect ourselves and them. This behavior was not only disrespectful to Jordan but to his wife as well. I were Evelyn I wouldnt have been to happy by this action of a “FAN”

  83. Well said Merc.

    Some people need to grow up a Little bit. THEY ARE 5 DIFFERENT GUYS. For some is more important the face to face thing that their performance on stage.

  84. That Boston Globe article just makes me laugh. If the article is true and IF he actually acted this way, so what. He got drunk off his ass and made a fool of himself. Back in the day when I did the clubbing thing with my friends I am sure I made an ass out of myself . One time we went to place in downtown Chicago. It was called Excaliber. It was a big night club and alot of the Chicago Bulls Players frequented there. Well it was my birthday and the first time I ever went. I was drunk and having fun with my girlfriends. I came out of the bathroom with one of them and looked to my right. There at the table sat Dennis Rodman. I said ” Look a Dennis Rodman look a like” My friend was like OMG!! She said ” Kelly that is Dennis Rodman.” I said ” Oh Bullshit!! If that is Dennis Rodman then I am Madonna!!. the whole table laughed. Well he sent our whole table over drinks but sent me a coke. I started to sober up a little and realized that he was in fact Dennis Rodman. I was humiliated. As we were leaving he was getting in the vehicle to leave and he yelled in our direction. ” Hey Madonna have a good night!!!” He was smiling the whole time but I just wanted to die. I also gave up drinking.

    My point is Jordan is human. He got a little tipsy and made a fool of himself and it is no different than my little incident with ol Dennis. Who was my favorite player for the Bulls along with Pippen. He probably woke up the next morning and was like WTF!! The sad thing is the girl who published this had absolutely no respect. It was all about a story and she got one. If I were her I would have called him after a few days and said ” Lets re-do this interview and this time lets meet in a park or a coffee shop.”

  85. I think some people have to realize that Jordan, Donnie, Danny, Joe, and Jonathan lead two lives. One is professional that includes us. The other being personal that does not include us. When we try to include ourselves in their personal lives we are overstepping our boundaries. We need to understand our boundaries and respect their personal space, understand there is a line and we shall not cross it. I really dont think I would want any of them nosying around in my personal life. I would tell them to mind their f@$#ing business. Now at meet & greets and concerts they are all ours, but when they or not they are off limits. They are with their family. Leave them be!

  86. I have a question, who’s this girl that has a myspace that jordan supposely likes so much? you guys said she was seen at several shows in 05, 06? can someone at least give me the initial? Because I know of someone who apparently “dated” him back then lol and they saw each other quite a few times!!! how can a married man date someone?lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  87. OK, here it goes!!!! My experience with NKOTB in Vegas….. Concert was out-of-this-world awesome, btw!!!!

    During the meet n greet, Donnie kept my sister and I talking for freakin ever because we were brazilians. Danny was VERY nice too. Then Joe McIntyre comes out of nowhere and says Jordan would marry me if I was single. WTF? Maybe my wedding band gave it away….time to take it off LOL I took it off for the show and the after party at LAX. A guy from the band came up to my sister and I to introduce himself before the concert started “because he noticed us in the M&G room” LOL I had a VIP table and some of my friends joined along with some girls I met in line for the meet and greet.. We drank a lot…. A LOT! It takes me forever to get tipsy but this time I was successful…which was good because it helped me overcome my shyness and the whole “I’m married” thing LOLOL
    My VIP table was separated from the New Kids tables by an iron guardrail (is that the word and how you spell it??). Jordan passed by and I just freaked out. My friend said “enough! I’m calling him” which she did at some point when he passed by us again. She then said “My friend really loves you, you gotta talk to her!”. He looked at me and stupid me said ” I love you, Jordan! I’ve loved you since I was 9!!!!!!!” He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and squeezed my hand. OK, this is the part I’m supposed to just have a heart attack and die, right!? No, because Jordan then turned his back on us and that same friend and I grabbed his BUTT!!! Hhahahahahahahahahaha he looked back and we pretended we were looking somewhere else and this other chick on our table was looking straigh at him LOL I guess she was “busted”!!!!!
    At one point, Donnie who was hooking up with a very unfortunately looking 21 year old, looked at me and said “why don’t you come here (to the New Kids area)?” I was dancing by the guardrail…his chick was like NO NO NO….WTF bitch? Get the hell outta there LOL Well, it didn’t work, I didn’t hook up with any of them but Danny Wood said he loved my hair “very sexy” and Donnie was great, he struck my cheek and loved the fact we were brazilians LOL
    NOW, ARE YOU READY FOR THE BOMB????? Jonathan Knight was KISSING another MAN!!!!!! I saw with my own eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How heartbreaking!!!! He’s so sweet, he wasn’t supposed to like men LOL Now, I have no voice left from screaming!!
    I’m so giddy I got to tell Jordan I loved him LOL he must hear the same crap every day but now he knows there is a brazilian girl in the fab, sexy dress who loves him! LOL and now I’ll sleep happy!!!I told my husband everything and he laughed his ass off! I guess even he was sorry I didn’t get much time with the guys LOL whatever! Jordan is gorgeous and he hugged me!!!!!!!!! That’s all that matters!!!!

  88. thanks for sharing that story!! I LOVED IT! especially the jon part, I had to laugh at that lol
    I’m really surprised Jordan didn’t hit on you or something… was he with someone? I guess he’s being pretty careful these days and doesn’t want to get caught lol

  89. Wow!! Sounds like you had a fun night. Too bad you didnt get to actually sit with the guys. There has been speculation that Jonathan was gay. But who cares he is still our Jonathan. You remember this experience for the rest of your life.

  90. Jordan didn’t hit on me per se but every time he passed me by, the dude would grab my hand and sqeeze it. WTF is up with that? Maybe I should have given him my number ROFLOL…..NOT!!!!

  91. OMG KP I love your story!! It’s the best one yet!! I wish I could’ve been there, I’m sure I would’ve had like 10 heart attacks! Lol That is great you got lots of hand squeezes from Mr. Hot Stuff Himself- JK!! So glad you had a great time, I’m sure it was awesome. Thank you for sharing your story with us! :-)))

  92. LOL well you know that’s what he does… most of the times he will be waiting for girls to go up to him first! you should have definetely done that ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol because clearly he was asking for it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  93. I was confused when I read he was married. I went to the boys of summer tour and he very obviously had someone there to see him. It was a girl in her 20’s who was there with a male and female friend. She would wave to Jordan from the side room and for a time went back stage with him then came out. It was almost as if they were newly dating and she was there to see him perform for the first time. They were sitting in the balcony of the house of blues. We sat diagnol from her.

  94. uhmmm so the rumors were true about Jon ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    lucky KP getting attention from the guys! yeah brazilian girls have pretty good fame of being sexy-hot and guys usually think on them with little bikinis/tangas at the beach haha…dirty minds..

    I saw them in LA and since then I can’t concentrate at home/work/husband… sh$#%t he he… and still thinking of Joe ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. amanda – what have you heard about that? im curious to know if it’s the same person. I went to some of his solo shows and saw her . I’m from Baltimore. I attended a few other shows in this area, so i’m assuming she’s from Baltimore or Va.
    I don’t think a married man can date, but to fall for someone else while you’re married is definetly possible, especially if you weren’t truly in love with the one you choose to marry.
    So they were egaged in 1999, but didn’t marry til four years later, very odd.
    I also heard a rumor that he kept changing the wedding date, for some reason two or three times. This coming from someone who was actually invited to the wedding. ;-/ hmm

  96. KP, Your so dang lucky. I loved your story. My Hubby laughs at me and tells me since they came back I act like a teenybopper again.

    Oh by the way I sold my tickets to their LA show ๐Ÿ˜ฆ OMG that was so hard to do, I about cried. Now that we can’t go back to LA. To see them in concert here in FL I would have to drive 5 hrs Hubby is not willing to do that and I have no friends here…:(

    KP, Hearing your story cheered me up, you lucky dog you LOL

  97. Miss Knight, what shows did you attend? and what does she look like? the girl I’m referring to is from Va and she’s hispanic.
    She also has a myspace page so when you mentioned that and the thing about the shows I thought of her. what did you see them doing?
    I just heard they “dated” and he even went to her house! I don’t know if more than once but she had pix of him with her siblings (at the house lol) at some point on her site! pretty damn wrong if you ask me, because hello he should be more careful than that… but whatever lol I don’t know if we are talking about the same girl but it could be considering the locations.
    and of course the “date” thing came from a friend of hers because we all know that for jordan it would probably be just plain sex lol but sometimes some women don’t get it I guess ๐Ÿ™‚ lol or maybe they just want the same, sex with a “famous guy”…..

  98. ALO- I am sorry to hear you had to sell the tickets. The closest concerts to me are like 6 hours from me. So I hear ya. You know my son told me the other day I was acting like a 15 yr old when I was watching something on youtube. Oh the Covergirl video from NJ on youtube. Donnie jutted those hips I just squealed!! I got my daughter all into them we cant go anywhere without the CD. I have downloaded it to my computer and its always in my car.

    These guys have totally brought our youth back I think. I think they look better than ever to be honest. Has anyone seen the VH1 behind the music? I just watched it all on youtube. I feel for Donnie, to lose his father and his marriage all in one year. My heart goes out to him. Seeing him talk about it and the pain written all over his face just kills me. I hope to God Jordan and Evelyn are happily married. Because I hate to see another one of our boys go through this.

    KP- sounds like you had a blast!! I am happy for you. Surprised a little about Jonathan but like I said he is still our Jonathan and I support him all the way.

  99. Oh nooo! I’m so sorry, Alo ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    I also have no friends willing to roadtrip for another 5* M&G….

    I don’t think I’d go up to Jordan…..I’m not like that; I’m shy and apparently so is he! I wish I had had a few more drinks to work up the courage though LMAAAOO and now I won’t ever have this chance again!
    Jordan actually looked very bored most of the time….staring at nowhere….

    My professional experience says Jordan gives a crap aout his wife’s feelings because he will cheat and always get away with it. Evelyn is not a strong woman. She has very low self-esteem. She is rather trying to control what she can’t because she is afraid of losing him….and she knows she may eventually (hence the “attitude” with fans).

  100. Hi Everyone…this is my first time on here..I was searching for pics of Jordan’s wife ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and I came across this website. Is this a NKOTB fansite? Can someone please explain. I’ve been reading your guy’s stories and I love it! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to chit chat if it’s about the New Kids…that is, if it’s a New Kids fan site! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  101. miss knight, if you want we can exchange emails and talk about that because maybe we can’t do it here. My last comment isn’t showing at all ๐Ÿ˜ฆ write me if you want and I’ll tell you what I posted earlier in case it doesn’t show up here lol

  102. what was wrong with my last comment replying to miss knight? I guess we can’t talk about that stuff here…? it’s all good though… I understand! ๐Ÿ™‚
    miss knight, write to my email and we will talk!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  103. Joe is very devoted husband and father and I already saw it in my own eyes. He is so in love with his wife because he brings her and her son with him to the tour. That is really nice for him to do that. So, I believe he is very happily married. About Jordan, I am wrong about him because I met him and He is NOT gay. so, I apologize for making wrong assumptions about Jordan. He is just straight, and he is very COOL and funny too.

  104. KP And Kelly, thanks. It was so hard for me being a huge fan of theirs back in the late 80’s and 90’s….this was going to be my 1st NKOTB EVER! See back then my Dad was a Minister and he wouldn’t allow us to go to concerts UNLESS the were CHRISTIAN concerts, so I grew up only going to Amy Grants concerts, don’t get me wrong, I was a huge fan of hers but it would have been nice for me to go to others that had nothing to do with religion. I also was a huge fan of New Edition back in HS. Didn’t get a chance to see them either. Oh well, Hopefully in the near future I can find a friend to go with me to see NKOTB someday. I had good seats too.

    Ok, I’m beginning now to wonder myself, I’ve been hearing a lot on Jordan and his marriage I’m starting now to have my doubts too. Hearing all these stories and also reading other things about him on the internet. I still feel bad for Evelyn, but at the same time, she has to know he cheats…with my 1st marriage, I knew my Hubby was cheating on me. And I didn’t put up with that shit, I left his ass. Who wants to be married to a F*cking cheater. My Husband now is a doll, he would never cheat on me, I trust him 100%. My ex was a minor baseball player, and when he would go on road trips with the team, they always had girls waiting after the games to get laid. So, I kind of know what its like to be married to someone famous and to tell you the truth, I would NEVER want that kind of life. NOT EVEN if the $$ is good.

  105. We’re tryin to find out if they are goin out after the concert and where they are staying…ahahah!! Old school groupies!! When my cousin and I were little we staked them out at their hotel and ended up meeting their opening act (The covergirls) instead…it was still cool!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. Alo, unfortunately I don’t. I’m thinking about making one soon and then I’ll add you, OK? I want to add Jordan too LOL do you think he is the one managing his myspace page?

  107. KP…I’m sure pretty sure he is. He took forever to add me, I’m guessing its from them being on tour and being real busy.

    OH COOL. Thanks for the info on the Summer 09 tour, I’ll be watching out for that..and hopefully I can find a friend to go with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. yes and then come back and give us dirty details!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    btw any of you guys can write to my email if you want to gossip too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. How on earth did you find these wedding photos? And are you sure that is Jordan?

    Looking forward to seeing their concert in November. It would be such a dream to meet him!

  110. Amanda – Damn girl, where did you get all that inside scoop? lol WOOW. how do you know all that is true? I didn’t know they were dating. All i base this is on is from I saw and what I was told. I never saw him kissing her or anything, and I’ve seen Jk flirting with girls before.. it was more the way he acted when he would see her. When i went to the show in Baltimore, he got off the stage to give her a hug, in the middle of performing! we were like WTF? who is she? lol I believe this is the same girl cause of the description, I was told about at the VA show where he was talking to her outside the venue and a girl told me she watched the whole thing from the car. she said fans even went up to him as he talked to her and it seemed like he didn’t care if anyone noticed. I think she was even backstage when he did the M&G, she is petite, dark curly hair., what’s on her myspace? damn i’m curious? does she have any pics with Jordan???

    KP- You’ve made a good point. If Jordan looked more like Joe. I would have no doubt he was in love and happy. And I may not know Joe, but I am almost 100% sure he would never cheat on his wife., cause he seems truly in love with her and when there is love there is respect. It’s just the way it is.
    I don’t know J’s wife, but maybe you’re right. It seems she may know deep down she doesn’t have Jordan’s heart and doesn’t want to give him up easily. Maybe he’s doing it for the kids. He has a bigg heart for them if that’s the case, but whatever the case , i hope he has true love in his life, cause one day those kids will grow up and you the adult are left alone and unfullfilled.

  111. When clicking on the link for his wedding pic, the pic does not come up right away.

    Count three boxes down and the middle of the last row is a picture of them dancing. This has to be him. IF you read under the ABOUT section of the photographer, she clearly indicates she had them as a client.

    The show in San Jose was great. I got to touch them all. Jordan Knight is so hot……especially when he does a solo singing “Baby I Believe in You”. Just like how he preformed it back in the days. His shirt open and looking hot!!!

  112. I dont think that is Jordan.

    Alo- if had the money I would fly to Fla and take you to the concert, I am serious. I feel so bad that you have to miss your very first concert. I went to three and here I am complaining that they are not coming to my area I am so selfish…

    KP you need to get a Myspace. It is fun. I think Jordan is the one that handles his own myspace page. I once read that he is a night owl. He stated that when talking about his new baby and that being a night owl would help because he could do the nightly feedings while his wife slept. Well I noticed before the tour he was online at like 3am-4am. So I do believe he manages it. Jonathan has one also. They all do infact. Danny does manage his own.

    As for Jordans marriage, I not sure what to speculate I am not good at reading people. I will say I havent yet met a Taurus Man with the exception of my BFF husband that is faithful.I am not saying they all are unfaithful but I havent met one yet.

    ALO- What ahve you read on the internet about Jordan?

  113. I looked, that is not Jordan, I am sorry but it is not and I couldnt find the ABOUT section. All it says is “interior” But I know that is not Jordan. Why would he allow his wedding pic to be used as an advertisement? I really dont think being as private as he is he would do that. I am sorry. Plus I am not sure if this true but I heard they eloped it was a quickie wedding. That is what I heard as far as it being true I am not sure.

  114. well… probably he really likes her… he doesn’t give a shit if ppl see what he’s doing with fans! that’s why I think either evelyn knows or she doesn’t give a shit either as long as she has the wife “title” lol to me they are a fucked up couple….
    About this girl I was talking about I remember back when it happened I used to check her myspace after someone told me they had something going on lol and a friend of hers sent a comment saying wow I can’t believe you went out with jordan knight! and the next day the comment was gone haha plus it was pretty obvious because she dissapear from the site and fan world and you know when that happens is cuz they already fucked the singer!! lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    But then after a while she posted pictures of jordan in her house with her little sister and her brother! (clearly if he went to her house it wasn’t to play cards… lol) After a while they were gone!
    she does have pix with him on myspace but they are backstage pix!
    its definetely the same girl you’re talking about… her name is Marisol! and it wouldn’t surprise me if they still keep in touch, you know how Jordan is… he needs his girlfriends all over the country to get his booty calls whenever he’s in the city or near!
    and wow I can’t believe he would stop the performance to go hug her! he must have been really horny! lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  115. I am still high in the clouds after last night’s show!! The Boys from Beantown are better and finer than ever!! What an amazing show they put on and if you have the opportunity to go see them, please do! You will not be disappointed. I love them soooo much and hope to see them again. This has been a dream come true for me. I’m even a bit depressed that the concert has passed :-(( I hope they come back to Houston soon, they made lots of Grown Women wants some “Grown Man”. These Men are HOT, HOT, HOT!!

  116. Here it is again the website for the wedding pics:


    It clearly states:” Louise has photographed many notable occasions, including the nuptials of Caterina Bandini (Channel 7, Boston, news anchor) and Daniel Schwinn (founder/president of Avidyne) in 2005, Evelyn Melendez and Jordan Knight (musician, New Kids on the Block) in 2004.”

    Then on the very bottom of the web page click on portfolio and then interiors. At the very bottom, the middle box its Jordan Knight with his wife.

    • Yeah, it does say she was their wedding photographer on her bio, but sorry that pic is quite obviously not of them. It doesn’t look anything like either one of them and I doubt seriously they would give her permission to post their photo on her site, given how private they are about everything else. Not them.

  117. Just wanted to say that I’m loving this board….I’m a huge Jordan fan (saw the San Jose concert last week) and love reading through everyone’s posts about Jordan gossip. Keep it comin!

  118. Hello all! I thought I would join in on the fun! The Houston show was AMAZING!! I had such a beautiful time. Just wanted to share the love!

  119. Hi everyone,
    I’ve really enjoyed reading all your comments. It seems like everyone is scared to say anything about Jordan’s personal life. I understand that he wants privacy, but I think it’s almost making the fans want MORE info.
    Barrett seems lovely. I hope to meet her if she comes on tour with them in January. I was able to meet them in September when they did an instore signing in London.
    Donnie, Jon, and Danny were very chatty. (esp. Danny. He is lovely and very down to earth. I could have chatted with him forever) Joe and Jordan were being very to themselves and not talking to fans. But then other fans had differnt stories. I’m sure jet lag didn’t help. Later in the week I had a better encounter with Joe. But Jordan will always be my first great love!!! And when they come here in January I hope to get a hug at my meet and greet.

    oh KP the only thing I did say to Jordan was I love you and then my time was up and the body guard pushed me along. It’s just the effect he has!

  120. Damn, he does like latin women!! Marisol is a nice name, IMO. I’m brazilian but my parents are of czech and russian descent so I’ll never have any luck!! I look as latin as Lauren Conrad (or any Holywood blondie) LOL
    OK, my husband is really handsome and treats me like a queen but I want to be Marisol for a day!!! LOL what does she look like??

  121. omg. how do you know this pics were at her house? if they were gonna do anything, why would they go to her house with her siblings there? lol gross. wow, this is wild. yea it surprises me that he would not care if his fans were watching him with her, afterall this is the same man who is never “seen” with his wife. soo bizarre. yep, he just got off and ran to give her a hug, again with fans watching.
    i think it sounds like the same girll and it really does seem he was into her.
    oh, just made another observation about his love song album, apparently he personally wrote another song too, NO more tears. check out the lyrics on that one too. ;-/ this one is even deeper than than the other one hmmmmmmm

  122. OMG!!!! No More Tears is my absolute favorite Jordan song! It’s very deep, that’s for sure!! And I never thought it was about his wife…..Hmmmm

  123. LMFAO… I won’t say if that’s her or not :X hahaha but apparenlty other ppl also knew about her ๐Ÿ˜‰ are they still doing it? lol
    The pix on her site were clearly taken after the show, but she used to have pix of jordan with her brother and her sister IN HER HOUSE! lol he doesn’t give a shit… He just wants to get laid! so he probably went to her house to do her! I don’t know why in hell she has to take him home like he’s some serious bf, thats really fucked up that ppl can’t see reality for what it is…! just a booty call! some fans need to wake up, even if he tells them he loves them it doesn’t mean it’s true! lol

  124. Well this Marisol is beautiful, and if she is the “other women” she will have to live with that. I noticed she is a performer also. they could very well just be friends. It really isnt any of our business.

  125. that link someone posted, i think that is her. She looks like the girl i’ve seen at his concerts. wow. and i’m not surprise other people know cause like i said there were lots of fans who saw what i saw.
    i still find it odd that that they would go to her house, or that he would be ok with going to her house and if she took the pics off it seems thats the smart thing to do. DAMN i wish i could have seen them.lol her page is nice, and can’t deny it she is very pretty. so she’s sings too? there is a slide show on there okk i need to read the page!
    KP- you do see what i’m saying about the lyrics? i usually don’t pay much attention to details but i know he hasn’t written a song in a while until this album and he only wrote two.

