Thank you all for your congrats, high fives, and blessings! Everyone’s asking how it happened….truth is, our engagement story takes place over a much longer span of time, in a collection of moments that would be impossible to tell in any kind of linear way. It’s in the dozens of talks about the future we’ve had in the four years we’ve been together. It’s in the many decisions—both big and small—that have led to the intertwining of our lives over time. It’s in the new traditions we’ve started together, and the old traditions we’ve invited each other to be a part of. It’s JT asking me to marry him several times throughout our relationship and him knowing without a doubt that the person in front of him was already his partner for life. I always tell the story of how I got down on my knees and prayed for a good man and my prayers were definitely answered the day I met JT. Our engagement story is all of these moments, and it’s also every day since we’ve met, as we choose each other—day after day—regardless of the plan, or the weather, or the mood because at the end of the day we are each other’s best friend. We are truly blessed!! Thank you!

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