Brazilian Bore!

Last night was horrible. I met my date at The Fish, a sushi restaurant close to my apartment. I walked into the restaurant and he was squeezed behind a table that had alot of people sitting at it. When I walked up to the table he stood up and hugged me which I thought was very nice. After that…things kinda went down hill…the conversation was so boring. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for small talk, but I would’ve rathered poke needles in my eyes than to be there with him. Haahha!! Okay that’s kinda harsh…but seriously as he was talking I was trying to think of escape routes. He then did my number one date pet peeve….he answered his phone. I think it’s common courtesy that you turn your cell phone off on a date. It’s just plain rude. On top of that he spoke in Portuguese….another rude thing…He hung up the phone then asks me, “so what are you going to do after this?” I told him I didn’t have plans….then I decided to be equally rude and grabbed my phone and called my friend asking him what he was gonna do…I then told the Brazilian that I wanted to go to Rocbar, and he could join if he wanted. He said okay. From then on, I decided that I wasn’t gonna care and that I didn’t like him and could care less what he did. So I asked him to pick up Cynthia. The minute she got in the car he said I don’t know how long I’m gonna stay. I thought that was kinda rude. So, when we walked into Rocbar I said I was going to the Ladies room and I would see him later…..hahhaha!! When I ran into him and his friends I just said Hi and walked off. Cynthia and I took a cab home and the Brazilian Bore was history!

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