  126. kelly for real… this is the only place I’ve seen so far where fans can gossip about him or whatever, what’s wrong with that? lol it’s only to have fun!!
    when Jordan likes someone he ends up hooking up with the girl eventually! and not like she didn’t like him because back then she was all over the mb proclaming her love for him… so we are not 10 anymore, they can not be just friends! lol
    Miss Knight, I have the pic of jordan and her sister somewhere so if I find it I’ll send it your way so you can see it for yourself!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. OMGG, go on Jordan’s myspace page. look at the comments, this girl Marisol left a comment back in April and the comment is still there! nineth from the top alsssooo on her page, did you u read the poetry she wrote? that’s some deep shit and damn it sorta relates to our hypothesis lol
    i don’t think it’s bad we gossip about this, aslong as we don’t say anything disprespectful. that being said we don’t know this girl and who knows what exactly happened between them but maybe she isn’t a groupie type per-say.
    after looking at her page.. i get the impression she’s pretty nice,. very family oriented, hence the pics with jordan and her siblings at some point..lol Amanda- let me know if you find the pic.

  128. lol well you know all the famous guys she meets for some reason go to her house, did you see the pic of that portis player there also? lol maybe she’s not a groupie but….. lol just a really really nice girl ๐Ÿ™‚ with LOTS AND LOTS OF famous guys as friends?! LOL
    you’re right we don’t know her, I don’t think we are being disrespectful by stating what we saw/heard. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Jordan is charming and sweet when he wants to be SO it wouldn’t surprise me if she thought he cared about her as a bf but hello HE’S MARRIED! lol
    anyway, I found something for you miss knight! :)write me!

  129. “:) I met the one person I’ve always dreamt of meeting.. and it was truly special. Dreams do come true… “

  130. okkkkkk did you guys see her nkotb photo album.. she went to the DC show! check out those pics! there is one of Jordan smiling at her i think.
    also did you guys see her comment on his myspace?? i’m having fun…this is like a mystery.
    one more biggie. that song i was talking about i wish. is on her page, the video of his performance! i wonder why? lol
    yea i don’t see why we can’t talk abou this, but saying she slept with him without knowing doesn’t seem right. ? she does seem like a pretty cool girl. i checked out some new videos she uploaded in the video section and she’s kinda funny ๐Ÿ™‚
    yeah i saw that pic of the NFL redskin player with her parents. wonder why she don’t have one with him? that’s cool though. he’s tight and kicking some ass on the field
    dude i wanna be friends with her so i can meet mr knight and portis lol i don’t a myspace though. haha..
    ok amanda sadeyedgirl21@yahoo.com..send send send!

  131. Precious ” put a link to her myspace page, you have to scroll up #160. If you look at her pics there are many albums and there is one of the NKOTB concert in Dc you can also find her page on Jordan’s myspace , she left a comment in april.
    Precious where is that quote from?

  132. Oooohh…I love this gossip and the mystery with M. I check this page daily to get the juice. Keep it coming….=)

  133. I saw the pic of J and her brother.. It’s definetly taken in her house cause she has other pics in the same room with her family with the same wall color. you have to look at her albums. and the NKOTB Album!


    Remember what we had because it’s gone,
    and i could never be complete now,
    “My heart decieved..”
    “YOu said we shared one song..”
    still you didn’t hesistate to let me go
    We were meant to be, baby how could you give up on me..

    Whereever you are,,baby no need to worry, cause i won’t ask for nothing.. baby i was blind
    Wherever you are..baby no need to worry, i won’t ask for nothing,, cause i have no more tears to cry..

    I think about your eyes, they always shine..
    and my life was overtaken by your smile..
    You felt we were right,
    “My emotions were sacrificed,”
    I don’t want to be over you..
    “but it’s something that i’ve got to do.”

    I wish we could have worked things out,
    “It was different with you and I..”
    and I can’t help but remember the time..
    when everything was right..
    but now baby , everything is falling apart.

    –some deep shit people.. and he wrote it. lol

  134. Clearly, you ladies have a lot of time on your hands. Why is it so important that Mari is his friend??

    Let me clear something up…Marisol M. is a local performer/singer within the Latino community here in the DC area. Back when she met him, she had just started her singing career. She had connections with producers and got a chance to meet him. She had always admired his talent and his music. They hung out and he gave her professional advice and guidance because she had just launched her singing career. They are friends. Ladies, the fact that she has pics with him and her siblings at her house doesn’t mean he went to her house just to “do” her. Latinos are very family oriented. He was welcomed into her home by her and her family so he took the opportunity to get to know them. They just hung out. Why read into it more than what it really is? Its crazy how drama and gossip gets spread kinda like a wildfire.

    Its sad how people tear up this guy. He is in the public eye and when he meets fans he HAS to be nice to them. That doesn’t mean that he flirts or wants to get with a fan simply because he looks at them a certain way or if he holds their hand. He is just being nice. You know if he wasn’t nice to the fans he would get talked about. I guess either way, he can’t win.

    Joey Mac shows his love for his wife in a different way. His marriage is fairly new and he just had a baby with her. Jordan has been in his relationship with his wife for almost 10 years. Its different when a relationship goes thru hell and back in 10 years. You can’t compare the marriages nor the guys because its like comparing day and night.

    Jordan is married and as far as I’m concerned he remains married for some reason or another. He has money and fame and i seriously doubt that he stays married because of the kids. Every MARRIED couple has issues and drama. The fact that he keeps his personal life out of the public eye shows that he respects his family. People will always talk whether its good or bad and I know for a fact that MISERY loves company. Lets be nice and wish him well ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. how nice that marisol or her friends found this blog… let’s get the fun started lmao…
    for someone who doesn’t have time to get into someone’s life you sure wrote a long speech!!
    amazing how ridiculous it all sounds… who gives a damn if he fucked her or keeps doing it… not like it’s more than that.. and please anyone who went and check out her site knows that she wasn’t about to launch her career at that time, so clearly he wasn’t giving her musical advice, he surely gave her more than that hahahahaha!
    if she didn’t want people to know about it then she should have kept her mouth shut, and not post pix and made comments about it….
    at least you did admit he went to her house, I agree with you on one thing… he went there not just to do her. I just think it’s pretty pathetic he has to sit there, meet the whole family and pretend to be the bf he will never be just to get laid…(considering he has no reason to try so hard, but anyone who knows him also will know that’s how he is… enough said about that) that’s why fans need to open their eyes and see reality for what it is!

  136. Hey KP…I have a quick question for you. What did the girl who Donnie was hooking up with look like? Hair color, etc? Did she look anything like his ex-wife (definitely not saying it was b/c we all know it wasn’t) but just trying to clear up something from another message board. Thanks!

  137. another thing I was forgetting….. if you knew jordan you’d know also that he doesn’t look or talk to all the fans the same way, hes way NICER to the pretty ones or the ones he likes… that’s what he does!!! and you will say, well after all he’s a guy, and yes I can understand that completely… but then it’s not like he’s nice to ALL his fans!
    but we are not even discussing that… we were talking about what happened after the show and not in the show! what it’s true is that he doesn’t care at all if fans see him flirting or even making out with women, that’s a fact! so don’t try to deny it, because I KNOW IT’S TRUE MYSELF!

  138. like I said earlier…MISERY loves company…why so bitter amanda? I’m not fighting…I was just expressing myself just like you do…Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. First off I am going to give a link from an interview that Jordan and the rest of the guys did when there were at HMV:


    He mentions how much he misses and loves his WIFE.

    Second of all just because Jordan does not always talk about his marriage does not mean he is unhappy. Not everyone wheres their wedding ring and lately Joe hasn’t been wearing his onstage either.

    Yes they most likely did have a rocky relationship in the past, but I don’t think they would still be making babies together ( they have TWO children) if the relationship was bad. This is all just too much speculation and when you dig this far into their lives, it would make them not want to be approachable anymore.

  140. I think Jordan is a hard one to read. (I used to see him clubbing in Boston, not that that would tell me much lol). I hope he’s happy now that he’s made his relationship more permanent (I didn’t know he got married). He sure had a lot of chances to meet decent women (not that she isn’t), so she must be “the one.”

  141. Now I know why I got bad vibes from him. I’m not “hot” and I probably stared at him too much. lol It seems like in his eyes you’re either a potential one-night stand or a stalker. Nothing in between (like, people who are normal lol). I don’t know the man so who knows. I always wanted to go up to him but guessed I was in the stalker category. He just never made me feel comfortable. Some people I knew that had met him at the clubs thought he was cool though.

  142. all this talk about Marisol she was simply a chick he messed around with around 05 06 cuz she kept showing up at shows, yes he and i messed around all the way up to 05 06 he wasnt excited about marriage or getting married to her at all, chads wife was at alot of shows back then and id have to play like i was a friend so it didnt get back to Evelyn, he even said we should get married, did i ever take him serious NO! I have dated him flown to see him to see him when he was single spent lots of ime with him 03 , had all of his cell #’s etc got with the first time 99 have many picutures would never post on HIS or my myspace his myspace EVER she is childly obsessed i think i keep in touch via email only with jk he is very faithful now and wouldnt cheat i know cuz i just saw him at two shows had aftershow passes tickets he was really nice we talked, i have pics this just happened this month she is not a girl he loved or did love i even asked him if he knew her cuz i saw this site prior to going, he was like who? anyway he had his assistant find me to give me passes to say hi clearly did not happen to her!we took a few pictures hanging just us, would his wife like it i have no clue, i really think its cuz donnie was interested in me, i know his deal am not making an idiot of myself on myspace. But if the divorce ever happens you will know who i am! he knows i told him. so with her its no bigger deal than a hook up jk is quick to hook up and keep it moving NO LOVE im saying cuz i know, i even let her know with her auto graph that says luv ya babe, jordan i have LOTS Of those i sent her a pic mine said luv ya girl luv ya baby i had him sign to be funny, cuz i was like ha ha he did that with me! if he reads this its not a big deal he knows i will never show any photos and serves him right! I just wanted curious minds to be settled did he cheat after marriage yes did he deny it with me that he was married yes i asked him point blank on the phone in person it was always no , until he said it in public, I dont care if he finds out what i let you all know its not a mystery of his ways i do care for him, YES jon is gay he told me peronally, yes im latina, similar to marisol but not as chubby and broke down looking ( with all do respect girl) which wasnt an issue when he hooked it up with her and others. there are more im not in denial we just dont put it all on blast like she did! um kay. that’s real talk. and if you think he wrote songs about her or she is “the other woman” palease, one of including me.

  143. Sarilau – I agree with you in that we shouldn’t get deeper than what we see or hear. Just cause he went to her house doesn’t mean she is a slut or that he wanted to sleep with her.
    I’m not sure if you know jordan or marisol and it’s nice your defending her, i personally think she seems like a sweet girl. BUT i don’t think you are being completely honest in what you’ve stated about how they met. I don’t think anyone really knows the story behind it.
    If you google Marisol Mazo it pulls up a site and in the bio it states that she started pursuing a singing career wayyy before they supposely met, i think she started when she was 17, 18. and she release one album in 1999! i Dont even think she is singing anymore, cause her pic album on myspace says ‘singing days’ and those are older pics.
    There is also a video of her singing on youtube that comes up in google. She looks alot younger there and her little sister even leaves her a comment saying that she pursued fashion design and that now she carries music in her heart .?! I know you’ve trying to end these rumours by saying all that stuff, but the facts don’t back up what you said. JOe and jordan are two different people and they are in two different relationships so we shouldn’t try to compare them, but i dont remember jordan ever showing any great joy with the relationship he’s been in. I’ve never seen anyone famous hide their wife as much as he has. Heck not even mention her or get that uncomfortable when asked about her. That just seems very unhealthy for him and the relationship. Especially cause who he is and what he loves to do intakes being in the public eye. Nobody is saying to broadcast his life and family outloud, but when 10 years have passed and you only have ONE picture out there with your wife in public, that seems VERRY ODD. especially when he has those types of pics with M and her family. Just that fact that he was ok with taking those pics knowing they might be seen. I’m not sure if you guys have seen his piccs with her on her myspace but they don’t look like ‘just friends’ in those pics. and read what someone in the picture comments.
    also after reading the poetry on her page.. hmm i almost think she was heartbroken and they don’t talk anymore.

  144. Hello all-
    I just found this blog this morning while bored at work. =) So I went to the concert last night in MN and it was amazing! anyone else go? I tried desperately to get passes beforehand for meet and greet. And then I stayed after the show trying to get downstairs to their tunnel and actually wound up finding the crew buses which I thought were the boy’s buses. We waited outside in the freezing rain for an hour for nothing! =( I am thinking about going to the show in chicago at the end of this week, but only if I can find tickets with meet and greets attached. Do you gals have any advice for getting backstage passes? I talked to lots of the security guards at the concert and they said the boys hire this guy to walk around the floor during the show and hand out passes to “select girls.” I even saw that guy and thought, “what the hell is he doing?” but we were way in the center of the aisle and if he had looked our way, I def. would have tried my best. What have you girls done in the past to meet Jordan etc.?

  145. wow secretlover, you have a lot of balls to come on here and PUT HIM ON BLAST. you you probably havnt done it on myspace but you sure are doing it here! If you truly cared for him, like you say you do. you wouldn’t have sold him out like you just did. man , you could have just come on here and stated that was just a girl he messed around with and that’s it. Nobody needed to know your story. Maybe you are a little jealous that nobody is talking about you ? that’s just wrong. and to say he wanted to marry you? you are very full of yourself. maybe he was just using you for sex? men say alot of things to get it you know. and to say that if the divorce happens we will know about you? Damn if that happened and we hope it doesn’t, i highly doubt he would want to marry someone who obviously so full of her self and disrespectful And if JOn told you what he told you, to come on here and say that. I’m sorry but that’s just soOOO wrong. If he gave you passes maybe its cause he felt bad and was the least he could do., and to try to get on your good side, you wouldn’t say anything ever.. but obviously it didn’t go that way.
    You don’t know what happened if anything happend with that girl, nobody knows. . and do you think Jordan would really tell you? omg
    if your story is true, then it’s obvioulsy clear Jordan hasn’t had respect and love for his wife. I can’t believe that woman is putting up with all this crap. Of course he’s trying to make the marriage work especially after having another baby. He would do anythihng for his family i think but one thing is obvious he doesn’t love her.

  146. I came upon this site, yes…trying to find pics of Evelyn. Curiosity did get the best of me. But man, did I get more than I bargained for… This SH&* is deep!
    People do have a right to their opinions and to speculate, but let us remember that Jordan and Evelyn have been together off and on since they were kids. In one interview he said he used to go to her house for dinner. He knows that she was there before the stardome and all of the fame. I would speculate that he knows that she loves him for him and not the Jordan Knight that people idolize. I would speculate that they have never really been able to have a “normal” relationship due to fans and obligations to touring etc. Lets face it some people would do anything to become the other person, or the first person to announce it. It all goes hand in hand with being good looking and famous. If Jordan and his wife like to stay private, I see nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately it leads to situations and speculations like these because we are so curious ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have seen some of the sites that people have been talking about and I would say that M is trying to elude to details that would suggest that they had a relationship and she wants people to know.
    Anyone who would post stuff like that does want to announce it whether you are anonymous or not…it is obvious you want people to know.
    I think this is a perfect example as to why stars try to keep so private, look at all the crap that hits the fan!

    I really do not care whether he cheats or not, lets face it most men will…I still love New Kids and truly believe that they are all talented and sexy!

  147. Wow! me, that is some amazing story if it’s true. I guess it’s what I always thought. Call me old fashion but I thought it was strange that it took them so long to get married.

    I love Jordan on stage. but I think that’s where it ends.

    I think it’s sad that girl didn’t see it for what it was. Cuz her blogs certainly sounds like she’s heartbroken over SOMETHING.

    (wishes she were thin and latino!)

  148. Back in 05 or 06 I was at one of Jordan’s solo shows and was basically asked by a couple of guys (I had no idea at the time who they were) if I wanted to “hang” with jk after the show. I’m not that kind of girl and knew exactly what they were getting at and kindly declined. Later on my group and I saw the same two guys talking to jk and pointing at us and jk wasn’t that pleased that he was turned down. He didn’t throw a fit or anything, but it was obvious he was disappointed. I got several “looks” during the show. He definitely has a way about him. You can tell if he’s being polite or if he’s “after something else”. It was an ego boost I suppose! lol

    One weird thing (after reading all of these posts) is I guess I’m not even his typical “type” (latina). I’m blonde with blue eyes! I guess he just likes what he likes no matter what. lol

    Just my 2 cents.

  149. I want to know how “sarilau” knows this info she has stated, because obviously you don’t know that girl M cause you have wrong info. So do you know Jordan?
    As far as this girl. We should really stop assuming that she slept with him or that they still talk or that she was heartbroken. I don’t think see where you guys see that she is trying to hint details?? what sites are you talking about? This is that first time I’m hearing about this girl and it wouldn’t surprise me if they had something going…after hearing so many stories of how J was at his shows with girls, after being married. that doesn’t surprise me one bit. I feel for him though cause at that time , i am sure he never imagined that his life would be magnified again years later with the Reunion and he did what he did not thinking one day things might come out.
    I like jordan for the singer he is and always will. But if all this is true, it was very wrong of him to lead girls on like that, if that’s what he did. Some fans are dumb for doing whatever a man says no matter who he is, but I think He takes most of the blame. He had no business trying to get girls to fall for him and messing around with ANYBODDY! and right after he married?? how screwed up is that. and as far as the “keeping his life private” crap, he should’ve tried just as hard to keep his little friend in his pants PRIVATE too. – You only hide what you are not proud of. As far as him showing pictures of his kids. i remember in 1999 on the view he said it was up to his kid/s mom to show pictures of them. ?!
    A man who is not in a relationship for love, but more just accustomed to being with someone, can easily find love somewhere else. Cause when there is love in a relationship, you don’t look for it anywhere else.

  150. secretlover you know you’ve told one big lie except that one thing about Jon!!!!!you’re just jealous…..

  151. Secret lover, i truly envy you! JK has been my fantasy since i was like 12 years old! now i am 30 so i’ve been loving him since forever.

    Please share more details with us, like what is he like in a relationship, is he what we all expect him to be??

  152. This blog is killing me, i swear I love the shit I read today hahahahahaha secret lover for real…! your story could be true or not, but it’s freaking funny… jordan and almost any other guy would say anything to get laid!!! but if you really knew him you’d know he still cheats, even if he’s being a little careful about it….! ๐Ÿ™‚
    to jaymee, I totally agree with you and feel the same way about everything you said!! that’s how he is and what he does…
    to sarilu… I’m not bitter, I’m only stating the truth and clearly I’m not the only one who knows it! check your facts or be a better liar! ๐Ÿ™‚
    let’s keep having fun lolol ๐Ÿ˜‰

  153. damn is the truth is hard to digest, believe me i know, so i will never post on here or read anything else for obvious reasons, i have 2 things

    1,clearing one thing up, Jordan told me about jon, not jon, i have never met jon, jon openly kisses men in public, many know.

    2,the one thing i will agree with that was said in response to my post is this by “cover girl”

    “heโ€™s trying to make the marriage work especially after having another baby. He would do anything for his family i think but one thing is obvious he doesnโ€™t love her.”

    except that I know he dose have love and extreme loyality for her and is trying to do right, bottom line.

    that’s it, sorry for getting everybody up in a tizzy believe what you want, whatever makes you sleep better at nite ciao!

  154. miss knight, no one is assuming it happened, some people know it actually happened lol it really doesn’t matter though because like someone else said she’s not the first, or the last one either! ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s not like it matters that he sleeps or slept or will sleep around, we are just talking… not saying he’s good or bad for doing it, everybody does whatever they can do with their lives and to be happy! that’s just the way it is…!

  155. hmmm…very interesting blog. i’m new here. still havent met the guys but, i wil.

    i really dont know what to think on this jordan/evelyn relationship… they only know what’s between them. maybe we’ll never know maybe there’s a codepency problem, he’s loyal because they know each other forever and maybe she loves him soo much that even if he cheats, she accepts his behavior.

    or i’m saying nonsense and they are just perfectly fine… that maybe they had problems in the past but they are ok now.

    a looong time ago i met a girl that knew the kids, and she told me that jordan loved girls with dark, long hair, and now that i hear he really likes latinas. hmmmm im fitting on his type.. yeah lol. i dont wanna sound conceited but i look wayyyy better than evelyn. so im hoping for my chance!!! hahaha

  156. I came upon this site a while back and just wanted to comment that someday I hope to meet Jordan and get to the bottom of what is truth and what is not. He has always seemed like a great guy, a HUGE flirt, but a great guy. Amanda, hope you don’t mind but I’m gonna email you girl. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  157. Amanda, it is good to know I’m not the only one with that perspective. Can’t say I don’t empathize with him a little bit though, afterall, every woman that approaches him IS either a fan or wants to sleep with him (or both LOL). He’s shy and guarded so he may never go after what he really wants anyway (if he wants something else). He’s never surrounded by normalcy (at least until he is at home with his wife and kids I’m pretty sure, which is why he goes home to her I would think).
    I’ve probably analyzed that man to death (based on what I’ve seen and heard over the years) and have gotten nowhere. lol Its just not worth trying to figure him out. He is going to do what he wants to do and it will make no sense (just like every other guy lol).

  158. just checked out that girl’s myspace. interesting i tell you, especially her pics with Jordan and the comments made.
    there are pictures of when she went to the the dc show.
    and secretlover if you read this, i don’t know what you are talking about, she’s gorgeous.
    There is nothing to digest as you say. Just facts that apparently many know about, cause they’ve seen. It just kills me how you act like you now so much about Jordan. Even if he told you that about Jon, what right do you have to say what was probably confidential. I actually believe your story happened, and if so then like i said before, something’s been missing for him in that relationship.
    amanda- what else do you know about that other girl?

