The pursuit….

Deep down, everyone – whether they want to admit it or not – believes that someone, somewhere is meant for him or her. Having enough courage, strength and trust in yourself to actually find him or her, however, is the challenge some of us struggle with.

Temptations come about all the time. However, there is no excuse to fall into them. If and when you really, truly can love, care and, most of all, respect yourself and your other half, nothing should come between the two of you. If someone has doubts or finds him or herself tempted by enticing invites, then the person he or she is currently with just isn’t the one.

Being careful with who you trust and wish to share your life and heart with can be very tricky business. Some people may believe the world is full of selfish people, but it is also filled with unselfish people who believe that “sharing is caring.”

The words sharing and relationships should not be used in the same sentence unless used in a positive way. It sounds too similar to the word “cheating.” If you have to think twice about sharing, what you think you have probably isn’t what you think it is.

Maybe all of the above has already happened to you. Maybe this is all been there, done that. Now you’re bitter, mad as hell and find yourself frowning at the sight or sound of love. It’s OK: this can happen to anyone who’s had their heart ripped out while fighting to keep it beating, but dwelling on it will never yield results. Wipe your eyes and turn the page.

You may feel like you will never be able to love again and definitely never want to trust anyone. Just know the sun does come out again after every storm. Someone can walk into your life just as fast as that someone who hurt you walked out of your life and change all of your pessimistic perceptions on love into optimistic opinions. Don’t be mad at the person who previously hurt you: instead, be thankful, for now you know what real, true, happy love feels and looks like.

Don’t give up, and don’t go on a desperate rampage to find true love. Let it find you, and when it does, trust yourself. If it feels right, it is. Be patient. Anything is truly possible if you believe in it and yourself. If love is your main focus, pay attention!


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