Friday Night Out

Last night, Kristee Leigh and I headed out to the White Party @ The Alden, then we headed to Ei8ht and were joined by Eddie and Jonathan.  Ei8ht is nice, if you like a place that isn’t selective with the crowd.  I think Ei8ht stands for the 8 diff. types of people…skinny, fat, tall, short, old, young, pretty, and ugly.   After Ei8ht we went to the soft opening of Nox.  Nox is a club straight out of NYC, it’s huge and has one of the biggest dance floors I’ve seen in Houston in a while! Owned by the same guys who brought the original Escobar to Houston plus Whiskey Creek and Kobain.  This place has lots of potential!! The service is quick, no 30 min wait to get a drink! I’m sure both places will be around for a while.

One response to “Friday Night Out

  1. Do you have any contact information for Eight or NOX, cant find it anywhere. Or pictures? Thanks in advance!

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