  159. Amanda i emailed you – did you see her nkotb album? and the video on her page? write me on my email or here.

  160. OMG I’ve been away for too long!!! Family drama, it sucks!

    Merc – Donnie’s girl has dark, straight hair, dark eyes, medium height, good body but not what I’d call pretty. She was holding on to him like a lifesaver and he danced with her for a while and kissed her once, that I saw. I heard from another fan who ran into them at a restaurant the day after and she got so pissed the young girl would make out w/ him in front of her when she asked for an autograph, she said “HI KIM!!!” The girl stormed out of there and Donnie, half laughing said “ssshhh, that’s not Kim” LOL obviously not because Kim is pretty haha!!

    Jon IS gay. When they were performing at LAX, I saw his bf blow a kiss at him AND I saw them kissing kind of behind some people but since I saw them getting too cozy, I decided to stare LOLOL

    Jordan does talk to the pretty ones more than the average looking girl…I’ve seen it. LOL damn, then I must be pretty because when I declared my love for him, he gave me a big hug and kiss and kept squeezing my hands. He’s sweet and shy…shyer than me, I believe!
    I’m not sure if I believe secret lover…at least the fact where she says J has deep love for Evelyn. Pigs don’t fly…it’s not POSSIBLE to love someone so much and cheat on this someone. I had a classmate in college who would tell whoever wanted to listen how happy she was….and she was miserable! Catty, mean, disrespectful….J can go on radio stations and even Anderson Cooper to proclaim his love for Evy…I just don’t buy it!!
    Would I kiss J for a night, text with him, email with him? YES. Would I have sex with him? NO. Ugh nasty! LOL I keep imagining how many girls….at least he seems like he brushes his teeth…hopefully follows with stingy mouthwash! And I have a great husband at home…I don’t need sex with Jordan LOL

    Amanda, I’m LMAO reading your posts! That’s my kind of girl! LOL This is fun….if Jordan won’t talk about his wife, then we will need to speculate!

  161. Ah!! I forgot! My sources sent me pics of Dante when he was younger (too cute), Jordan and Eric, J at his wedding day (no Evy-this picture is the most sought after today!!), Kim Fey, Donnie and Elijah, Donnie, Kim and Xavier, Griffin….if you wish to see any, I can ask houston social butterfly to post here….

  162. This site has CRACKED. ME. UP.

    In digging around I found Marisol’s blog. And she is pretty but I wouldn’t call her gorgeous. Being Latina myself, you see girls like this all the time.


    And if the guys have someone trolling the crowd to find “suitable” chicks to hang out with after the show, it’s sad. Really, really sad. Does anyone know if Joe still gets drunk like he used to? And at least he chose someone suitable, Barret is a Princeton Alumni.

  163. Just thought I’d give all an update…Jordan has removed some of the posts from his Myspace page, including Marisol’s….

  164. seymour – I hope not LOLLOL

    Ha ha – thatยดs very Selena…hmmmm I wonยดt say anything at all!!!! LOL
    VERY impressed with Barrett!!! I didnยดt know she had gone to Princeton. Sheยดs got the brains and the serenity to get on this wild ride.

    And the verdict is……………………….Jordan still definitely cheats!

  165. Does anyone have Dante or Eric pics they can send to me? Thanks!

    Also, Jon gay? I find that hard to believe after his past relationships with females. I guess one of them left a sour taste in his mouth and now he’s switched teams.

  166. she had a post yesterday from a friend asking her what is up with her and Jordan Knight, its deleted now ๐Ÿ˜› ?

  167. New here, this s*** is funny, I happened to this sight also trying to find pics of him and his wife, found out more then I wanted to. I have a bit of a 6th sense of about people and I get the feeling that he is sad. I feel sorry for him that he is in a loveless relationship but that does not give him the right to mess around on his wife, just think of what that is doing to his children, he has 2 boys and they will do the same to there wives when they get older. don’t get me wrong I still love him, KP I am so envious!!!!

  168. the fact he removed it, if its him, kind of gives it away don’t you guys think. lol so he definetly has heard of this blog, and doesn’t want people bothering her, is what it looks like to me.

    i checked out that fashionmari blog, she comes across as nice, did you guys read her music page on there? she definetly started singing before 1999. i wonder who that girl that posted was and why she made that story up. it only makes it more obvious as if someone is trying to cover something up. Did you guys see she was in a car accident recently?

  169. OMFG, This shit is great! I have a lot to catch up on. Its not hard to believe to Hear that Jon is gay, I’ve been hearing that rumor all over the internet.

    Also, wow! all this shit about Jordan cheating, I’m beginning to believe it now, I still feel so sorry for his wife and all who is this girl Marisol did she have some kind of fling with him?..Love hearing all these stories. And love hearing all these stories about Jordan. Seems like there are a lot of Latinos in here including me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  170. I think Jordan’s wife is cute by the way. Maybe she just isn’t photogenic…that does happen you know. And whether or not he has a great relationship with her is nobody’s business but their own. I think that most celebrities keep their private lives private because then everyone is up in your face. If we get answers, there are always more questions…when does it end. I think they are smart for keeping things low. Have you ever thought that they are protecting their children and want to try and lead a normal life for them. If they start appearing together, especially now, who knows the paparazzi is so terrible these days, they might start following them all the time. I for one would not want pictures of my children floating around in the public either. Jordan is already known but he does do a pretty good job at remaining out of the tabloids because he is a private man. We should just respect that.

  171. Wow, cc, do you think someone told him what was being talked about here?
    It doesn’t suprise me that Jordan was a bit of a ho a few years ago when he didn’t have much of a career…but for her to stick around through all that???? I don’t get it.

    KP, I would love to see those pics.

    This site is so addictive.

  172. M’s myspace says she’s back in Va… i don’t think she is going to that concert, but who knows maybe they saw each other on Sun when she was supposely there.

    i don’t know if you guys saw at the videos on her page of the DC show, but they’re pretty interesting if you observe them. and it is obvious wherre she was sitting.
    i also found what on YOUTUBE what looks to be Marisol and her sisters! its at the end of the show and you see jordan go hold her hand!! look up nkotb dc finale.

  173. This site is indeed addictive. I know a lot of you have said that we have no business speculating what goes in their private lives. Well, they want to be stars and make big bucks – this is what comes with it, a public life.

    In the concert in MN, when the close-ups on Jordan’s face were done you could tell he WAS NOT enjoying doing the show. Hell, he looked like me on a Monday morning when I don’t want to come to work! Maybe because Marisol wasn’t in the crowd? Or was it because it was too quick of a stop for any booty from the fans?

    And maybe Evelyn is sticking around for the money at this point. She stuck with him long enough, she might as well reap the benefits. Who knows….Maybe she has a “special” friend too when Jordan goes on tours…….LOL.

  174. ha ha – you definetly have to check out the dc performances on m’s myspace… aafter seeing other performances after the Dc show i can see they are not anything like the way he sang in DC. in fact he’s been messing up bigtime, i’ve found many of him messing of the words in what song’s he’s sung forever. THe dc show he definetly seems into it, singing his heart out. and what do you know, that girl Marisol is the audience. I just saw the dc finale on youtube, that looks like her in the red. looked like he really wanted to hold her hand.

  175. OMG, I’m new to this site and can’t get enough! I, like many others, was just looking for a photo of Evelyn and can’t believe what I’ve stumbled upon! Please tell me more!! LOL You guys are great detectives!

    I’m so confused though. All of Marisol’s poems and myspace page seem to indicate that she’s heartbroken. I wonder if that means he isn’t calling her for booty anymore or if she’s just depressed that he isn’t leaving his wife for her. Hmm… But just when I start to feel sorry for her, I remind myself that she MAY be crossing the line with a married man! I must say that the fact that he’s deleting posts from his myspace page sounds pretty suspect but maybe it’s just a coincidence. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  176. lol@all of this… I love this blog!!
    of course he knows and he’s “covering” his ass and hers… whatever! lol
    I heard evelyn is in NY these days so probably that’s why M wasn’t staying for the concert… lol
    But of course he still cheats, and I’m sure that girl (Marisol) thinks he’s in love with her when in fact even if he’s trying to “protect” her somehow (so he won’t lose her ass lol), she’s nothing more than a booty call…. Jordan has women all over….. and his behaviour is the same with all of them! and not like he’s in love with all of them lol
    can someone post the links to all those dc videos where he holds her hand? I didn’t see them… ๐Ÿ™‚ thx!

  177. me too….I came across it in September and I visit it on a daily basis! KP – Where are the pics….I hope she allows them to be posted here!

  178. he didn’t hold her hand!…all he did was touch it just like the other girls who were holding out there hands for the guys to touch. i guess she had something with all theree guys then because they did the same thing. i thought i was going to see “hand holding” but it was nothing at all that would indicate something was or had been going on. i guess people see what they want to see..ugh!

  179. here is the youtube link where he holds M’s hand:

    look closely at the very end, at the 1:35 mark, he grabs her hand first (she’s in red) than a few others. and it’s def her. if you visit her mysapce, check out the NKOTB concert album, she is wearing a red tank and if you look at one of the photos when she is in her seat before the show starts, she is clearly in the same area of the stage.

    i was at this concert and i have to agree that they gave a great show, esp JK.

    and if she has been intimate with JK, then i’m jealous and i wish it were me, married or not! lol.

  180. Ok, so I just wish this Marisol chick would “give up the ghost”. I just can’t believe that she is just flaunting her…well..affair??? I have some respect for those that JK has on the sly that don’t put it out there in the open. Yes he is famous, but still, I don’t think this girl has any respect for his family or herself to brag about what has happened with him…point blank. The more I see of this girl the more she irritates me…..jealously…maybe, but doubtful. Honestly she is just someone he may have hooked up with who has now turned stalker on him and of course he lets it happen cause if she “gives it up”…and if he gets away with it once….he’ll do it again…..no other way to look at it….she knows she’s not the only one…so give it up Mari….move on….get over yourself hun….
    To his wife Evelyn….I know you are private and so is JK….I’m sorry that all this is coming out….I hope you are able to get to the bottom of what is fact vs. what is fiction….and soon!

  181. I am also curious about what I am reading, if no one would mind…I want emailed some pics too ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. Yeah, I can’t find the DC video where he holds her hand either. But her photos on myspace from that DC concert show her wearing a red shirt that night. Also, she has one photo of Donnie pointing in her direction AND another of Jordan pointing in her direction. They obviously know her somehow… If something is really going on there, she isn’t being very discreet! BTW, I wonder if she’s noticed an increase in her myspace page views lately??? lol

  183. if this doesn’t work..look up “Nkotb, DC finale” and it’s towards the end of the video. she is third from the far left.

    I still think whatever the case may be Jordan definetly knew he was married, maybe she didn’t. didn’t he not admit it publically for a while? her poems are very deep and I do feel bad for her after reading them. she seems like a pretty decent girl. i also get the impression that maybe he did fall for her. If something is missing in a marriage, it’s easy to happen. just looking at their pics together and the dc videos. the way he’s singing ‘if you go away’ you can see him almost trying to hold back emotions. and in the “summertime” i found another video where you clearly see him pointing to her and walking towards her when he’s singing..”hey girl don’t you know i miss it.” its almost as he rushes over to sing it on that side. my opinion is that they are not in touch, and if that’s the case, kudos to her for walking away from a married man.
    If that one chick who said she dating jordan, is telling the truth when she says he never was excited about marrying Ev, sadly maybe he married her for the wrong reasons he must be in a difficult situation.

  184. hey girls,
    thank you so much for the link! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I kinda think he touched her hand like he did with the rest. It doesn’t mean they didn’t have something in the past or maybe still do.
    I agree with most of you about the fact that she looks pretty decent but in a way she shows off what probably happened between them because otherwise she wouldn’t have posted the pictures of him with her family! she also changed the tags under the concert pictures so she knows fans know, and that just makes it more obvious…
    I do not think Jordan loves her, maybe he likes her, like he likes the rest of his girlfriends lol but he does not lover her!
    didn’t you all hear about that incident in chicago where this girl flashed jordan and danny so as a result she ended up backstage where the guys (jordan and danny) “would take care” of her according to the nkotb security guard. disgusting really lol but well, that’s how many girlfriends he has lol and that’s how much he cares about his wife and marisol….she’s not special, she’s just one more!!

  185. well this is definetly something to think about. i’m surprise they still have this blog running. I don’t think we’ll ever accept in our minds seeing jordan with ‘anyone’. Jeaously will always exist cause we all have crushes on him. the whole thing on this girl is pretty interesting. the fact that so many fans knew about it and how everything on this blog seems to tie together and relate. I have been trying to get a friend request accepted on jordan’s myspace for several months and i know very well he hesn’t done any changes to his page in MONTHS and for him to all of a sudden delete comments including hers, is not a coincidence if you ask me.
    I personally hope to see jordan happy and for the longest time i’ve always thought he wasn’t.
    i don’t see this girl flaunting anything, its more how things relate and seem to indicate interest from his part. in those pics and videos, he is the one showing her the attention, for whatever reason. i’m sure if that happened to anyone at a show, you would post pics up like crazy.
    so i’m curious to know about the solo shows he had? that probably could be a bigger indication of anything.

  186. Some of her comments are still on his page, just earier ones when he first started the page. If you look at the higher number pages, they are still there.

  187. You’re right, Curious girl. There are still comments from M on his myspace. I don’t have time to look through all those pages of comments but I did notice several comments here and there when he first started his page. So, if someone does have the time to go through them all…do let us know if there’s anything interesting M had to say.

    houstonsocialbutterfly – Thanx for letting this page happen. It def gets me through the day when I need my Jordan fix. =)

  188. I can’t wait to see these pictures. Back in 99 when Dante was born I was like he still hasn’t married her, she needs to wake up….guess she’s still asleep. I don’t get it. It’s not the marriage for me.

  189. i am so addicted to this page, i hop on daily and get excited when i see more comments. keep em coming, more details please!

    if there are any fans out there that care to share their JK experiences (at his solo shows), i’m all ears! i wonder if he’s as great as we all think he is… i’d love to hear about some real interactions that he has had with fans, aside from the typical hug, pix, and autograph thingy.

    and i agree with a previous comment that it does not appear that he is currently in contact with M. they definitely had an intimate relationship in the past, but to what extent i dont know. it could have merely been an emotional affair and not a physical one becuase they both JK and M appear to be religous, but then again this is all speculation. but she does appear to be a nice girl and she is very pretty. has anyone considered messaging her on myspace and just asking her?

    regardless, JK is HOT!

  190. Hey guys!
    Houston may have the pics youยดre asking by now. I donยดt know how ‘safe’ it is to leave those up for a long time since they are super careful when it comes to protecting their kids..itยดs just to satisfy everyoneยดs curiosity. If someone had it and sent me, they were probably somewhere out there because this person is not close to any of the NK at all!

    Iยดm loving this blog more and more! Last I heard from a friend with inside connections is that JK and Evy have sort of an open marriage arrangement. If thatยดs true or not, I have no idea…but it does make sense!
    I also saw pictures of the woman JK supposedly hooked up with for years in Brazil, the “pop” singer….BARF people!!! B-A-R-F!!! From what I heard the other day, this woman is just a fan trying to make more of it than it is….and not the big affair story fans, including me, were led to believe existed.
    Iยดll try to learn more about Marisol and if there`s something going on between them…or the affair ever existed.
    As soon as I learn anything new from my sources, Iยดll post here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Iยดm sorry, concerned fan. I totally understand where you are coming from. But we are fans, we are curious and since thereยดs no msg board allowing people to speculate, this blog is a gift!!! LOL

  191. OK _ gotta be at the airport in 4 h and I still havenยดt had any sleep LOL but I just wanted to say I did go to Marisolยดs page and she seems interesting and nice…and so damn heartbroken! I got sad reading her poems…it reminds me of when my loser ex (Iยดm NOT comparing JK nor am I calling him a loser!!) left me for another girl (who would support him financially BTW) LOL
    I felt bad for her….I hope sheยดs doing better…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    What did Jordan write on her page…did anyone catch that?

  192. lol he WROTE on her page? when? hahaha classic!
    anyway… why my other post isn’t showing up? grrrr
    if you can’t post the pictures here can you email them to me too, my email is somewhere here lol thx!!

  193. I’m sending it again because I’m assuming it got lost… lol but I have to thank for the links so here it is ๐Ÿ™‚

    hey girls,
    thank you so much for the link!
    I kinda think he touched her hand like he did with the rest. It doesnโ€™t mean they didnโ€™t have something in the past or maybe still do.
    I agree with most of you about the fact that she looks pretty decent but in a way she shows off what probably happened between them because otherwise she wouldnโ€™t have posted the pictures of him with her family! she also changed the tags under the concert pictures so she knows fans know, and that just makes it more obviousโ€ฆ
    I do not think Jordan loves her, maybe he likes her, like he likes the rest of his girlfriends lol but he does not lover her!
    didnโ€™t you all hear about that incident in chicago where this girl flashed jordan and danny so as a result she ended up backstage where the guys (jordan and danny) โ€œwould take careโ€ of her according to the nkotb security guard. disgusting really lol but well, thatโ€™s how many girlfriends he has lol and thatโ€™s how much he cares about his wife and marisolโ€ฆ.sheโ€™s not special, sheโ€™s just one more!!
    and in case you can’t post the pix pls send them to me too! amandawatson1980@yahoo.com thanks!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. Hey Everyone,
    Long time reader, first time writer…

    So I don’t understand why, if Marisol apparently knows about what is being written her (as is speculated) why she continues to have her MySpace page on public view. In my opinion this girl is flaunting her “relationship” that she had with him, although, again in my opinion, if she really cared about him, the last thing she would do is post all that she has on her MySpace.
    I think it is completly a different situation if you happen upon JK, get your photo w/him, maybe an autograph. However, to have photos with him, all over the country, in private situations, write “heart-broken” poetry thats another thing altogether..
    I think Marisol may infact be more of a woman scorned..

  195. i sure hope she don’t make her page private lol i wanna be able to see it. what pictures are you talking about her family with him? she don’t have it up there now so i don’t see how she is flaunting. That is her page, so the poetry is not her flaunting either, its just her poetry on her page. maybe she shouldn’t have jk fans as her friends.. I”m really starting to think this girl is very sweet, i almost thihnk that whatever happned with him was not physical. i went on that fashionmari28.wordpress page., she does seem extremely spiritual. if j’ liked her,, i can definetly see why he would and she also is pretty, nice smile. Her pictures with him , especially the one where he is in red seems so sweet, he’s definelty really leaning towards her.

  196. Someone, please help me out here. Why are so many women still drawn to this man? I mean he’s just a singer, right? What is the attraction?? I swear I was sane until I went to a recent concert. I stopped following NKOTB for years. Now I’m busy with this blog. LOL Is there a shrink out there? :::Paging Dr. Drew:::

  197. I cannot get enough of this blog!!

    I agree that Marisol seems like a sweet girl and probably someone I would be friends with. However, the whole reason we even began talking about her was because several people recalled seeing her at MULTIPLE JK solo shows and always getting pulled backstage. So that fact, on top of her personal photos with him (some of which have since been removed from her myspace page), reading her poetry and seeing her DC show photos of both Donnie & Jordan pointing to her really makes it hard for me to believe that she’s just a fan. No way of knowing if there was definitely something physical between them but, based on what I’ve heard about J, it’s highly likely! She met a hot guy who paid her lots of attention so I can see how she would fall for it. However, she should have been more discreet…unless she WANTED everyone to know about it. I think SO was onto something with her “woman scorned” theory. I’m still a ginormous Jordan fan – always will be – but I really feel bad for Evelyn!

  198. We already know she’s more than a fan. I just don’t see why some of you almost overlook Jordan’s overall attitude. it clearly looks and sounds to me like he’s done more to imply anything interest towards her. I didn’t know she was let in backstage at his shows.. but there you go, who’s taking the initiative there? If he was married, he knew what he was doing, and if he cared and loved his “wife” then why act like that towards another woman?
    her poems are sad but it seems that she wrote it a while back. she also has a blog on love, so you can very well say she’s in love or was.
    from what i’ve read here and observed from pics and videos i definetly see interest from not only from her part but his. That summertime video clip someone posted, is VERY obvious. He is pointing at her. He knows fans are watching. It’s all him. She’s just sitting in her seat.
    Marriage is a document, a verbal agreement. For some people marriage is not equal to love. I’ve always wondered about his attitude with his wife. Doesn’t seem healthy to me, from either part. Even if you want to be out of the private eye, You would think she would be there supporting him publically at some point in all those years, and a pictured would be captured, or that he would be so in love with her that he would just the world to see and hear about it.
    I’ve read thru some of the comments m wrote on his page from before. I cant find anything obvious, but it seems that she was there before he set up his myspace. she just says things like she’s happy that the page is looking great. She wishes him good luck in the studio. says he’s the best.
    also have you guys noticed that jordan or whoever is running the page logs on daily but never makes changes on the page.?

  199. You guys are gonna get me fired! HA! I am so addicted to this forum now. What am I thinking…?? It’s interesting to read all of this stuff. I had a chance to meet JK back in 1990 when I was a regular dancer on Dance Party USA. He seemed really cool. I didn’t actually sit there and talk to him…it was more like..Hi How are you? …that was it! Would love to meet all the guys now! I went to the show here in Auburn Hills, MI on Saturday night and it was AWESOME!!! I tried to win meet and greet passes, but wasn’t lucky enough I guess. Oh well! Maybe next time!

    Please send me pics of the guys…..jackeetm@hotmail.com

  200. yep those pics she has with him on her site are questionable. they’re cuddly. especially jordan. hell my pics with my hubby don’t come out that romantic. did you guys see the comment someone made on that one pic, it says “you two really do make a gorgeous couple, he looks so happy!” :-O

  201. KP: Would you please e-mail me those photos, as well? I’m not sure if they’ll be posted somewhere but I’m curious to see them. Thanks! specialk_53598@yahoo.com

    I wish I wasn’t at work right now so I could watch these youtube videos I keep hearing about!

