Weekend pics…

Friday night was Girls Night Out…we had about 30 girls…went to dinner @ Collina’s BYOB (which is just trouble!)…after dinner we all high tailed it to the movies to see “He’s Just Not Into You”…it was a pretty good movie from what I can remember….I was pretty tipsy!! ahahah!!! When the movie was over I ended up stoppin to hang out w/ Eddie for a bit.  Saturday my cousin called me and needed a favor…he left his cc @ a restaurant and was stuck in Columbus en route back to San Antonio….I ended up getting his cc for him then headed on a mini road trip to Columbus, TX….needless to say, I got a ticket on the way back home…why does shyt always happen when you are doing something nice for someone…ERRRR!! It could’ve been worse though…it could always be worse!! Saturday night I went to dinner w/ Froy @ Rickshaw then to Pravada to kill some time before Samantha’s bday @ Vintage…which was a huge joke! They wouldn’t let Froy in to Vintage b/c he had “print” on his shirt….that’s RIDONKULOUS….who even likes Vintage anyways???? Needless to say, they let us in b/c well you already know…Social Bia always finds a way!! We hung out @ Vintage for a bit and then ended the night @ Blue Label…the DJ played my new favorite song “Jerk It” by Thunderheist which got the room pumpin!! It was a goooooood night!! I’m off…gotta go to dinner for my Mema’s bday!! 😉

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