Where They Come From

Pisces Horoscope:

A passionate mood can lead you down a path of zealousness today if you cannot keep your emotional responses in check. Should you encounter people whose beliefs and opinions are in opposition to your own, your first reaction may be one of fanaticism. Yet in your haste to convince others that your ideals are representative of deeper truths, you may inadvertently alienate the very people you were attempting to reach. You can calm your zeal today by reminding yourself that there is no one right way to live. Wait for the people around you to approach you with ideological questions, and you will likely find yourself blessed with willing listeners.

However strongly we may feel about the legitimacy of our beliefs and opinions, it is important that we recognize that the ideologies that are right for us may not be right for our peers. We can interact most comfortably with others when we are ready to put aside our own preconceptions in order to explore what makes them tick. The universe we inhabit may be vastly different from the one populated by the people around us, and we show our respect for their autonomy by acknowledging that this is so. Understanding where others come from can help us choose how we will frame our thoughts and express our feelings to ensure that we can share our view of the world without appearing fanatical or overly assertive. If you put aside your passion in an effort to understand the people around you today, you can communicate without causing discomfort.

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