Saturday Night Shenanigans

Went to an art gallery with Mona-Lisa and Eddie, then we headed to Benjy’s for dinner the crunch chicken is the BEST and Clint the bar manager is awesome, then to The Manor which was a BLAST! Thank you Larry for taking care of us, my sister in law was w/ a bachelorette party that showed up and one of my bff’s Andrea was there and my friend Jenny that I hadn’t seen in years was there as well.  After that, I  jumped in the limo and  ended up at Nox w/ the bachelorette party….after that everything became hazy….I hit the point of no return!!  Eddie ended up taking me home…Thank God for good friends!!  Sunday I was a vegetable all day…trying to recover and forget…..oh well, it’s life and it still continues.  I can’t live a life of regret…I just have to learn from it and move on….That’s todays epiphany!! I also need to learn to not get so attached to people that aren’t attached to me.   I guess it’s that romantic in me that just wants it to work and doesn’t like to let it go…..

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