Weekend happenings….

My weekend was relaxing once again…Friday went to Straits at Houston City Center w/ Mr. Make it Happen, Kitty Kat, Edward Sanchez, and Mr Fox….the ambiance was wonderful! I felt like I was on vacation, of course anything outside of the loop is vacation. LOL!! Grupo Cache played in front of Ruggles on The Green and we enjoyed a cabana at Straits while we listened to the music, had delictable adult libations and entertained ourselves w/ great conversation.

Saturday I tailgated all day with my brother and his friends.  It was a great event because it was the Texans against Cowboys, and of course the Texans won! Made it even better.  When I got home, I was planning on going to my besties bday and to hang out w/ Mr. Class Act at Nox, but when I got into my car I noticed that my work laptop and gps had been stolen…so my night was pretty much ruined.  I waited for the officers to show up (which they were hott) and by the time they were done, it was too late to head out and my mood was blah…

Sunday, I woke up early and headed to Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral w/ Ms. Sanchez…it was nice and refreshing.  After, we went picked up her brother, Mr. Extraordinare Edward Sanchez and headed to the Theater Open House.  Started out at Wortham Theater then Jones Hall, and ended up at The Alley Theater where we heard a beautiful performance by The Houston Symphony.  When we were finished w/ the tour we headed to the One Year Anniversary of  RDG (Cafe Annie).  It was nice to catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a long time.  The drinks were fabulous and so was the crowd! 😉

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