  202. does anyone know anything about his wife? like basic facts such as age, did she go to school, occupation. on the other houston site, someone said she’s older than him, but we (or at least me) know nothing about her.

  203. jaymee – you mean after watching that clip ? lol
    oh did you guys see that video on nkotb.com there is one where they play a joke , but the other one where they talk about the poster on the wall – ummm jordan looks a little drunk to me. he’s slurring bigtime. check it out guys and this was filmed like at 1 in afternoon. ? mmn

  204. Can you tell I’m getting no work done today? lol
    I didn’t see the clip Who Knows. I was basing my comment on all of the lovey dovey crap I read up. The poetry, the hand touching, the gazes into each other’s eyes etc. lol. Its like Romeo and Juliet or something lol. A saga. A romantic tragedy. Lovers torn apart by a WIFE. lol Yeesh.

  205. Um ladies I don’t know how to tell you this, but we’re not children or teenager’s anymore. We’re adults. You sound like a bunch of teeny boppers. I honestly don’t care about what’s going on in their personal lives or what’s going on in their spouces lives, it is none of my business and it’s not yours either. Just because Jordan doesn’t talk about their relationship in public doesn’t mean they are having problems or he doesn’t enjoy being married. If they are having problems I think that we shouldn’t judge either him or his wife. We don’t know who is at fault or what the situation is. Good couples have problems and get divorced too unfortunately. I know lots of guy’s who don’t wear their wedding rings and they would never cheat on their wives. Just because he doesn’t talk about his wife or even if he was unhappy in his relationship it doesn’t mean that he is gay, that is just a stupid thing to say really. I also think it is really stupid to call her names like fat Wildabeast. Seroiusly people it’s time to grow up. Let’s talk about the important things about NKOTB like the memories and the music, and the fact that they all look amazing and are still extremely talented after all of the years. Those are the things I care about most. I will say this they are all hotter now than they were 15 years ago, they are aging very well, and their music rocks!!!


    ps This is probably the only time I will be posting here its not that I’m not a huge fan of theirs and I always will be, its just that I feel too old to be gossiping about stuff like this.

  206. evelyn is one year younger than Jordan! they were from the same neighborhood and were friends since kids…
    About M, I agree with KR in everything she said… maybe shes not bragging about the whole thing now but she sure did when she had pix of Jordan with her family up on her myspace!! Plus if jordan removed the messages most likely he knows about this whole talk, and if he knows, she knows… so then why she keeps the profile public…! that’s the last thing I’d do if I had something going on with him unless I’d be loving the attention…. hmmmm!
    now we should gossip about something else because I don’t think she is that important to him for us to keep talking about it lol

  207. After watching the dc summertime video, it looks like he may have been singing to her. Did he break out of the dance steps to go on that side to sing to her? Plus, when I saw him in SJ (3rd row!), he barely even went to the right side of the stage by himself….that was mainly Jon’s side. Hmmmm…..very interesting.

  208. lol@romantic stuff… you guys need to realize that Jordan will do that stuff to get laid!!! he’s like any other guy, it doesn’t mean he loves her!! lol he does it to any other woman he wants…!

  209. When I was reading the posts from today I was thinking of that expression, “Sh*t or get off the pot.” So that is pretty much what I was alluding to. I just don’t always explain everything I’m saying. Sorry. lol

  210. OMG, i’m starting to feel like a stalker, but i’M reading through the comments on his myspace page and here are some of her comments. i thought you would all be curious to read as well. i started on the last page (178) and moved back… i got bored after 20 pages, so if anyone wants to pick up where i left off…

    Jan 8, 2006 8:21 AM
    That’s all I gotta say.. lol.


    Jan 8, 2006 8:32 AM
    one more thing.. great selection chosen for the songs on here…very good…now it’s easier for people to hear what JK is all about. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so happy..I’m sure Jordan will be getting new fans from myspace very soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    hey. I heard you were a little sick…hope you feel better soon. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Your page is looking great! ๐Ÿ˜›


    Mar 6, 2006 7:13 PM
    ๐Ÿ™‚ just stopping by to say hi…and I hope you’re doing alright.

    big hug.

    Jun 10, 2006 4:05 AM
    I love the page update & the new song. You are incredible.

    Best Wishes Always



  211. I just watched all those clips lmao… it makes sense why she says her little sister is recording because that means jordan is looking at her (M)… PLS SO DUMB!!! Jordan will get tired of shit like that eventually… if they still have something going on of course!!

  212. I just watched all those clips lmao… it makes sense why she says her little sister is recording because that means jordan is looking at her (M)… PLS SO DUMB!!! Jordan will get tired of shit like that eventually… if they still have something going on of course!!

  213. Marison and Jordan were good friends. He was going to help her in the Music field. Actually Marison was with a black performer for the longest time. She always liked Jordan because he is a good character. Especially when he is drunk. Jordan loves his wife. Especially after their second child. He doesn’t fool his wife. There is a difference. My husband and Jordan are very close friends. He is actually on tour with them now. I will be joining them after the first of the year. I have seen a lot of things backstage and nothing I would enjoy mentioning. Well maybe a couple of things. ;P But I know Jordan loves his wife. He does so many amazing things for her. BUT I also know Jordan enjoys the attention he gets from females. Don’t mistake, they aren’t stupid. They know their groupies Vs. their fans. I heard a long speech about the difference one night from Jordan and Joe! They know what they can get from the groupies. I have seen several dumb asses doing dumb things for their attention.

  214. The DC show??? He points to the crowd!!! How do we know Marisol was there??
    For the Ft Lauderdale show and Tampa show, they are staying in Palm Beach.

    Donnie’s divorce was caused by his cheating – that’s all I can say to protect the identity of the girlfriend AND the “new”girlfriend….jeezzzz what a mess it was!!!

  215. Hey Shiloh….

    This may sound dumb but I’m curious! What did the guys say was the difference between the groupies and the fans? What are the groupies doing to get to them? I’ve always wondered what exactly the groupie girls do to initially get their attention. Can you shed some light on it???

  216. KK i totally see that in that summertime video. that is very obvious. I’ve seen some of the other performance from other shows and he does Not really leave the middle of the stage during that song. Shiloh did you see that? i don’t know what to think anymore.

  217. Shiloh, so you are saying they WERE good friends? why arn’t they friends anymore then? what are you talking about here:
    “Marison and Jordan were good friends. He was going to help her in the Music field. Actually Marison was with a black performer for the longest time. She always liked Jordan because he is a good character. Especially when he is drunk. ” – ??????? she’s not black and we all know he had nothing to do with her music cause she wasnt singing anymore when they met. Shiloh i don’t know who you are but stop trying to make up stuff like that other girl, we’ve done the research and we know the facts. and some of us have even seen with our OWN EYES.

  218. Hi all, well done Shiloh it’s good to hear from someone who knows them a bit. I hope you have a great time when you join New Kids and your hubby in the new year.
    I am relieved to hear that Jordan does amazing things for the ones he loves.
    My theory is that fans put a lot onto the New Kids, for me I have depression and don’t have a very full life. My life has been on standstill since my mum passed away. As I think Kelly said before, the reunion has come at a time when I really needed them. Growing up it was hard being around my dad and the New Kids kind of saved me back then and I feel they are helping me now (and the fans too, even if that sounds corny).
    It’s been an awful year, trying to be strong for my dad and brother when inside I am dying. However, I met the New Kids briefly in September and gave Jordan a kiss on the cheek so it was one dream come true and made the year a tiny bit better. I will go and see them in January when they play in London and this will be a kind of gift of making it through a year since mums passing.
    I know that NKOTB are just normal guys who do good and bad stuff (like really smelly farts), but to me Jordan is my superhero. When it’s hard to sleep at night I think of him and it makes things ok, so thank you Jordan for my dreams xxxxxx

  219. Hey KP…do you know the guys? How do you know what went on in Donnie’s divorce?

    Also, I totally respect you respecting their privacy so I won’t ask you to name any names but could you at least tell us if she is someone we would know, is she famous?

    And is Donnie still with the girl he cheated on his wife with? Was she the girl people saw him with in Vegas?

    Does he really have a “girlfriend” right now—he seems to be enjoying the company of a lot of girls and is insisting he is single!!

    Thanks for any info you have!

  220. Hey there, I was just wondering, has anyone had any recent sightings? hotels, malls, clubs, after party’s? Are they talking to fans while out in public?

    BTW…thanx for this site, it’s so awesome!!

  221. hoping for good things. – i hope the same, but as you will see earlier in this blog someone tried sayin the same thing to say he helped her with her music. that is a big lie because its on her page. so i’m not really believing this shiloh chick is legit, and it just makes it seem like a cover up.

  222. just found something interesting, (private eye and kk..)
    i went through all the comments that people left on marisol’s page. I found several comments from this one under g1 productions. it seems that it is someone who knows jordan and there are comments where they tell marisol about him and that he went to the studio etc. there is this one which is a little suspect. the person leaves a comment saying that jordan and her husband wrote a song together and that she wishes she could let her hear, but she can’t. why would she tell her that ? could this be that song someone mentioned before… i thought that was interesting to find.

  223. YUCK! ok so Donnie has a girlfriend?? and he is kissing/making out with fans and DJs???????

    Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t know what else to say *confused*

  224. who knows: that is interesting, maybe they have mutual friends in teh music industry?

    it’s possible that they were friends in the past, but from the looks of it they dont keep in contact anymore… afterall, she didnt appear to receive any special treatment at NKOTB concert in DC.

    from her blogs and post, she seems like a nice girl who is heartbroken and infatuated (with JK?). there are comments on her page (from a friend or relative) asking if she was going to the concert. i think she is just a fan who was lucky to get to know JK better than most. i still think someone should just ask M point blank… i wonder if she’d even deny it. i still think she is just a fan.

    and i feel bad for his wife. personally i think those are bad pictures and that she is an attractive woman. and i am sure he loves her… to what capacity, i dont know. but whatever the case, i dont see him leaving her ever, they have known each other their entire lives. JK appears to be a decent man who is loyal to his family and obligations. if he does cheat, i’m sure she knows about it and doesnt mind as long as he’s discrete… so, i’m sure she hates this site for putting their business out there. if JK is a great as he seems, and he seems pretty “normal,” level-headed, and down to earth for a celebrity, then i trust his choices. and if he decided to marry her, i’m sure she has many great qualities that make her worthy of his love. we should leave the poor woman alone!!!

    does anyone know anymore details about the long standing affair he had with the brazilan? is it 100% true or was it a rumor?

  225. who knows – that’s very interesting. Makes me wonder how many people actually know about those two. From the sounds of these comments, no one is trying to hide anything. But then, why would some past comments be deleted? She’s obviously flaunting that she knows JK but any indication of actual substance gets deleted. This is too much!!! I’m dying to know the truth!!!

    KP – I’m not sure if houston will be posting those pics any time soon. Will you please email them to me. Here’s my email again: kaykay716@hotmail.com

  226. J does seem down-to-earth, one of the best things about him. Private Eye, I love your name.
    I don’t see us clicking at all (I would get really weirded out if anyone ever sang to me in public lol), but I think people get so into his business because they hear rumors about his situation and it gives them hope. LOL

  227. found this from the DC show. you clearly see jordan pointing at her side, while he’s on the platform. he continues singing but then EVEN goes back to look and point at her again. he looks a little surprised if you asked me, so maybe he didn’t know she was there.

    private eye – well did you see her response to her cousin. she says something like she doesn’t know if she wants to go cause she doesn’t want to give herself a heart attack –
    the one person who might know would probably be Chad, the guy who was on the road with jordan from his solo shows. he was always there too. i’m sure he knows about her. His wife also, i forgot her name. but i remember at that time she was there and i would see her talking to her too. maybe someone who has myspace can ask? does anyone have chad on their firends?

  228. Miss Knight – I don’t know Chad Zimmerman but you raised a good point. If I recall correctly, Chad visited Jordan while he was at the Surreal Life house and in the extra footage episode, Jordan specifically says that Chad encouraged him to hit on Ryan Starr for, what he called, more publicity. Makes me wonder if maybe Chad does know some stuff… Although, I believe Evelyn’s brother Miguel was also there during that visit but that was before they got married.

    Do you guys ever wonder how certain people found this page? Obviously fans would stumble upon it, but friends and neighbors of Jordan? For example, how did Bill from Milton, MA, stumble upon the other Houston page and verify the photo of Evelyn is actually her – stating that he’s her neighbor. Or Shiloh – what made her decide to Google “Jordan Knight Evelyn Melendez” if she already knows them? Hmm, I’m curious.

  229. to the person who KNOWS jordan and will go on tour with them haha if you knew him you’d know what he does and how many whores he has on tour… he’s just trying to be discreet… that’s a weird way of loving his wife…
    That’s all I gotta say, I had a long day at work and I’m tired so I ain’t saying much about M today lol you girls should stop giving her so much attention because that’s what she wants… its impossible she doesn’t know about this and yet she keeps her profile ppublic… even jordan deleted his msgs lol if you don’t wanna believe there was something going on between them in the past that’s good because it doesn’t make a difference but then why she deleted the comment of someone asking what was going on between jordan and her, and also some old comment from a friend telling her she was happy she (M) went out with jordan….lol

  230. some ask Chad, i am soooo curious to know what he would respond.
    I remember miquel was on the road with Jordan in mid 04′ and i also remember he pretty much fired him or didn’t want to work with him anymore , cause all of a sudden thats how Chad ended up being the road manager. wonder what happened there.
    KR – yep i’m curiouse to know who these people really are, cause even after we respond to them or ask them, they have NOTHING to say. i keep on thinking it’s someone who knows them and is trying to cover up something by making up info. they look really stupid though.
    Amanda – girl you haven’t written me lol
    so about the comments on jordans page, how convinient for whoever is trying to view her page that all you have to do is click on the last page and her comments are there . lol again, either jordan or whoever logs on every day now, but makes no changes ???

  231. miss knight: thanks for the link, he does seem to look surprised to see her. and this was at the beginning of the concert. now it makes sense why he kept returning to that side of the stage. i keep wondering during the concert (i was there) why he never came over to my side! now i know, lol. but yes, he does seem to linger for quite a while at the end of the song, and i cant tell bc the camera moved, but it appears that he does a double take. it did appear that he saw her in the crowd and was surprised. and you have been to his solo shows? tell me more about them, more specifically about him… is he as good looking up close? lol. and no, i didnt see her response to her cuz… i tried to but it’s now private.

    and i agree with whoever said that she is loving the attention… who wouldn’t?

    and i have to ask (no matter how embarassing), has anyone had any sexual encounters with JK????? how was his “performance”??? lol. its so wrong, but i am so curious… wouldnt it be a shame if JK was bad in bed!

  232. First off, I came across this page because I was searching for things to scrap book for their tour, for my husband. Second. I’m not making anything up. I don’t need to. There is a lot that you guys don’t know regarding Marisol. I don’t want to be mean or hurt anyones feelings. No Marisol is not black. She used to date a black performer. A very well known black performer. Marisol and J were friends. They were very close friends. They are no longer friends. Will leave it there. Marisol and J never had an intimate relationship. The last time he even or we even saw her was when she showed up to a meet and greet. Thats all I will say without hurting anyone.

    Jordan does a lot for his wife. He loves her. He doesn’t kid or make her believe anything that is not true. Eve hates the spotlight. That is one thing he loves about her. She has no need to feel like she has to be famous or flaunt a famous husband. They are very down to earth. Live in a beautiful home drive a modest car. She never flaunts her money, very humble. They have also been in love for over 20 years. He is one of the most spiritual people I know. Not just religious but spiritual! Sometimes he rants about it and we all have to go WTF??? But he is an awesome person. And I am grateful to call him a friend. You guys don’t know him or her. So all this speculation is just that, speculation. J is a big big big flirt. A lot of girls will take that the wrong way. He can make a girl blush by just smiling at her.

    Eve doesn’t fool herself. Maybe one day she won’t tolerate this life, but thats not today.

  233. http://talk.livedaily.com/archive/index.php/t-483267.html

    Evelyn was EVIL to Jordan’s fans. Jordan knew that…he knew Dante hadn’t done it (sorry, Dante JOrdan, as he insists on being called according to his very proud grandma). Jordan went OFF on her…

    Whatever happend to it and whatever happened to the conventions I havent heard about either in a while. This is the last question I promise lol, someone mentioned earlier in this thread that Jordan wasn’t with Evelyn(Dante’s mom) anymore, do you know why? I don’t really like to get into their personal business but I’ve heard some stuff about their relationship so I’m not surprised they aren’t together anymore I was just curious as to why exactly. Yeah I’m nosey LOL

    Jordan and Evelyn broke up a VERY long time ago…before 2002 when I went to Boston. Why, I’m not quite sure. I do know the summer before she blamed Dante for throwing rocks over the fencing at their house (six foot tall fencing, 2 year old little boy) and hitting a fan in the head with it.

  234. I have been very lucky to befriends with people who are close to the guys….totally dream come true for a girl who used to cry for JK at 9 years old. I had NO idea these people were close to the guys until the friendship evolved. I was told the guys DO read the official msg board and they do read stuff out there. I have to protect my identity because my friends will fry my liver if they find out I’m giving out info….but like I said, we are fans and we are curious! I was very much into learning everything about them when I started here so please guys, let’s keep here only.
    Donnie didn’t pay any attention to his gf of 6 years at a private party (beautiful woman, I should say) to be with the Vegas brat. It was not pretty. The guys have girlfriends in every city but some are more serious than others.

    If I ever kiss Jordan, I won’t be able to go around and say ร kissed JK and I liked it….”LOLOL they KNOW, they READ…..

    Warning to people who know them (neighbors etc): They know who’s talking about them!!!!!

  235. I’ve met Jordan (briefly) and is even more amazing in person than he is in pictures. It’s surreal how beautiful he is.

    I’m not giving the bitch anymore attention. She’s got a nasty face. And her writing is HORRID.

    As far as Donnie and girlfriends. He had an English one when he was here for the week.

  236. I just wanted to say I’m loving the gossip. I wish there were more photos of Jordan and a better photo of Evelyn.

    I have to say she is on the homely side, but IF he’s happy that’s all that counts.

  237. All I care about is that Jordan said his wife didn’t care of he was SINGLE on tour so if he flirts, I’d flirt back! He’s a rock star and although he is married, he is clearly still not ready to “settle down”.

  238. I will have to disagree with Shiloh (is this name for real? LOL). Jordan does not love Evy because he has no respect for her. With love, true love, comes respect and when he flirts….and I’ve seen it!….he is not respecting her!
    I have a PhD in clinical psychology and I work as a profiler…..If I was wrong, I would have burned my diplomas already….please!!!!! You cannot be that naรฏve!!!
    I’m not saying he doesn’t like her or he’s unhappy…NO! I actually think he does like her and somehow this dysfuncional relationship works well for them but LOVE is soooo much more, people! Love doesn’t flirt, love doesn’t text flirtatious messages to fans….love DOES NOT EXPOSE YOUR SPOUSE the way J does to her….everyone knows he cheats and that is the ultimate humiliation…..
    I gotta laugh now…excuse me…

  239. Sandra I agree with you, no more attention for her!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    and yes, they have girlfriends everywhere… I don’t think some are more serious than others because it’s just a matter of sex, not love or anything!!but I guess I can see your point considering they think some of them are better in the sack lol so they will go for them more often probably lol
    About knowing jordan (to shiloh), if you KNEW him you’d know what he does…you’d know he’s not only a flirt… and that’s all I’m gonna say about it….

  240. SHiloh – I could care less whether he did or did not like this girl, but it obvious there are some things you don’t know, and when you come on here and try to back up your theory with false information its like you think we’re dumb.
    -i’m not buying that scrapbook stuff, and you are lying when you said she dated a black performer. According to info i got from someone on the previous jk.com messageboard, she supposely dated that NFL player, who was black. that explains the pic she has of him on her myspace. —–also you may want to check out those clips..they really do say alot.

    (we know she is sitting on that side cause of her myspace pictures) and if you look at other shows, her never goes on that side during this song.

    so i’m curious how you know so much about marisol? why are they not friends anymore? if they were such good friends as you say they were something big must of happened from them not to talk anymore.

  241. i think i found another pic of her, Eve. If you use gettyimages and search jordan knight 2005, it pulls up some pics from the billboards. there is a pic of j holoding a camera with a lady in the background. she resembles this eve alot but loooks quite differernt too. Can anyone verify if that is her? houston can you possibly post it ? shiloh can you verify it’s her since you know her..?

  242. I know this is a Jordan board so this is the last I will ask about Donnie but are you saying that Donnie who was married to his wife for 8 years had a girlfriend for 6 of them?

    How serious are they if he spent 2 days in Vegas with someone else, is rumored to have a stripper pole on his tour bus, was rumored to have hooked up with Aubrey O’Day and likes to flaunt a hat that reads, “Single”?

    When we say “girlfriend” do we really mean “girlfriend” like in the real world (you know, faithful, serious, monogamous) or do we mean “girlfriend” in the celebrity world (girl he hooks up with when in town).

    And, does he currently have a girlfriend (one he’s in a serious relationship with)?

  243. KP, why is he such a d*** to her (Ev) if she’s willing to deal with him, his issues and all of the fan madness? Does anyone know? I don’t get it…

  244. I reread your post KP, so I wanted to comment back again. Why do you think he doesn’t have respect for her?
    I wonder if he’d straighten himself out if they broke up for good but oh, wait, they used to break up all the time and ended up married lol. My head is really starting to hurt.
    I can’t think about this anymore. lol

  245. YES I did come on here for scrapbooking,I am making a gift for my hubby, it’s obvious why you came on. It’s crystal clear.
    It seems like some of you would much rather believe in lies than the truth. I was really trying to keep this nice so I wouldn’t hurt anyones feelings but here it is. All of Marisol’s photos on her myspace were taken at events where she, like many fans, lined up to meet him. She gave him a CD and he really believed that he could have helped her spark up another music career. She also dropped her boyfriends name, who was a black performer. And is a black performer but no longer her boyfriend. If she dated some football player I can’t tell you yes or no. I don’t know. All I can tell you is what I know regarding J. He called her one time to say he sent her CD to a friend of his. His friend called her and said he had a group going on tour and thought she would be a good back up singer and if she wanted to go to NYC and try out. All she could talk about was J. All she cared about was J. She even sent him a letter to his management company. When J was approached by her group backstage she kept trying to remind him of who she was and all he kept saying was “oh yeah okay, how are you?” And there is video of them leaving and him making this confused face, they are taping backstage clips for a DVD.

    thats it. Nothing more. What ever else you guys make up is because you want to. Whydid she delete a posting that said what happened between you and jordan? Well because NOTHING happened. And her friends and family know she is a fan of his. Wouldn’t you delete that too? Versus looking like a crazy person? Wouldn’t friends and family ask what the hell are they talking about? Move on.

    If you guys want to make up info to spice up your discussions I urge you to get on to his myspace and go through some of their pages… you’ll think he is sleeping with all of them!!!

    She was nothing but a fan. is NOTHING but a fan.

    J loves Eve. I last saw them together at her birthday party- he made the cake, did all this stuff, sang to her. It was very nice. I am sure there are problems. My husband and I are having issues and he is just in their crew, I don’t have to deal with girls. Well he did tell me a crazy story of these girls trying to get backstage. But I’d kill him!

    Conclusion is that you guys are going to believe what you want to believe. I just ask that you don’t give this girl anymore time. She was only a fan. that’s it!

    And if you want to continue to believe in lies and speculation because it seems to be much more juicier than the truth then go ahead.

    Just keep the soap opera to yourself.

  246. MK-

    That video is so adorable, thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚ and KP I tend to agree with you about all of this, not only because you are clearly educated, but body language and actions speak a lot louder than words!

  247. It has to be pretty rough being Mrs. Knight. She not only has to deal with having an extraordinary life but she also has to deal with the rumors about her husband’s infidelity. She must be a pretty strong woman. Dating someone in the spotlight is not easy. Soon, you find that everything you do is in the spotlight and every move you make is talked about in public forums. You start to hear the “why is he with her” comments and the “she’s not attractive” comments. You don’t want this attention but you get it along with your man. The worst is hoping and praying you don’t read this crap on blogs like these. Trust me, it does something to you no matter how strong and faithful your relationship is. So if this Marisol trick is for real, shame on her and him. In the meantime, don’t hate the Mrs. for the life she has been blessed with! Stay strong Evelyn!!!

  248. I stubbled upon some crazy shit on this page! So I have seen the pic on Chads page is that Evelyn with Jordan for real? She is very pretty. I love and respect them and their wives. I can’t lie, I like to hear the rumors, though I feel bad for the people involved in them. NKOTB for life. i’m NKOTB ARMY on myspace add me up, oh and please send me the pics of Jordans kids and any other pics too! LOVING NKOTB FOR LIFE ๐Ÿ™‚

  249. yo! this is some crazy shit. I really just wanted to see a pic of the ever-elusive evelyn and I stumble upon all the dirty laundry ever. thanks everyone for being the PI’s for me! I have been wondering about this stuff for the longest time.

    anyways, a couple of comments:
    1) jordan is from a broken home. I assume (even tho I know we shouldn’t) that perhaps, he doesn’t know how to make a relationship, let alone, a functional marriage work? come on, dude has been on the road FOREVER. i wouldn’t be surprised.

    2) he’s got women throwing themselves at him left and right, he’s been brought up to “shake hands and kiss babies” .. so why wouldn’t he flirt with the ladies? makes him more appealing = increase record sales.

    3) some folks are attracted to whats comfortable or what’s “home” to them. seeing as though she’d been around since childhood, makes all the sense in the world. but we can go into the whole “childhood imprinting” theory, but im not going to go there. im sure he’s conflicted.

    4) i was at one of the meet and greets (thanks to an industry friend) and a fan said to him “hey jordan, we were supposed to get married .. but my husband beat you to it.” jordan laughed and said, “hey, we both can get divorced and do the whole vegas thing.” .. it was all fun and jokes. so yes, he does proclaim his marriage. kudos to him.

    5) i have a picture of jordan, laying on the floor with a drum/bongo in his hand, cigarette in his mouth, and beer cans strewn about. can we say, drinking problem? maybe, but who cares. he’s a rock star — that shit comes with the territory. try being in a studio all hours of the day trying to meet record company deadlines .. no fun. you gotta have a little bit of inspiration. oh by the way, at the meet and greet — he appeared a little “spacey” .. if ya catch my drift.

    6) yes, bodyguards, entourages of the groups .. do scan the crowds for girls to “hang” .. i was one of them back in the day. .. did i do anything? hell no. I was 13!!! but im sure they still do it.

    7) is it just me or does this marisol girl kind of resemble evelyn back in the 90s??? SCARY.

    8) I love how the fans always protect the “kids” .. but you know what, they are just normal people .. with issues. I wouldn’t put shit passed them.

    9) I’ve seen Donnie kiss random people – on the lips. That’s a little foul.

    10) Danny is pretty blunt, honest, straight forward .. comes across as cocky.

    11) Joe seems like a pretty humble dude … who finally got calmed down by miss barette. I’m sure he still gets shitfaced every now and again, but kudos to her for taming his ass.

    time for sleep. and thanks for the info!!

  250. Just came to say hi to all! Love this blog. LMAO, because everyone wants to be up in J and Eve’s bus. KP, just wondering if anyone knows about the days before Eve. Ha Ha!
    Love to all. Stay strong girls and keep it coming!

  251. Hi Shiloh,

    Can you shed any light on the Donnie rumors since you seem to have the inside scoop?

    Did he really have a gf for 6 of the 8 years he was married? And is he still with said girlfriend even though his behavior (both what he is saying and doing) out on tour doesn’t exactly make it seem like he is involved in a relationship?


  252. Shiloh, I believe what your saying is true. I’m jealous as shit that you know him tho..lol.
    I think its so sad that people find it easier to concentrate on the negative and to create lies and rumours, than to just be positive and happy for others… One of the major problems in the world today imo.
    If your a fan, be happy there back,enjoy the ride.
    Honestly, I feel bad for Evelyn. Not because shes married to Jordan.. I believe he is good to her and loves her, but because of all the attention that comes along with that. Just try for one second to put yourself in her position.. if I were her and came on here and read these posts I would be crushed. Not because I believe he is cheating, but because of the horrible hurtful things said about her, by jealous people that really no nothing about them. No matter how strong or confident you are eventually those things start to get to you.
    I honestly think that she is just trying to keep things real for her family and her boys and thats why she choses to stay private. I think most of us can probably relate to how tough it is to be a Mom with young kids in a “normal” situation, but to be in her shoes. That has to be hard. Also remember if she wanted she could easily leave the kids at home with a Nanny and tour with him. She chooses to stay home and be a Mom first.. I think that says something about her right there.
    Anyway.. i just think we should take a look at ourselves and the energy we’re wasting being negative… Put it to use somewhere else and if your a fan just be happy you get to stare at Jordan for a few hours when they stop by your town. I saw the show in Toronto.. and they rocked it. All these men are like a fine wine.. just getting better with age.

  253. wow!!!! Jordan is soooo nice for making a cake for his wife considering HE WAS ON TOUR AND NOT EVEN HOME FOR HER B-DAY!!! HAHA you live in a a fantasy world girl… even if he made a cake that doesn’t mean shit cuz when she’s out of the picture he will go and cheat…!
    About Marisol, you keep lying and lying… you should try asking him about her and see what he has to say! ๐Ÿ™‚ he has a really good memory when it comes to his whores!! you should know by now, you’re his friend lol
    no more attention for M, that’s what she wants….

  254. Shiloh, you have to understand that it is some of M’s family and friends and their comments that have made it appear that they had a relationship. Check out her page and see for yourself where her friends have commented on pics and said…I don’t know why JK would let that go (underneath a pic of M), or you guys are a cute couple (underneath a pic of both of them). Someone must have given them the insinuation that they were more than friends. Also she posted the comments for people to see. It really does appear to be more to the story if you look at her myspace and see all the pics, videos and the poetry, coupled with the comments she has made on his myspace.

  255. Here is what her friend said under one of M’s pics with her friends…it won’t let me post the link

    May 10, 2006 4:12 AM
    look at you thinkin u all sexy? jk…u dork why did u put this one up..it is funny though!!

  256. Here is another comment, one of her friends made…

    May 16, 2006 3:07 AM
    the hair … the eyes… yup! Marisol found her long lost brothers. ๐Ÿ˜› jk

  257. curious – where did you read ” i don’t know why jk would let that go, i’ve gone thru the pics and i can’t find it?
    maybe someone should message the people that made comments on her pics. from what i see it just seems they were stating their opinion on her pics. just by looking at those pics without anything being said, i can see their closeness. like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  258. lol curious those arn’t message from Jordan. Jk means “just kidding” lol i feel bad for us knowing…i think this mystery is driving us insane.

  259. this is the one that make you wonder and maybe someone should ask this girl why why put that. i don’t think it’s a friend of her cause she has made no other comments ever on her page.

    “Aww, another great picture of you and Jordan! You two really do make a gorgeous couple!!! He looks so happy! ”

    -he does look happy. i’ve seen many other fan pics and they don’t like nothing like that.

  260. I agree, covergirl, there seemed to be a closeness. I want to believe Shiloh and that M was just an overzealous fan but the photos and videos seem to prove otherwise. Not to mention that some of her photos with him do not look like a meet & greet situation. I’ve met Jordan backstage the fan way and there certainly isn’t any one-on-one time without having a hundred other people around…unless something else is going on. Again, not saying he’s cheating on his wife – and for Evy’s sake, I genuinely hope he’s not – I just question some of these explanations. And if Jordan barely knew M, then why was Donnie pointing excitedly in her direction in one of those DC photos? I suppose Donnie was helping with her singer career too??? I’m just a little skeptical. What’s the explanation for the reporter writing that Jordan asked her to come home with him? And Jordan hitting on Ryan Starr on The Surreal Life? And the numerous other rumored flings since he’s been married? I’d love to believe he’s faithful to preserve that fantasy but, as was said before, he’s on the road A LOT and his wife doesn’t seem to join him much. Men have needs! LOL

  261. This is what was commented word for word

    May 10, 2006 4:12 AM
    look at you thinkin u all sexy? jkโ€ฆu dork why did u put this one up..it is funny though!!

    Means the same thing though, right?

    It was under a pic of her and some of her friends.
    It was in her family album, 2nd page….first pic, it says MUaahh under it.

  262. You guys are sad. I was sent this link, from many who found it very amusing. That is the only reason I read it. Leave the woman alone. She is pretty. Jealousy is whats unattractive. And for those of you who think “Hey maybe Evelyn will read this and believe it when I say” ‘Oh I really think Jordan is cheating becuase Donnie pointed and Jordan was excited and they were standing differently than the others…’ Yeah, evelyn will read this, and probably leave Jordan. (Sarcasm here!!) Some of you guys are just pathetic. It is not 1990 anymore. You can like NKOTB without sounding like a moron, despite what these posts lead one to believe. Jeez.

  263. oh my god, i can believe what i am reading, u guys are so pathetic to speculate on people’s live, u must be SO boring. Whatever is going in their life they are still together and blessed with children
    Don’t hurt people just for the sake of spreading rumors, i hope that you have been raised better than that.

  264. All I can say is that there is only 1 person who can put rumors and truth to rest and that is Jordan himself. He knows what he has or has not done….unfortunately, he will never just post a blog and tell us cause well….why would he? He can do as he pleases….I just think it is interesting that there are a few stories about women, like Mari, who may just be fans, or may have been more, but they will not confirm it. I think they need to…if nothing more than just for clarification. If people are thinking the wrong thing then these women need to STEP UP and set the record straight. If there is more to the story then they are entitled to their privacy…but point is…I think Mari is one that needs to step up…she’s put it out there..

  265. Cheri A.- Thanks so much for pointing out that’s it’s no longer 1990, I didn’t realize………….so since you feel some of us are “pathetic” I’m asuuming we won’t have to hear from you anymore??

    I love the gossip, please keep it coming. BTW I only became curious about NKOTB (Jordan) just recently when I found out their reunion tour was doing well. I never liked them back then! LOL!

    So you’ll have to excuse me if I ask “silly” questions.

  266. i am sure that M knows about this page… if you read the orginal post (with the first pic of J and E), check comment #106, its from someone named Marisol. coincidence? possibly… just something to think about. and i’m sure she is loving the attention.

    wow – well said and i agree completely with everything you said.

    no matter what he does, cheater or not, i still think JK is hot and i wouldnt mind having a piece, lol. and poor E, i feel for her. she apears to handle all this negatively with grace, so i give her props for that, because i am certain she is reading this! and E, if you are, i think you are beautiful and deserving of our beloved JK.

  267. Cheri A & Kadie – Yes, I agree with Sassy…if you think we’re pathetic then we won’t hear from you anymore. If you think it’s “pathetic” or “sad” to write all these comments, then why waste your energy to talk shyt as well?! So, to all you who have a problem with all this talk….just close your browser and don’t return.

    As to this blog….Keep the gossip coming! Don’t get me wrong…I adore JK but he is a celebrity and being famous has it’s price…it comes with the territory.

  268. It’s just sad, that chick is just a fan! Thats it! Enough with her. I swear its exhausting. I had a talk with him one night at his home, one of his all time favorite things is to make these smores and there was a party, but anyway we were out there and my husband made a joke like NOW ON CNN JORDAN KNIGHT BURNS HIS MARSHMALLOWS! and we all laughed and he went into this sad story about how people are going to make up things and believe what they want to believe and it doesn’t matter what you say or don’t say either way its what they choose to believe. This didn’t really hit me till I came on this thread. I’m not even famous and some of you are choosing to believe what you want to believe regarding me. I can understand it because you don’t know me personally but you also don’t know J or Eve. I do. And I will only say, again, Marisol was just a fan. I promise. My friend comes on my page and refers to my husband as her “baby daddy” its an inside joke but it doesn’t mean he is. You have to step back and look and I am telling you that she was nothing but a fan. Is nothing but a fan. Will never be anything but a fan. Thats it. Anything more is what you are choosing to believe.

    Donnie was very much in love with his wife. They had a wonderful relationship and what happened between them is not of public issue. Donnie is a fantastic man and a wonderful daddy. He is either doing something regarding his business or doing something as a dad. He is terrific and I have never heard of Donnie having a girlfriend of 6 years. I have never seen anything to point to that and I refuse to believe that unless Donnie tells me otherwise. He was like a puppy around his wife. He was devoted to her. Sometimes she would have to tell him to go out or force him to go do things with the boys. She was in the hospital for a couple of days due to a health scare and I have never seen a man so on edge and emotional and the health problem was minute. He and Jordan are closer to my husband than the others. They do a lot of stuff together. Actually their season passes are side by side. I’m not saying he didn’t cheat or had cheated but there was no way that there was a steady 6 year girlfriend. I’m sorry.

    Why is it so hard for some of you to believe J is in love with Eve, his WIFE? No one is holding him to her and no one is forcing them to be this way. I know lives change and people change but they have really had their relationship tested several times. Do you guys know she almost died giving birth? You guys have no idea what J has been through with her and that will always tie them together. Before that they had split and J has had his own apartment for a while and yet they always end up face to face in love. Don’t misunderstand J’s need for females affection as a sign of his sexuality towards woman. J is a big flirt and stating he has had “whores” well that is pushing it. I know that when he and Eve split he did have a girlfriend in Houston, TX. They were together for just a couple of weeks though, he met her after him and Eve split. He met her in NYC at a restaurant, he was staying in New York for business. I was supposed to meet her one evening in Miami with him but they didn’t make it past 4 weeks (I didn’t think they would she was very young) and several days later he was back with is Wife. He told me himself that they drive each other crazy but he couldn’t live without her.

    Not sure about Joe or Danny but Donnie and J don’t read stuff off the website unless it has been brought to their attention. Even then they don’t give it any time unless its threatening in nature or could possibly affect family.

  269. Hi! The picture of his wedding mentioned before its real, I know someone who was in the wedding and he described Evelyn’s dress just as it appears on the photo. The same year he got married he was in Spain giving a concert and he had sex with one the girls in the meet & greet, this is real.

  270. It hurts me a little bit to read some posts about Jordan, honestly… girls we really donยดt know him. Iยดm so happy to see the guys together and happy (I think) , what they do itยดs not our bussiness and yes they are famous but come on some respect, they are humans. Of course, everbody is free to post whatever you want, and at some point I understand that deep inside all of us love gossiping, but there are limits reading some stuff hurts a little bit. For me the most important thing is to see J on stage happy and having a good time, because he is a very talented guy, and I love when he sings and dances.

    On the other hand…Shiloh I donยดt know if you really know JOrdan or the guys, but anyway, May I ask you a couple of questions?… Jordan is happy to come back with the guys? I see him enjoying now more than in the beginning of the reunion…and the last one now that you mentioned Donnie, I must admit that J and Donnie these two are my fav, I love their chemistry, apparently they are so different but I am not sure if deep inside they are really that different…well my question is .. Are they still close as I think they were in the past? …… Probably you will tell me yes like all five…. lol lol

    Thank you.

    and Long live to THE BLOCK

    (Sorry for my english by the way)

  271. Thanks so much for the information Shiloh. I appreciate you responding!

    Does Donnie currently have a girlfriend or is he just out on the road having a good time???

  272. Shiloh thank you for the information! I do believe that J loves Eve but we all know that he is a flirt ( he did with me). Please people leave the woman alone they have been together for over 20 years! that is a long time. About Marisol I really think she is just a fan who is probably following him around at shows THATS all!!! please…..and Dana I don’t believe you that is full BS! and if you guys are JK fans that you claim to be stop this nonsense he reads this and YOU are hurting him.

    I think he is just a flirt and THATS IT! nothing more.

    Leave Eve alone I think she is pretty and remember they been together since they were kids sooooo beauty is deeper….esp since they have 2 boys together ๐Ÿ™‚

  273. Shiloh, just curious, why did you say at first that Marisol and J were “good friends” and now you say she’s just a fan? Also do you presume that even if you know the couple, that you know everything that has gone on between them privately? I mean, lots of people cheat and even their closest family and friends don’t know about it – if he was unfaithful, i doubt he would advertise it, especially to people who are also friends with his wife. That would be pretty stupid. Also there is some evidence out there that he has made some improper overtures in the past, but I always thought that it might have been connected to the problem with drinking he seemed to have for awhile. Everyone does stupid things when they’re drunk…. It is good to hear some things firsthand from you, if you really do know them. I was surprised about Donnie and Kim as they always looked so happy. That’s crazy about Evelyn – did she really almost die – what happened? Anyway, I know it’s not really our business, but one of the breaks of being famous is that people are interested in things about celebrities that aren’t really their business. Look at it as a trade-off for all the money – no one has to be famous if they don’t want to be.

  274. Dana, that’s true.. and then he had sex with the same girl the next year in England! if you see pictures of the concert in Spain you will see him singing baby I believe in you to a blondie, that’s the girl…. ๐Ÿ™‚
    shiloh, nice book you’re writing there, I couldn’t get pass the first two sentences lol

  275. GG – good catch. I was thinking the same thing. You can tell she is making some stuff up. if you want my opinion, she may have some knowledge cause she just very well be ” secretlover” undercover.

    Dana – about the wedding pic. That does NOT look like him. I remember that on his previous jk.com site, someone from his staff had posted a picture of him at his wedding with other guys. No Eve.(odd..not even on his wedding day did a pic with her come out!) but Jordan was alot chubbier back then, i the chubbiest he’s ever been. You could see that in the pic and If i’m not mistaken he had a light blue vest under his coat. it is NOT him in that picture.

  276. also IF lets say, she was just a fan…she went to shows..”hunted” him down as was stated, then can someone please explain the VIDEOS?! why does he appear to be singing to her? and why was he so emotional at that show. someone also commented earlier that he did sing incredibly that night. i don’t know if those who comment have seem them yet. KK and private eye comments after seeing them.
    scroll up and you’ll see the links.

  277. I as so into this!!
    Shiloh…I may be wrong but you seem as if you’re trying really hard to make Jordan and Evelyn’s marriage seem ideal. Why? No one ever said they didn’t love each other.

    You keep mentioning they’ve been in love 20 years, as if they’ve been skipping through the meadow holding hands all this time.

    He was always touring then so they probably would’ve seen very little of each other. Also he was a FINE-ASS, GORGEOUS young man in his sexual prime….so I don’t think he sat in his hotel room playing Go Fish with a body guard with the others got laid because he was in love with Evelyn.

    I’m not saying they don’t love each other but love and sex are 2 different things.
    If I’m wrong sorry.

  278. Wow, this is a crazy blog going on over here. I dont think I will ever be able to catch up to all these posts but from what I have read it seems like we really need to respect J’s private life. The Jordan of NKOTB we know is very different than the Jordan husband/father/friend etc.

    I, like many of you, have adored Jordan since the very beginning and have followed his solo career after New kids dispanded. I remember going to a show in NYC and meeting a bunch of “groupies” saying how they follow him around in the hopes of hanging out with him. One also told me that he is the biggest cheater and that she saw it first hand. Honestly I didnt believe her. Some of these girls will see him sing to someone or hug etc and say OMG he is a pig! But I think at the end of the day they just want to feel like they know him in some way, even if its the bad stuff.

    I hope that JK and his wife are very happy. I cant even begin to imagine what she goes through knowing he is out on tour for so long. How would you feel if your husband had a girl through a bra at him? Or the fact that he has to hug and talk to them? I am not saying he does these things because he doesnt want to but why do you have to take it to the level that he is a cheater? I am sure he is a flirter but I guess it’s pretty hard not to be when you have millions of females adoring you ๐Ÿ™‚

  279. Long time reader first time writer. First off I LOVE this website. I remember reading this when there were only like 3 blogs. WOW how far we’ve come. Anyway, I had to report that the NY Times today said that NKOTB has installed a stripper pole in their tour bus. UUhhhh….. .Type nypost .com type new kids on the block in the search button. They tried to make it sound cute… as if!!!

  280. Who knows what Jordan does. But what I do know is that he isn’t all that attractive with a mouth full of cold sores. And never have I seen a pic of Jordan with coldsores until now. Herpes simplex A or is it B? or has it been a Type B that turned into a type A? If u know what i mean ๐Ÿ˜‰

  281. Hey guys I’m not planning on being on this site that long so I am going to try to answer some of your questions.

    I stated that she was just a friend because I honestly didn’t want to hurt anyones feelings. I have a feeling that she or her friends may be behind this whole Marisol fiasco so I didn’t want to rain on her little shindig but maybe by me saying who I am she would just bow out graciously.

    Donnie is not seeing anyone serious at the moment but he does have a female friend.

    Have you guys gone to more than one concert? I’ve been to seven so far and I urge you to youtube– or google video what ever you choose– other concerts. He stands on the left half of the group and always moves to that side. He sings fantastic every night. And he always has a specific area where he will point and flirt and wink to. they call it before shows so not more than one performer is at one area neglecting another. It’s their thing.

    The reunion wasn’t as smooth as it appears now. The few that jumped on in the beginning knew that they couldn’t do it without all five. They really enjoy it and enjoy each others company. Their biggest fear was failure. They love performing and appreciate what fans do fo

  282. Thanks Amanda, you are right that Spanish girl was with him again in London that very same year, and right, she is blonde and appears on the photos. This is true and all the fans that were know know it for sure.
    Obviously we don’t know the relationship he has with Evelyn but it is at least, strange!

  283. Hey guys sorry for my typos I just saw them this morning. I was using a voice typer and and it keeps last “chat” and dang! So I apologize. I’m going to actually type my words now.

  284. Jordan needs to tell her (marisol mazo) to stop being so obvious… but of course he can’t even think about it when it comes to his dick… he removed a whole page of comments just to cover up her ass….and she removed videos too, even from her youtube page… now you tell me if she doesn’t know about this site… how freaking funny!!! he should worry about his poor wife finding out instead of covering this homewreck ass!!!!!

  285. and to the idiots that come here insulting people, go back to your fantasy world….!
    She’s not just a fan, and she wasn’t the one “stalking” him, otherwise he wouldn’t have ended up going to her house and staying there like he was her freaking boyfriend (when he was already married lol) haha
    But the fact that she’s not just a fan doesn’t mean she’s the only one… Jordan has women all over and he has the same behaviour with all of them. So she needs to stop thinking he’s in love with her just because he tells her to, because HELLO when a guy wants to get laid he will say mostly anything, even that… and it’s just pathetic of him! she needs to stop thinking he cares just because he got her tickets for her whole family to go to the show…! :)he did it to make sure he can keep “doing” her in the future!

  286. I have very close seats to the RI show & I’ll play DETECTIVE for you all!! I’ll take pics & watch their every move. I’ll ck for Marisol & even make a play for the boyz. Donnie & Danny might be easiest-now that they have a stripper pole in their bus, but my heart resides with Jordan. I hope for a flirt & perhaps some scandelous behavior!! LOL

  287. nurse 4 change – you know it is interesting that you bring that up about the RI show. You may be right. I read a comment from a cousin on her page, about meeting her in NY.
    She is from RI. apparently she has family in Providence. !! keep your eye open girl!

    shiloh- you should read back on some of the things you said before and you’ll see you change things at times. Honestly.., what part of your NKOTB scrapbook would need to include information of “jordan knight evelyn..” the personal life category ? i don’t think alot of people reading here can rely on your info. do you realize the only reason we ever brought up that girl M is cause other people knew about her aswell?
    about the videos, your in denial if you don’t want to see what other have observed.

  288. OKkk. Since i’m entirely fed up all this speculation. plus there are some people on here who have come to confuse the whole thing even more.. i have decided to message one of M’s freinds. I was to the point and asked this person exactly what happened, if anything with them. I also told her about the blog ,so if M doesn’t know about it she surely may find out now. i hope you guys are happy lol ugh now i just have to wait to see if the person responds.! i’ll keep ya guys updated.

  289. Amanda – How do you know he got her family tickets?? How do you know all the info you know?? You seem to know alot and seem angry at JK. Are you a woman scorned??

    Shiloh – Will the guys be touring in the summer???

    Nurse – I’ll be at a show this month too and want to join your detective team. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    One tidbit of info for you all to chew on…I was recently on a “gutter board” that has info specifically relating to NKOTB and their “exploits”… anyway…all information with regard to Jordan is locked. Lots of juicy stuff about Donnie and even some about Joe (back in the day NOT NOW) and Jon…just thought it odd that info on Jordan like that is not accessible…maybe because he is doing stuff as of late and does not want to get caught cheating???? Just thought I’d share.

  290. Hmmm…
    Maybe Jordan started that other board to get people to talk about the other guys, that way everyone over here would get off his ass. lol

  291. I see there is another Kelly on here as well now…I have been gone a while and WOW this message board is unreal. I wont be back though because to to be honest the remarks made me sick and I have more important things to do than to sit around and speculate about Jordan and Evy and now this Marisol chick. Amanda grow up a little and your foul language is not appealing at all.

    Shiloh thanks for coming on here and defending Jordan and clearing the air…IF YOU ARE FOR REAL THAT IS….What goes on behind close doors is not our business. And for the people that get on here to spread false rumors and speculations “all in fun” Get a life!! It is pretty sad that this is how you get your fun…

    I love Donnie and Jordan and as far as I am concerned I know my place and it is not to spread false stories and nosy in to their lives, nor is it to badmouth their families.

    You all need to take a good look at yourselves and your actins before you call yourselves fans. We are to support them not badmuth or gossip about them

  292. “the one” do you have a link for that “gutter site”.. I love reading all this gossip, and if you have a link to more.. please share!!


  293. kelly… who needs you?!! you need to grow up and stop worshipping people! no one is badmouthing evelyn or the couple, we just started stating facts we know…! and please who will believe that you won’t come back, you will be here reading everything 200 times a day… get a life!
    to whoever asked me HOW I know, I just do and you can believe it or not! and no I have no reason to be angry at him!
    This blog used to be fun before all the ass kissers got in the picture so now it will be dying slowly…
    lol@the girl pming her friend… I’m sure M knows already though ๐Ÿ™‚ but way to go lol
    this whole thing isn’t even about her… I know how things are and she’s just one more…. But some of you can’t really accept the fact that Jordan cheats… not that it’s good or bad… whatever floats his boat!

  294. I agree with Miss Knight about the fact that we all started talking about this because many people knew… so why hide it.
    to “the one” sorry if I sounded rude, I didn’t mean it that way… I took it on you because I’m sick of people always ruining the fun for others (not you of course, the ass kissers lol)
    And no I’m not angry at him! He can do whatever he wants with his life, after all it’s his… but it doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it ๐Ÿ˜€

  295. Not to be annoyingly “pc” (I tend to be that way, its in my nature, can’t help it lol) – I think its cool that people want to defend Jordan and I understand how you might feel protective of him (I do too, but I know I have a f*cked up way of showing it lol I just came here for personal reasons that I don’t intend to elaborate on and I started to feel bad for what I was saying so yeah now maybe I am kissing his ass lol). Anyway, with all due respect, if you want to show your adoration for him, go to the NKOTB site and post about it there. Most of the fans feel the same way you do and don’t want to hear the trash talking. In fact, he will probably read it. He might even comment on it. Who the hell knows. I just think that people take this stuff way too seriously. Its just gossip, just talk…

  296. This is old but I found an online article at JK-UK, Ireland. I think it’s an official website.

    It’s an old interiview with something called Sky Magazine dated Feb.2000

    They asked him what he’d been doing the last 5 years since NKOTB broke up and he said nothing important had happened.
    THEN he “remembered” that he was engaged and had baby…..That’s just so strange to me. It’s almost something different than being shy.

    He also said she was like a little sister to him , then he came home from a tour and noticed that she’d grown up.

  297. You guys are really making a mountain out of nothing. I didn’t want to hurt the girls feelings, but whatever. She is just a fan. But I get it, that’s not fun or interesting to talk about. I don’t care what the girls friends say. I don’t believe that she would ever say yes I was with him because that would jeopardize her with the band and he can sue the shit out of her for libel. It would be a fat lie. I urge you guys to speak the truth and stop this madness. Its really getting out of hand. And I am so saddened to see people who claim to be fans behave this way.

    On the other hand I know J and I know this wouldn’t even concern him. So in the famouse words of J: just chill!!!! LOL

  298. SHiloh, i thought you said you wouldnt be on this blog from long? what are u still doing posting. lol are you serious about jordan sueing? lol omgg well…do you really think there arn’t any other girls who have slept with him and could say something? looks like you spend so much time not defending jordan , but trying to make yourself believe what you have no clue about. You obviously seem to have easy access to the concerts or Jordan, (if its true) Have you asked him?

    KD- why did you post this???


  299. hi shiloh,

    thanks for insights into j and eve. i think they look like a nice couple together and i hope they are happy together. sounds like they have been through a lot together.
    please share any funny j stories that fans would enjoy. things we might not know about him but things that are not too private to share.
    also, if you are allowed to share any more information about eve. maybe you could ask j and eve if it’s ok to share a more recent photo of them together? i think eve is pretty, would like to see a recent photo of her if it’s ok with them.
    do you know if dante is interested in music/singing?
    is j thinking about doing any tv or movies in future?

  300. I love all this gossip! (despite some of the drama) I’m wondering if anybody has a story to share about a “meeting” with Jordan? I met Jordan and Joe back in 99′ and am curious to see if our stories are similiar about what went down, how they acted, etc..Please tell! ๐Ÿ™‚

  301. look what i found!…

    “Jan 20, 2006 12:46 PM
    hey there! ๐Ÿ™‚ just stopping to say hi and I hope everything is going good for you guys.. take care.

    Ps. Jk has a page now! lol


    ANDDD Jordan left a message for him too.!

    “Feb 8, 2006 1:50 PM
    What’s up!”

    …sooo obviously they all know each other…umm

  302. look what i found!…

    “Jan 20, 2006 12:46 PM
    hey there! ๐Ÿ™‚ just stopping to say hi and I hope everything is going good for you guys.. take care.

    Ps. Jk has a page now! lol


    ANDDD Jordan left a message for him too.!

    “Feb 8, 2006 1:50 PM
    What’s up!”

    …sooo obviously they all know each other…umm

  303. i while back someone said that they found messages from GW1 productions on her myspace, and i went on that person’s page and looked through it and found both a post from M and jordan.
    if you go to her comments on her myspace, early ones you will see comments from GW1 productions. click on that and then scroll thru the later comments left for that person. you clearly see jordan posted, just saying whats up and he left a picture but you can’t see it.

  304. So….I should be working but I’m addicted to this site. I noticed that each comment has a symbol below the time stamp and each person has the same symbol (I assume from the email address).
    So, I was wondering how come Shiloh’s first comment’s grammer sounded all messed up compared to all her other recent comments. It definately sounded like two different people. Then I noticed this….
    When you read back to her first comment (279) you’ll notice the symbol below the time stamp as a light bluish color. Her next comment (302) and comments after that…the symbol is a different one and it’s a greenish color. Does this mean that it’s two different people posing as Shiloh?
    Plus, she mistyped Mirisol in her first comment and apologized b/c her finger slipped. Then later she said she’s using a voice recorder and excuse her typos. Also, like someone said earlier, M was a friend at first and now, just a fan. Something def does not add up.

    I think….Shiloh, you’ve been caught slippin’!

  305. Guys, let’s get real!!! If Shiloh really knew the Knight family like she claims, would she be here posting about their personal shiz? Saying Evy almost died giving birth? NEVERRRRRR!
    Shiloh is a fraud and shame on who believes her crap!
    Anyone – ANYONE – can make up a story and throw in some “details” to make it appear real……

  306. KK- i answered you before but my commnet was not posted..
    go under M’s comments,,,you’ll see comments from “Gw1productions” something like that, click on it and go thru their comments..you will see a comment from M and one from Jordan.

  307. Good catch KK.

    Is the girl on Zimmermans myspace page Evelyn (photo with him, Jordan, another guy and a girl at a photo shoot)?
    If it is she isn’t wearing a wedding ring either so maybe they both don’t wear a band or ring?

  308. Guys, let’s get real!!! If Shiloh really knew the Knight family like she claims, would she be here posting about their personal shiz? Saying Evy almost died giving birth? NEVERRRRRR!Shiloh is a fraud and shame on who believes her crap!Anyone – ANYONE – can make up a story and throw in some “details” to make it appear real……I’M BRINGING COMMON SENSE BACK!!!! LOL

  309. If that pic is of her, I’m sorry, but she’s totally adorable. I love how she looks like a different person in EVERY single photo that has come out. Maybe he uses doubles when he’s in public so he can trick people. He’s the type that would totally be the mastermind behind something like that lol.

  310. Hi people.

    Check out some interviews…i apologize if these have previously been posted but there are so many comments on here already.

    Here he talks about the strength of his wife…

    His wife’s reaction to the new music…also how he wouldnt sign a breast because of his wife…

    His wife inspires all his songs

  311. Wow. Well I see I have to explain to some of you. I find it funny some are so interested in my typing or device I use to communicate. I use a voice typer and I use an iphone. If you have an iphone you know at times it changes your words, replaces them. If you don’t have one then ask someone who does. Its very annoying. I usually don’t proof read, I just send.

    Now that I have cleared that up, please go back to talking about make believe relationships and how Jordan doesn’t care about his wife and kids.

    I see for some of you gossip is more of interest. BTW I hear an alien just gave birth to a 299 pound baby. I saw it on the internet so I’m sure some of you will find it to be true. That seems to be your choice of where you find your information.

    For the others, believe me when I say. If J could thank you

  312. J said I can talk about my experience with them. Because they are my experiences. There is a lot that I can’t and won’t talk about. I love J and Eve and I appreciate their friendship with my family.

  313. okkk. guuyss She responded!
    this is what she said: ( for those of you who don’t know, i message M’s friend/relative)

    “What?!? What exactly are they saying about her on that blog? Could you please give me that blog name.. Something similar happened on the previous JK messageboard. It’s not fair to her,. and believe me its not at all what people think. She did not look for him.

    & please let me know the blog name..

    —-wellll. there’s a start! Shiloh is a liar i think and why is she even posting anymore! one more thing, we did not get our information from the internet, we got it from people who were there.

  314. Shiloh, I don’t know whether you’re really friends with J & E or not, but if you are, you don’t seem to have much respect for them or their boundaries. You might think you’re doing the right thing by defending them with what you know, but if you cared about them at all, you wouldn’t be posting about really personal info on a public web site, (dedicated to gossip no less). Why did you have to go there (with the info about the pregnancy) just to seem authentic? This is why J gets so f*cked up. “His friends” keep selling him out. It never ends. I know this is a really delayed response but I felt I had to say something. I just don’t think a “real” friend would talk about something like with people they don’t even know. Speculating about girls he has fooled around with is one thing, but you’re taking it to another level and I think there’s something kind of sick about it.

  315. Shiloh is a liar and I don’t think we should pay anymore attention to her. I agree with Jaymee that real friends won’t say half of the things that she has said

    covergirl – what exactly did you message her friend? What does she mean, “she did not look for him”
    BTW…thanks for messaging her to get the inside scoup! ๐Ÿ™‚

  316. BTW, the first link I posted from People magazine, coincides with Shiloh’s story about Eve’s labor.

    I believe Shiloh…for my own sanity. Why tarnish our views of J with all this speculation? I for one, missed the giddy feelings I would always get whenever NKOTB was mentioned. Now that they are back, I’m loving the rebirth of those nostalgic moments. I live in DC but couldn’t go to that concert because I go to grad school in the evening, but I drove 3 hours to see them in Philly this past Wednesday. It was quite possibly the greatest night of my life, lol. Maybe J isn’t the best person or husband…or maybe he IS. Who cares? Let’s leave it be and go on with our own fantasies of what kind of person he is.

    Oh and Shiloh, I commend you for coming on here and defending J. Although people are saying that you should not be commenting on his personal life for the sake of your friendship, I think that any friend’s natural inclination would be to defend him. Especially, if all this slander is hurtful and untrue.

    I anticipate that others will say I’m living in a world of rainbows, stickers, and butterflies, but I could care less. It’s a nice place to be.

  317. I just don’t get it? why not leave it alone? Jordan is happy with Evelyn, can some not be happy for him? We are adults now, we no childeren anymore. If Jordan is a private person (when it comes to Evelyn and his kids) than respect that. If you really love/like him so much, than respect his choices.

  318. Shiloh, you’re no fun, you are a liar and honestly nobody is interested in your “EXPERIENCES”.
    Common sense, guys!!! Let’s stick with that!
    It’s a shame I’m working as a profiler now or I could help Shiloh with her lying problem LOL it’s easy to treat….ha!

    I would LOVE to get a link for the gutter boards!!! THAT I would like to see!!

  319. kk- i asked her if anything more other than a fan meeting a celebrity happen between them? I told her that people started talking about it on this blog and that it was getting out of control and that i just needed to get an answer.
    i just messaged her back asking her what she means by “she did not look for him” and if she could clear some rumours being said on the blog.
    – i’ll keep you guys updated.

    (laughing at those articles posted.. i read those before. he wouldn’t sign a breast,, yet he’s said he’s single when he’s on tour? )

  320. funny… “she did not look for him”…! haha she’s only implying he looked for her…! so what, it’s the same…
    if something similar happened already then there’s gotta be a reason…hmmm! ๐Ÿ™‚
    thank you for the info girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  321. I wanted to add lol when Jordan went to hang out with her to HER PLACE… she did not invite him over? lol but I guess she did not look for him hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚
    we all should move on and start gossiping about something else because it’s getting boring … any new groupies around?haha
    and yes I agree with KP in everything she said… I also would like to check out those links!

  322. I know I post too much (sorry). People magazine and all of that other PC PR stuff doesn’t tell me anything about the “real” Jordan. Whether the gossip is true or not, it is the only way some of us get to learn about him. It has nothing to do with love (or lust lol), some of us just want to know what he is like, who he likes, the things he does on his off time, etc…because we find him interesting (for whatever reason).
    You might say, well what right do you have to know about his personal life? Well maybe we don’t, but not all of us live in Boston, or know his friends, or the people he works with, so we won’t know any other way. This is part of being a fan (at least for me), this is the only way we find out about that person that wrote the songs we like, the guy we see performing or whatever. Not all of us are going to get “face time” (even if we did, thats hardly going to give anything away). If we don’t hear him say what we want to hear in interviews, we’re going to seek it out elsewhere. Thats just what people do, esp. us women lol And AGAIN, if you don’t want to hear other sides to Jordan, don’t be looking up his personal life on the internet lol. I mean how the hell else did you get here? If you google “Jordan Knight”, this is not the first site that is going to come up.
    So maybe I’m totally contradicting myself as well lol but I guess its all in the approach. Its one thing if info is coming from his “friends” and its another when its coming from fans (or people who aren’t really saying who they are). Anyway, I’m probably boring you all now. See ya in the “gutter.” LOL

  323. Sorry, didn’t mean to get all preachy. I think I might have killed the mood. lol Anyway, I haven’t heard anything either. My “New Kids Network” connection must be down. lol
    Is anyone here from Boston?

  324. There are not any “real” gutter boards out there anymore. They have all been inactive for a long time. Someone needs to start a new gutter!

  325. oh boy, it’s like christmas everyday in here! still waiting on some gutterboard action. someone post some links! lol! and yes jaymee, you hit the nail on the head. we’re just fans that want to be in ‘the know.’ this board is no diff than tmz. anyways, it’s not as if we’re doing anything to maliciously harm him or his fam. the truth is what it is, and we just want to know all about it.

  326. I find all this extremely fascinating and am staying up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime. I saw JK 3 years ago when he did a show in Indiana (I used a vist with my in laws as an excuse to drive from upstate NY to Indy to see him-lol),,,,he touched my hand and I almost died (my hubby just laughed at my teeny bopper reaction)…I dont know what to say about all of this…I mean, for men, temptation is everywhere and when you top it with incredible good looks (omg, have you seen him in that tight black long sleeve during “twisted” on youtube?), a great voice, and great dancing…I am sure its worse. I feel sorry for Evy most definately and I in my heart believe that men can separate love from sex whereas women cannot. Do I think it is right? No. Am I shocked? No. Would I put him on my list of “men my husband would permit me to sleep with i.e. “celebrity sex list”? Hell yeah! Would I want anyone to find out and break up their relationship? Not in a million years! This Marisol is the typical woman who was unable to distinguish sex from love…we cannot blame her for that even if she was wrong. In a way you have to feel sorry for her because she really seems to care and he broke her heart (although she was as wrong as he was). Also, men are TERRIBLE about covering their tracks…
    On a lighter note….I am sooooooo glad they are back together and from what I have read and seen JK seems to be having the ultimate time….this is truly his calling and what he was meant to do with his life. I am happy he has been blessed again because you can see the pure joy on his face while he is performing. On a purely naughty note…I would DIE to hear some more juicy details….if he is not good in bed then there is something wrong!!!! I digress…lol

  327. this is probably super old, but whatever. should we put another on blast?

    Old Kid on the Block is in divorce court


    In Miami-Dade divorce court: Daniel W. Wood, one-time member of the teen pop group New Kids on the Block, and Patricia Alfaro. He filed. Married for nearly eight years, they have two daughters — Chance, 7, whom they adopted from Russia, and Vega, 6.

    Wood says Alfaro has a ”bad temper” and that he was “subjected to two acts of violence.”

    False allegations, she says — ”to cover up his own misdeeds.” His “extramarital affairs have caused the breakup.”

    Wood, 36, and Alfaro, 34, are each fighting to become primary residential parent.

    ”The husband exhibits stability, a close relationship with the children and is actively involved in their day to day activities,” says his petition, filed by attorney Andrew Leinoff. “The wife has not devoted herself to the child rearing and has delegated the majority of the responsibilities to the husband . . . Her lifestyle is not very stable; she is unable to properly care for the children.”

    Not so, says she. Wood ”does not have the stability or a greater ability to care for the children,” says her counterpetition, filed by attorney Carmen M. Morales. Alfaro insists she is the “more fit and proper parent.”

    Circuit Judge Gerald Hubbart appointed attorney Christy Hertz guardian ad litem for the children. Hertz will represent their interests in court and make recommendations on custody and visitation issues.

    Wood now works as a private investor. Alfaro is a musician and songwriter.

    Both have sons from prior relationships. Wood has custody of Daniel Wood Jr., 12. She has custody of Anthony, 13.

    NKOTB was huge in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

  328. Lisa # 404 – OHMYGOD! Could we ever be more naรฏve? Unless you’re 7 years old, wake up and smell the coffee woman!!!! Shiloh should go back to the Brangelina fan board and stop making up absurd lies about JK and Evy!!!!
    She did say she was going to go away…but. So far she hasn’t……and we’re waiting!
    *waving goodbye to Shiloh* and Please take your BS somewhere else!!!

  329. Hey there, i read somewhere in this blog when someone asked to share their meeting experiences. I met Jordan at one of his shows in California a few years ago. My sisters and I were invited backstage. There were about 50 girls in line, and we were the last ones in line, so by the time we got to him, he looked a bit tired and ready to go. I had a few drinks, so i cracked “NKOTB Song” joke… “Well, I guess they saved the best for last”… and my sisters looked at me like, you dork!! Jordan smiled and asked our names and we took pictures and I got a glossy picture of him to sign, i asked him if i could have a kiss, and he said sure!!! so he kissed my cheek, We took a picture of him kissing my cheek and then we hugged. It was all in a matter of a few minutes, but he was really, really sweet, very charming but kind of spacey!! OMG…freakin gorgeous in person!!!!! Anyone else had meeting experience?

  330. Seriously, lets move on. The bottom line is Jordan is manwhore, married or not. I want to know who he’s hooking up with now. Anyone know about the girl he had at the Today Show? I’m talking about the one in September. There was a girl in a pink shirt up near the stage. It was so obvious to me and everyone else that he f*cked her. Anyone know anything? Is he hooking up on tour?

  331. KP…you’re very angry. Is this what I have to look forward to when I’m your age? A life of cynicism and negativity?

  332. 419: OMG, yes! I remember seeing that girl and wondering what was up with her. She looked like she was totally there for a piece of a**! I wasn’t sure if she was actually getting it from one of the guys or willing to do a few “favors” for the crew to get to the guys. She was gorgeous, but seemed so fake. You could tell she wasn’t a genuine fan. Maybe THAT’s what the guys mean when talking about the difference between fans and groupies!

  333. I been gone for awhile and everytime I come back I read really really slow cuz I just want it to last.

    KP – I am joining your common sense revolution!!!

    the one – I’ve sent my email bring on the gutter board. Let’s Get This

    Shiloh, Shiloh, Shiloh……if your husband has season passes next to them and you are dumb enough to post that on a public board than you want everyone to know who you are and you want attention as much as this Selena wanna-be girl.

    to whoever said it earlier…just because Shiloh’s story coincides with the People mag cover doesn’t mean anything except that she/he read the people mag cover as well.

    curious – I think that comment was jk as in just kidding not jk as in Jordan Knight

    to everyone else….I don’t come on here for rainbows and stickers I come on here because I want first hand accounts. I want information in order to make an informed decision for the UK tour….to cheat or not to cheat. So if you don’t like it, don’t be the headmistress just leave. Go to NKOTBfans and write fan fic….

    Common Sense it’s making a comeback

  334. Thanks to those of you who shared your stories!
    I’m with the one who suggested we find our own gutter board.
    I’ve been looking online and found nothing.
    I did come across an old Perez Hilton post about Donnie’s b-day last year. One girl said she had Donnie in his tour bus when she was 16 in 1990 and he was great. The other girl said she’d been with Jordan “more than once” and that he like BJ’s, but what man doesn’t!

    Thanks for the article about Danny. I read his divorce was “amicable”… now we know better. BTW I found old photos of him and HALLE BERRY, I had no idea they went out!!

  335. That chick was just a fan. He really wanted to help her out. Thats it. Move on. It doesn’t matter what a friend says. That friend could have been lied to. No one wants to say they were rejected by someone they ‘love’ or have had a crush on for so long. Please just move on to something else. J loves his wife and no matter how many times you guys post that he is a whore or she is unattractive it doesn’t change the fact that he loves her. I can’t tell you what will happen in the future.

    I just pray that you guys get past this. I’m sure some of you are in your 30s or 40s. It’s so childish. It’s spiraled out of control. I mean a girl by a stage so obvious he F#@@#cked her? WTF? Are you serious? And you can tell this from a TV show? It’s just nonsense.

    I really pray you guys can just be his fans. He doesn’t need marriage counseling or life mentorship from anyone.

    I wish you all the best of luck.

  336. You mean the one who had very big, messy hair, guidette style? Very slutty looking who was wearing a skirt the size of a bandaid? I think she was just a slut TRYING to get some…she was dancing in a very sexy but vulgar way when Ne-yo came on too.

  337. LOVE IT !!! ok seriously I noticed this before and now that I keep reading your blogs, I think its true. As much as I love J, I think he might be, well, an Airhead. There, I said it, I think he’s kinda dumb. I do realize that he might be drunk alot, like in the video on nktv on the website, where he’s pointing at Michael Jackson, he slurs. Then later he points at someone else , you could hear him laugh and tell Joey, “I’m drunk.” So either he’s tipsy or just really kind of an airhead. What do ya think?

  338. You all need to STFU …. leave Jordans personal life alone let him be who he wants to be … get over it .. you will never be with him or have a chance!

  339. I’m from Boston (Post #412) – ask ANY questions. Like did you
    know his old house is now a SALVATION army rescue for Dorchester, MA? I met Danny before in his home while he was eating Cheerios in his underwear…and once at the beach/Nantasket-Joey asked me out. I used to run into them all the time & now I can’t stop the madness once again. I meet everyone who REALLY knows them. I met Jordans manager in Boston, Donnies brother, & Dannys best friend in Providence. They are really nice guys-although the stripper pole in the baby-baby-baby daddy bus it a bit suspicious!!

    RE: Providence, RI – I had front row seats & great visuals of the boyz. Jordan NEVER made eye contact with anyone-even on the B stage, but did give lots of hand to my friends! Donnie did still is the most outgoing one & is fun loving. Jordan played around with the boys-no real fan contact. During his solo, I even threw my underwear at him & didn’t get a glance. They were clean (of course & HOT PINK lacy ones). The next song Donnie sang cover girl & picked them up & made a sexy face with them…haha! I’ll post it to you tube soon.

    The boys left immediately after the concert. No afterparty even though fans were instructed to goto one-the NK never showed. There was NO after meeting either. Interesting.

    Good news! JK had injured his ankle at MSG in NYC, but made a quick recovery-he was jumping around alot & having a blast dancing.

    I hear over & over how solid Danny is…he takes his friends on tour with him & takes care of them. If the boyz had stayed, I wouldve met Danny for sure.

    SO, in regards to Jordans infidelity?? I wish!! Keep the posts coming…Perhaps in a few yrs when he’s doing solo shows I’ll really get a chance for a hello-or I’ll just drive by his house again like a lunatic!! haha!

  340. Oh & regards to his chronic ‘spaciness’ – he’s either tuning everyone out as a defense mechanism or perhaps he’s on
    medication for anxiety which is making him this way.

    Forgot to tell you..in a radio interview in Providence, RI Jordans GUILTY PLEASURE is online PORN!! He IS a sexual man ladies…his lyrics on his solo albums state it loud & CLEAR!
    Heard he likes dirty sex from some boards…

  341. on another note, anyone who knows them or knows people who know them, or heard stuff, know how the guys relationships with each other? Who gets along with who, which guys are most likely to fight or irritate each other about what kind of stuff? Why Donnie and Jon didn’t talk for 14 years until the reunion, etc, etc? I heard a girl who talked to Danny once before the reunion and said that she brought up Jordan’s drinking problem and Danny said that it had really been a problem sometimes in the studio. Along with their love lives, I also think it’s pretty interesting to hear the inside story on how they are with each other.

  342. I don’t know if my last post came through so I’m sending it again. I’ve created a message board for gossip so we all can post and hear some gossip too!


  343. This is totally not necessary but I’m posting it anyway. I’m starting to get bored with Jordan’s sex life lol. I’m glad I found a site like this because it gave me a chance to say things that I’ve always wanted to say. It has been a nice reality check too (which I so needed LOL). So thanks to the owner of this site for allowing EVERYONE to share their opinions and their stories (whether we agreed with them or not). I hope that continues. I got the closure I was looking for. Now I’m off to start my NKOTB cleanse. AGAIN. LOL

  344. I did read on nkotb.com, back before it became moderated, that a couple of the guys have been in rehab. Wonder if one of those was Jordan…Hmmm

  345. Precious, I listened to the video, but what does J say, “But you know I aint Joe?” Did I hear that right. Also, Nurse4change, did you know his wife or whatever, did they live close to each other?
    One more thing, I noticed that we are sharing our Jordan experiences, well I was at a concert in Chicago, sat in the front row and yelled at all the guys and waved. They all made eye contact with me and smiled. Finally I got Jordan to look… and hello… he kept looking back! He sang Summertime to me just alittle ,then winked. Also Hangin tough. Then these girls I didn’t know gave me dirty looks and asked if I was at the meet and greet earlier. I WISH!!! So I went home and thought I was losing it. But my sister-in-law was like wtf!!! Why did he keep looking. I was around all blondies, but I have long very dark brown hair well it looks black, and I look Latina. So I guess he does like that. Also I saw on youtube that he was looking down almost the whole time during hangin tough!!! AHHH

  346. In response to the disgusting comments about the girl in the pink from the Today Show….

    I was in NYC for that and my sister and I met and talked to her and her friends. They are friends of the guys… FRIENDS. Why do you guys assume that she was a slut… and hooking up with the guys or the crew??? That is just hateful and pathetic.

    She was there to show support to the guys. Just because she was dressed cute and wearing trendy SHORTS instead of a Xtra Large NKOTB tshirt doesnt make her a slut.

    If you guys are “fans” I would stop bashing the guy’s friends and their wives. I am sorry this made me so irritated… but like I said I met this girl and she was so sweet. I have talked to her a few times on myspace… and it made her sad people were saying such hateful and untrue things.

  347. I hope after this…you guys stop talking about her.
    Mari is my husband’s cousin. Someone asked me about her on myspace and they informed me of this blog. I canโ€™t believe some of the things that are being said. I hesitated to say anything on here, because I know she would probably get very upset if she found out I said what Iโ€™m going to say, but I think it’s necessary. The only reason Iโ€™m going to say something on here is because it upsets me to know people are saying certain lies about her, it is very unfair. She does not know about this blog, the LAST thing she would think of doing is looking up anything related to Jordanโ€™s personal life. First off, She NEVER dated any well known black performer?!!? She never contacted anyone about Jordan or him helping her with her music, because she stopped performing in 2002. She loves music with a passion, but is not real fame hungry. That is part of why she stopped. Everything this Shiloh has said about Marisol is a LIE.
    The first time she met Jordan was in 2004, me and my husband went with her to this show. She wanted to meet him and she did buy VIP tickets that night, believe me she was shy about the whole thing and I even had to persuade her to actually go down by the stage, because she wanted to stay in the balcony area. She met him that night, just like other fans. We left and that was that. About a year later, HE contacted her, for whatever reason, I do not really know. Iโ€™m not going into details on how but this is the truth. She obviously went to his shows after that, especially because they were all in the area. A friendship definitely developed and I know they got along extremely well but she NEVER slept with him and he never disrespected her in that sense. It seemed he had immense respect for her and I hold extreme respect for him for that. Back then nobody knew for sure if he was married but she found out in an extraordinary way. Her college roommate ends up being cousins with Jordanโ€™s neighbor in Boston. She told him she could not stay in touch with him after that. They do not talk anymore and the last time she had seen him was in Jan. 2006 at a solo show, which was again local.
    โ€“ The DC show, he did NOT give her tickets or those seats. I donโ€™t think itโ€™s even possible to get specific seats?!

    Jordan is an incredibly humble, kind hearted guy and he really deserves more respect than some give him. I was lucky to get to meet him myself. I know Marisol only wishes him the best. She is extremely spiritual and is one of the most respectable women Iโ€™ve ever met. Please donโ€™t talk about her anymore,. She has been through a lot in the past two years, health wise and loosing both of her Grandmothers and Grandfather….I hope you guys try to understand. I have been completely honest and have spoken with the truth. Nothing anyone has said is true.
    Thank you.

  348. Angel Eyes- I know what you mean I was in 3 row just enjoying myself not looking at him not pointing or waving at him. There was this girl that was trying to get his attention (she had a white Jordan shirt) and he wasn’t even looking at her…lol and he was just staring at me multiple times….just starrring and singing to me lol. I am a brunette and she was a blonde. He likes BRUNETTES! ๐Ÿ™‚

  349. Thank you Tina!!! I keep thinking if only I …. or I should have been at the meet and greet… or whatever. Haha. Does anyone else have any concert staring moments? Its just that when he looks in your eyes just for that second on stage, it melts you and it makes you feel like you are the only one on that concert floor. I know I sound CRAZY but really… he does have that effect.

  350. Also Nurse4Change, Did you drive by the house he lives in now, or the one thats a Salvation army rescue. Cuz I liked to know if he lives in a huge mansion or whatever. I heard somewhere he cuts the grass too. LOl

  351. i read about Evelyn at official nkotb’s forum:

    “His wife comes into the resteraunt that my friend works at. I’ve meet her a couple times but didn’t know it was her until like 2 weeks ago when she payed with a debit card. She always comes in with the two boys. We just assumed she was married to a rich guy because her ring is huge. Jordan has never come in with them. She is really nice and really pretty. The boys are really cute and well behaved, (the little one dosen’t really talk yet, he just yells lol). Thier older son is really cute and so polite. They are very private, and the pics that have been posted of her are just bad photos. She is super nice and she always jokes around with us. I meet my friend there at the end of her shift sometimes, and she always jokes and laughs with us. She’s a lucky lady.”

  352. Thanks for posting that kam. Um…maybe she’s just not photogenic?

    Tina and Angel Eyes are making me jealous.

    Has anyone found any “gutter” boards?

  353. I’ve posted this like two times and it didn’t show up. I’ve created this mb for gossip, so you guys can go and check it out… we all can keep coming back here, and go there also, so pls can you post this msg lol


  354. Ok, I will share a bit of my “experience” with him cuz I can’t help smiling when I tell it but it’s an old story! Still love it though! I met him after a show once and hung out with him in Robo’s hotel room. To make a looong story short, we made out and then he comes out and says how he couldn’t have sex with me…I’m like “ok, that’s fine I guess..” I really didn’t know what to say, then I had to ask “well, why not??” He replies with some long crazy sentence that I could get pregnant, condoms are only 99.99 percent effective, we could catch std’s ,etc…Wow, I wasn’t expecting all of that but whatever. I was happy with what I had gotten to do so far. Well it got even better! One thing led to another and next thing you know, I am..well giving (or trying to anyway!) him a BJ! I saying “trying” to because he actually was telling me what and how to do it! So embarrassing!! I have to admit I was 21 and not too experienced!LOL. And let me tell you he is very well ENDOWED! OMG. Now I have this smile on my face that won’t go away…:)

  355. Oh! One more thing, I guess it’s kinda true how everyone was saying that Jordan likes bj’s (more than sex). That’s what it seemed like to me now that I look back on it. Didn’t know why at the time though..I thought back then it was more of a not wanting me to get pregnant type thing. Afterall, this was June of 99’…I think he had just had his son like a few months before..??

  356. Jessica, playing devil’s advocate, weren’t you worried about catching something from him? Also curious, and not to judge but don’t you feel the least bit like a dirty whore? What could you possibly have gotten out of it? Not a story I would be proud to tell and I think the world of the man. I have to believe that if this story is true and he does all this shiznit, I wouldn’t want any part of his garbage d***. I started out loving this board but I can’t get down with the destruction of the lives of Jordan, Mrs. Knight, this Marisol chic, and their families. Peace.

  357. people you need to grow up, clearly we all want to hear some gossip so if you don’t want to read it, don’t come back!!! and what’s so terrible about the guy getting a blow job!!

  358. Fantasy and being interested does not hurt anything or anyone. Jordan would most likely be a bit flattered that we are interested as long as we don’t stalk him. I think for alot of us its about reliving our youth and having a bit of a crush. Let’s face it, any man in his position would most likely take advantage of it…that does not necessarily make him evil…just human. I daresay that most everyone on here would make a play for him if we thought we would not get caught and no one would be hurt.

  359. I read on an old “gutter board” from some women claiming to have been with him that Jordan was indeed very well endowed and knows how to use it. They also said he does enjoy giving as well as receiving oral……so Jessica’s story doesn’t seem too far fetched! This was an old board though like 99-2001.

  360. Poop — you need to just go do that and STFU yourself. Buh bye!

    Yikes — I seriously doubt you will ever be my age again since I’m sure I’m considerably younger than you. Strike 1. I’m REALISTIC, not angry. Strike 2
    Maybe you should not open your mouth and vomit bullshit. Strike 3.

  361. omgg i cant believe she posted here.. i was just gettin ready to share her reponse. omggg. im amazed..i dont even know what to say! thats freaky that she knew someone who was related to his neighbor?? that kinda stuff only happens in movies.. shitt..
    Shiloh – you are ridiculous., i’m so freaking glad she posted..
    i feel bad now.. andd i don’t know what to make out of the real story,. i have so many questions all of a sudden.

  362. Sorry but I had to come in here for myself and read how pathetic some of you grown women really are. You should be embarrassed, but I guess when you can go into a website where nobody knows who you are its easy to have no shame. How do you bash any of the guys? I dont understand that. Do you call yourselves fans? Sadly, the guys knew this would happen and that is why they had to redo the board and straight out say this website is not intended for you to talk about the guys personal life, relationships and families. Some of you just have no respect! Why dont you just enjoy the damn tour and find something better to do.

    On top of that you start talking crap about people who you dont even know. I happen to know this girl who you are talking about on the today show and sorry to ruin your fantasy of her being this horrible person but…your wrong. Sorry but she is a really sweet girl, your talking crap about her why? Is it because she is Hot? Dresses great? Skinny? What? Its JEALOUSY! Its a little demon and it brings out the monster in women! Sorry girls but we come in all shapes and sizes. Some girls are going to get more attention from the guys than others, that is just reality. Deal with it and grow up! I dont remember seeing anything run across the bottom of my TV screen saying ATTENTION JORDAN IS FUCKING THE GIRL TO THE SIDE OF THE STAGE. If I somehow missed that announcement, my sincere apologies.

  363. Jessica, tell us more! What was he like? Was he instructing you in a mean/irritable/controlling way, or was he being nice about it and did he return the favour? That’s an awesome story anyway. Glad to hear he’s well-endowed;) I wonder if that’s his way of being “faithful” to his wife (well girlfriend at the time), I know that’s how some people justify their indiscretions against their significant others in their own minds – the “everything but” crowd. his baby was born in august, so he’d already gotten someone knocked up that year… maybe he was just trying to be careful. Also I heard back in the day, I think some of the guys, J included, caught crabs from some groupie, I think that’s where he got his nickname ‘Crab’ from the guys, so maybe that’s why he’s a bit more careful now…. I recently saw an interview where someone asked them the craziest thing they ever got from a fan and donnie goes “Crabs!” and looks at Jordan and laughs. The guys were laughing and then Danny goes, “Back in the day. That ended up getting all around the bus.” Ha ha – such slutty boys….

  364. jessica – pls tell us MORE! i dont think i’m the onlly one who wants to hear all teh dirty details.

    gg – can you post the link to that interview? sounds funny, i would like to watch it.


  365. Honestly, I’m pretty shocked by the “grown” women on this board who are feeding off of these stories like leaches. It’s disgusting! How can you call yourself a lady? Grow up and live your own lives. How can anyone be proud to say they whored themselves out for a night just to say they got a piece from a celebrity (like many others apparently so that makes you less “special”). IF Jordan really does/did these things I feel terrible for Evelyn and their children. That is not a man who respects and treasures what he has. IF these stories are true, I’ve lost respect for the man. Also, keep showing your insecurites by bashing and bad mouthing people you don’t even know. It’ll come back to bite you!

    Jealousy is an ugly thing “ladies”.

  366. One more thing, if you think you’re special in any way because you were “picked” to “hang” with Jordan or any of the other guys. Get a clue. They have it down to a science what they can get and from who. They’re not new to the block and have figured it out. It’s not difficult to pin point the “easy chick”.

  367. wow. that M story is crazy. I’m with you Covergirl, i’m curious to know how he contacted her. Im not saying anything bad about her, just wondering. anyway thanks to this person who cleared up things.

    on another note, you girls are crazy, talking about jordan and BJ’s. clearly this girl that posted has her information wrong. I really don’t know if i can believe it.

  368. I agree it is not nice to bash any girl and yes, it is all about insecurity when women do this…I fully admit that I have done it in in my lifetime..everyone has. It is wrong and is a jealous thing for sure. Women are alot harder on themselves and other women then men are I think. We see all our flaws whereas men probably only see a few of them. I would never bash the guys but it is hard to not be interested in what is going on with them. If I had “super powers” it would definately to be a fly on a wall and hear and see things…like some of these scenarios that we are hearing about! lol If these things don’t appeal to some reading this blog then I guess it is best that they don’t read it and get all worked up. Anyone agree?

  369. I was asked about how Jordan knows Evy. Heard two stories. Heard she grew up with him & that he used to have dinner at her house regularly. He came from a broken home/parents divorced when he was young. She was a friend of the group & that when he came back touring, he realized she was ‘all grown up’. The other story is she is a cousin of NKOTB’s former assistant manager who met them thru parties. The first is the more frequent story. Jordans house used to be an old mansion -its on a main street in a BAD part of Boston. They sold it & now use it as a rescue house. You can google it -10 Melville Ave, Dorchester, Ma. They often have benefits you can attend & goto Jordans & Jons old bedrooms. There is a myspace page for the foundation & all the NK’s are fans of the page & regular donors. VERY COOL of the NKs. I haven’t been to J’s new house-I will be doing a driveby soon-I know there are 6ft tall fences around it which his son was ‘accused’ of throwing rocks over at fans before (which was Evy). Donnies house isn’t what you’d expect either. As soon as they took off in 88-89, Donnie moved to the suburbs. He stays there with his mom when he’s in the area. Turns out he’s taping a new series for TNT called ‘Bunker Hill’ which will be taping in Boston after the tour. In fact, the house photos are on youtube when NKOTB was initially recording ‘The Block’…I can post the link if you want. I know Jon lives in a farm in Essex close to his mom (which is a VERY nice & $$$ area). J’s house is also in an expensive area.

    So, just to follow up with my recent concert in Providence, RI…I was in Boston on 9/30 & then 11/6-both CLOSE to Boston. Their families and friends were ALL there. It is understandable WHY they weren’t goofing off as much or flirting…ummm. the MRS is there! I know Donnies family was there as well as Dannys. WHY would be surprised if the MRS J was there, too! Its funny living here…we all know people who know people who are close to the NKOTB. ALso heard about the crabs/BJ faciniation & Latina fixation. On the gutterboards-all the NK hit on Latinas in the 5*. If you’re in the area, Donnies brother has a restaurant which is fabulous & he and Mark are regulars at when in town.

    Keep the sexual encounters coming…wish I was involved in one.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nurse4change, what’s the name of the restaurant that Donnie’s bro has & which bro is it? I’ve been to Boston many times & would like to visit another NKOTB-related landmark! ๐Ÿ™‚

  370. I totally agree Lori.
    What annoys me is that the women who are “digusted” and think it’s “sad” and “pathetic” are still reading along SILENTLY. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  371. I slept with Jordan Knight and it was soooooooooo good!



    Geez Ladies you really believe all this stuff, people can say anything behind a keyboard!

  372. This is just the same as sitting around w/ your girlfriends talking, imagining, guessing about how the life of Jordan is. Since many of us never met him personally, all we can do is imagine or “speculate”. There is no harm in that, as long as we do maintain some respect. Whomever does not agree w/ it, does not have to be here reading it (and if you are, then you are no less of what you call those who’ve written things whether true or false).
    Instead of bashing – just sit back, relax and just do like most of us, and imagine yourself in some of these lucky ladies stories…. Long live NKOTB!!! Ladies – how friggin good does Jordan look while singing BIBIY??!! – pushing 40 and has some hot abs & pecs!! Have mercy!!!!!!

  373. Hey ladies- sorry I haven’t been able to log on for a couple days but reading all of your posts who are interested and those who asked questions…I will tell some more. I just didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with a crazy story and especially since there a lot of people out there that probably wouldn’t believe it anyways. But to those of you who want to hear it..here it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

    NKOTB Gossip- Yes, Robo was with Jordan AND Joe at a summer fest here in my town …they were both promoting their new single albums.

    GG- He was very sweet and “instructing” me in a sort of jokingly way. (although I’m sure he was serious! ๐Ÿ™‚ Me, being somewhat insecure about how I was doing it, asked if he liked it and he said “well, I don’t think I”m gonna cum,”! Then he goes on with if you want to try to make me cum, you have to (and these are his exact words) 1. Go deeper 2. Move your tongue around more 3. Loosen your lips a little. Oh my freaking god, and although I tried and listened to his comments, he didn’t cum!! I suck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  374. Guys, I was alerted about “Merenda” by someone close to the NKs. She is a barracuda and a liar so whatever she posts, comes from her twisted, but not realistic mind.
    The girl on the Today Show may be the sweetest, nicest girl who does charity and kisses her teddy bears goodnight but if you dress like a slut, chances are you are trying to get something. That is NOT dressing cute. Showing too much denotes insecurity and a huge attempt to attract (bad) attention. If you want to look cute, you definitely don’t dress like a girl who goes to the Jersey shores, if you know what I mean.
    Just my professional opinion….

  375. Their US tour is almost over…wondering if they will have the New yrs eve Boston concert thats been ALL the rumor around here. Either that or they’ll be at the Kiss108 Jingle Ball–considering Ne-yo & Natasha Beddingfield & Lady Gaga will all be there. They are VERY close with local Kiss 108 radio & recently attended their summer concert. Id love to see them once more, but my hubby wouldnt allow me to fly anywhere to see them. Im losing my money & my mind with their recent climb to fame!! TOO hot ladies- they are TOO HOT!

  376. GG- Unfortunaltey, no he did not return the favor. All that was done was some making out and the bj.

    FTM- I actually took pictures earlier at the show and backstage where the trailers were (until I got thrown out!).
    It’s really funny, I had actually paid some kid that worked for the radio station $60 bucks to wear his necklace so I could get back there. But when I got back there, Jordan or Joe were nowhere to be found. Just the other performers. A while later out comes Jordan and an entourage of about 8 people (including Miguel) and I run up to him and start taking pictures like crazy. Then some security comes up to me and literally yanks the necklace off me and throws me out. Way later when I got to the room, first thing Jordan says to me is “you’re the girl that was going crazy with your camera”!lol. Then I ask him to take a picture of him when he sat on the bed and he tells me something like come on now, we’re in a hotel room..how do you think that would look. I begged him, please just let me take one and he was very persistent on NO.

    Sassy-Yes I am mexican, however not a brunette. My hair is blondish/brown. One thing that Robo told me was that when he told Jordan he had someone for him, Jordan asked “what flavor”, Robo then of course told him “latina”.
    Then there was a knock on the door, seriously like 5 minutes later.

  377. Jena- First of all, let me start off by saying that neither back then, nor now have I ever felt like a dirty whore from this experience. That was a dream I had for 10 years to just get to touch this man. NEVER thought it would happen and it did….even better than I could have ever imagined. I suppose had things gone differently (like they did with Joe), then yes there is a possibility that I would feel slutty. I feel it depends on how the person your with is treating you. To be honest, I felt that way with Joe. Joe pretty much crushed any picture I had of one day meeting any of the guys. Our “meeting” in his hotel room lasted maybe 20 minutes, half of which I was crying. HE made me feel like a whore….Jordan, absolutely not. I think I would have done what most girls who were hard core fans since they were 12 would do if they had the chance to 10 years later. Remember, I said MOST, not ALL. If you see what I did as whorish, then oh well but I will never regret it, it was the best memory I will cherish forever!

  378. damnnnnnnn. i almost missed that comment from “………” I was too distracted with all this BJ talk lol
    this is freakin crazy.. private eye???!! did you read that?
    props to you COvergirl. so funny how shiloh is not saying anything. lol

  379. Stunned by..- Let me tell you that no I did not think I was special in any way because I was not “picked” to hang out with the guys. It was pure luck/chance. My friend was actually approached by Robo when we were backstage and had asked her if she wanted to watch Joe’s show from the “sidelines” backstage. He really was into her and invited her to go hang with him (and to meet Joe) after the show at their hotel. So I went along, not having any clue that Jordan was staying there also. Trust me, I’m not stupid to think that I was the chosen one and this only happened to me…just sharing my story for the FIRST time to real New Kids fans who can appreciate it. I know I would love to hear more stories like mine. I’ve told my story to plenty of my friends who don’t really care because their not fans. Sure, they knew who they were but could really care less about me giving them bj’s and whatnot.

  380. Now to all others who would like to hear some little juicy details…I’m just going to ramble on and throw out stuff that I remember.
    Jordan and I talked about little chit chat stuff. Nothing to serious but I did ask him if he was engaged ( I remember that was a rumor going around at the time) to Evelyn and he said No, not even as girlfriend. We laid on the bed and I had my head on his chest, under the white tee he was wearing. I was rubbing his chest and stomach…he had little bumps all over! I remember it kind of felt like a heat rash or something. At our first kiss, I remember tasting alcohol on his breath and I asked him what he had been drinking. He said Heiniken. Oh, just in case you’re wondering he was wearing a white tee shirt, navy blue track pants (I think Adidas) and bare foot! So cute! Hmm…what else…Oh! At some point, he asks me if my boobs are fake and tries to touch them (I’m average but I was nursing!). I got so embarassed because I had a 6 month daughter who I was nursing quite frequently and I had not nursed her since I left for the concert so I was EXTREMELY engorged and in pain! I was also leaking everywhere, not literally, but my nursing pads were soaked! So I tell him like an idiot that my boobs were real but that I was nursing. He then replies “you’re pregnant!?”. LOL, he obviously wasn’t too knowledgable on that kind of stuff. I told him no and that I had a 6 month old at home. To be honest I think it kind of grossed him out or turned him off because at first he seemed very much into wanting to touch my boobs and take off my strap until after I told him I was nursing. My top nor bra ever came off.

  381. One other last tidbit…he did ask me for my number as he was leaving and trust me, I gave him my home,work, cell and pager number! (yeh, I still had a pager, lol) Ya think I wanted him to be able to get a hold of me!?? Haha. He had told me that he was coming back to CA in l think he said October (this was in June). You can bet I answered every single phone call and it was never him. I actually had a couple of numbers from some area codes I didn’t know call that got my hopes up but it was the wrong number! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  382. This is getting so good. I love it. To everyone who has negative things to say…..well don’t come on this board. We want to dress slutty, get hand picked, and give a BJ. I’m not insecure or embarrassed. Get over yourself if you feel that way.

    Jessica thank you for sharing your story. I hope more people do. I really hope I get my chance during thier UK tour, I am burnette!!!!

  383. Hmmm…I can verify what Jessica M is saying. I was a “chosen one” after one of JK’s ’04 shows, and he did drink Heiniken and he also asked me, “Are ya boobs real?” The simillarities are remarkable. btw- I am blonde and blue-eyed, and Jordan told me he liked blondes. So, maybe he just likes ALL kinds of women. ๐Ÿ™‚

  384. cc- thanks for the interview link… i wish i could read it now, but’s i’m at work and it’s blocked ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    miss knight – OMG, i did read read comment #239, thanks for the heads kk. and all i can say is WOW! i’m not sure what to beleive at this point… call me naive but it does have a ring of truth to it. and i have always bleieved that the relationship btw JK and M was not sexual. what are your thoughts?

    jessica m – maybe this is lewd, but i want to hear MORE MORE MORE! i cant get enough of your story, spare no detail. tell us more about joe too! ahhhhhh, i envy you and will play out my JK fantasy vacariously thru your experience.

    and to all the haters… LEAVE! ;P it’s a free country and if you dont like the discussion, you may be excused.

  385. wow Jessica M….

    The nursing thing probably did freak him out a little bit…lol bgut I think I missed the part about Joe. How did he make you feel like a whore? Was he mean to you, or just didn’t say anything at all?

  386. Private eye – I believe the story 100%. I was the one to message her in the first place, i had no idea she was going to come on here. I just can’t over the fact that her roommate ended up being related to J’s neighbor. That almost gives me chills. The fact that there was no sexual encounter, to me has great significance. It’s like he didn’t see her as just another girl he could sleep with, and he was the one to contact her? i wonder how ? And the fact that she told him she could not stay in touch anymore?…wow being who it was, jordan knight. very respectable. So everything definetly seems to come together as far as the facts. the dc video where it seemed like he saw her and looked surprised.. it’s cause he hadn’t seen her. …oh and the summertime dc video where he goes up to the side stage and points towards her as he sings “he girl don’t you know i miss it”. it definetly all clicks for me.
    wow..i wanna almost say that maybe the fact that she stopped talking to him, was almost hurtful. maybe they did fall in love? it kinda looks like that to me… i mean nobody can control feelings, not even a signed marriage agreement. wow..i’m truly in amazement about this..

  387. F.Y.I., Donnie lives in Simi Valley, which is located in Ventura county right outside of L.A. county. I live here and have yet to see him, but my dad has seen him many times shopping in his store!

  388. BTW…did anyone hook up with him in San Antonio? We’re all pretty much latinas in this city. I bet he would have been like a kid in a candy store.

  389. To all the ladies who have had my back..THANK YOU! (SandraUK, Private Eye, Bree, etc.) I’m so glad that you guys can at least look at it from a fans dream come true perspective othen than I must be a whore perspective! One of the reasons I didn’t want to post my experience was due to the fact that I knew I would have a lot of so called haters who think I am a slut or that I was making this all up just to get attention? Whatever..but I appreciate those of you who show an interest in my story and don’t judge me for it!:)
    Anyhow, I did also have a BJ experience with Joe right before Jordan and it was AWFUL. Which is partially the reason why I didn’t want to post it…that and because THIS incident did make me feel somewhat slutty…due to the fact he was treating me like one. Or at least I felt that way.

    Basically, Robo and my friend were pounding on Joe’s door for like five minutes to wake him up. I suppose that could have been a reason why he wasn’t in the best mood. So eventually he opens the door and Robo literally shoves me in there and closes the door. A very sleepy Joe walks back to his bed in his boxers and lays in but sitting up. I was sitting at his feet. I was trying to just talk with normal conversation about how excited I was, this was a dream come true, etc, etc. He replied very “so whatish” if he replied at all. He whispered everything that came out of his mouth and when I asked why (maybe a stupid question but at the time it didn’t even cross my mind) he gave me the look of “are you freakin serious” and said “to conserve my voice”. Wow, I felt really stupid. Anyways I scoot a little closer to him, in kissing distance, and he begins to lean forward as to kiss me. I lean in and just as we’re about to kiss he puts his hand on my lower mouth area…kind of romantic..NOT! He starts wiping and smearing my lipstick all over my face! I don’t mean just to take it off, I mean like in a rude way where I had it on my cheeks and I looked like a mess! I back up a little and ask “what are you doing!”, he replies that he didn’t want to kiss me with lipstick on so I told him that all he had to do was ask me to take it off and I would have. So we’re already starting off on the wrong foot here. Next he grabs my hand and puts it on his stuff… which is def hard so now I’m intrigued to touch it! He lays down in the bed and busts it out and WOW!! I must say to this date, he has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen…even bigger than Jordan’s and Jordan is and will always be my fave but I can’t lie, Joe is huge! So I bend over and, well you know, and Joe starts to put his hand on my head and is pushing it down further, I start choking and gagging-no joke, then he grabs my hair and is flopping it and swinging it everywhere. I have long curly coarse hair so it was a mess! Overall the way I felt he was treating me was trashy, so I started to cry. He asks me what’s my problem and I straight out said ” I have waited 10 years to meet you and this is what I get?” He replied, ‘what did you expect? I don’t understand” . He then gets out of bed and picks up the phone to call Robo’s room…no joke his exact words were “I’m done with her” and proceeded to ask Robo to come get me. What an ass..I couldn’t believe my ears so then I tell him “don’t worry, I can let myself out” (did he really think that I wouldn’t want to leave??please) so I walked out the door (still bawling) and go back to Robo’s room where my friend was with him. Robo is trying to console me because I wanted to leave and he and my friend were still gettin busy in the bathroom…that’s when he says the magic words..”do you want Jordan?”…..

  390. Wow…this site is getting good!!

    Jessica M – thanks so much for your story. Any more details of your experience…do share! I also would like to hear about your Joe encounter.

    miss knight, cover girl, private eye – so, M’s cousin’s wife has confirmed that JK contacted her for whatever reason and that they were close and “got along extremely well.” I don’t believe that nothing more came out of this besides a great friendship. Why else would M stop talking to him when she found out about the wife. Yes, M sounds nice and she asked us to stop talking about her but I can’t resist. ;p

  391. To all the ladies who have had my back..THANK YOU! (SandraUK, Private Eye, Bree, etc.) I’m so glad that you guys can at least look at it from a fans dream come true perspective othen than I must be a whore perspective! One of the reasons I didn’t want to post my experience was due to the fact that I knew I would have a lot of so called haters who think I am a slut or that I was making this all up just to get attention? Whatever..but I appreciate those of you who show an interest in my story and don’t judge me for it!:)
    Anyhow, I did also have a BJ experience with Joe right before Jordan and it was AWFUL. Which is partially the reason why I didn’t want to post it…that and because THIS incident did make me feel somewhat slutty…due to the fact he was treating me like one. Or at least I felt that way.

    Basically, Robo and my friend were pounding on Joe’s door for like five minutes to wake him up. I suppose that could have been a reason why he wasn’t in the best mood. So eventually he opens the door and Robo literally shoves me in there and closes the door. A very sleepy Joe walks back to his bed in his boxers and lays in but sitting up. I was sitting at his feet. I was trying to just talk with normal conversation about how excited I was, this was a dream come true, etc, etc. He replied very “so whatish” if he replied at all. He whispered everything that came out of his mouth and when I asked why (maybe a stupid question but at the time it didn’t even cross my mind) he gave me the look of “are you freakin serious” and said “to conserve my voice”. Wow, I felt really stupid. Anyways I scoot a little closer to him, in kissing distance, and he begins to lean forward as to kiss me. I lean in and just as we’re about to kiss he puts his hand on my lower mouth area…kind of romantic..NOT! He starts wiping and smearing my lipstick all over my face! I don’t mean just to take it off, I mean like in a rude way where I had it on my cheeks and I looked like a mess! I back up a little and ask “what are you doing!”, he replies that he didn’t want to kiss me with lipstick on so I told him that all he had to do was ask me to take it off and I would have. So we’re already starting off on the wrong foot here. Next he grabs my hand and puts it on his stuff… which is def hard so now I’m intrigued to touch it! He lays down in the bed and busts it out and WOW!! I must say to this date, he has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen…even bigger than Jordan’s and Jordan is and will always be my fave but I can’t lie, Joe is huge! So I bend over and, well you know, and Joe starts to put his hand on my head and is pushing it down further, I start choking and gagging-no joke, then he grabs my hair and is flopping it and swinging it everywhere. I have long curly coarse hair so it was a mess! Overall the way I felt he was treating me was trashy, so I started to cry. He asks me what’s my problem and I straight out said ” I have waited 10 years to meet you and this is what I get?” He replied, ‘what did you expect? I don’t understand” . He then gets out of bed and picks up the phone to call Robo’s room…no joke his exact words were “I’m done with her” and proceeded to ask Robo to come get me. What an ass..I couldn’t believe my ears so then I tell him “don’t worry, I can let myself out” (did he really think that I wouldn’t want to leave??please) so I walked out the door (still bawling) and go back to Robo’s room where my friend was with him. Robo is trying to console me because I wanted to leave and he and my friend were still gettin busy in the bathroom…that’s when he says the magic words..”do you want Jordan?”…..that’s where my Jordan experience starts.

  392. Jessica M,

    OMG! More details, please. Questions: 1) is he a good kisser?; 2) is he well groomed (everywhere)?; 3) how is his chest?; 4) does he appear intelligent or not so much? Some have said he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Your thoughts?

    Keep it coming – loving this….

  393. Overall, Joe tarnished the childhood dream that I had of ever meeting New Kids. On stage, interviews, etc. Joe is probably one of the most outgoing, fun people you would think to be at least. However, not in my situation…I look at him now and I don’t have any bad feelings at all but I don’t think I will ever look at him the same. If I had the chance to meet him again…Sure, I’d love to, just not in his hotel room.

    On the other hand, Jordan sure made up for it and was completely respectful and a sweetie. I guess you can’t get that lucky twice in a row…;)

  394. I just read the …. comment lol I hadn’t seen it before… anyway… if she wasn’t sleeping with him why she decided to stop talking to him when she found out he was married? kinda odd… and I guess they were such good friends since he went to her place, whatever… I don’t give a shit if they did it, she’s not the only one but at least if you’re gonna come here to defend her and I don’t even see why, you should try to make some sense… if they don’t have anything and didn’t have anything more than a friendship why coudln’t she keep talking to a MARRIED man…..
    Now, I will catch up with the rest cuz this is certainly OLD STUFF lol

  395. Jessica…fabulous story..keep going, you have me completely hooked…did I miss something? You hooked up with Joe and he was mean to you? You seem like such a sweetie…but on to the nasty my dear…this is great!

  396. Jessica M – OMG!! You mean you got to give “head” to 2 New Kids on the same night!!! You lucky girl! I’m glad JK made your night better after Joe treated you the way he did.

    NKOTB girl – would you like to share your experience? I’m just so curious and interested b/c I can’t imagine what I would do if my childhood dream ever came true!!

  397. Jessica M,

    My questions were about Jordan – not into Joe much – prefer dark hair and dark eyes.

    Looking forward to your response…..

  398. whoops I inadvertantly skipped some posts….so you dont have any pics of Jordan from that night? If you do let us know! We’ve got your back girl!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  399. kk I agree with you on the M issue…
    my words exactly…
    To jessica, how come jordan didn’t cum lol what did you do after that? you jerked him off? haha too funny!!!

  400. jordan tells the blondes he likes blondes and he tells the brunettes he likes brunettes… he’s a big time player… he knows all the right words!! lol