I was reflecting back on some of my old posts…seems I used to have more to say, or am I just too busy now.  Let’s see….update on me…Last night after work I went to see “New in Town” w/ Tricia it was a cute movie…Renee Z moves to Minnesotta from Miami and is dealing w/ the snow and the difference in culture/weather/life.  It was a total chick flick and of course predictable, but it was still cute.  Makes me want to experience some real snow! After the movie I met some friends up @ the Tavern for a drink.  We chatted and laughed then I had to head out….I was soooo sleepy.  Age is definitely catchin up w/ me.  No plans for tonight…who knows what’ll happen….Tomorrow is GNO (Girls Night Out) we have a group of  22 girls comin out! It’s gonna be so much fun! We’re goin to dinner and a movie…Movie will be “He’s just not into you” ahahahh!! Perfect! I’ll definitely need to take notes, that is  if I can see straight after all the wine we’ll be drinking!! ahahha!!


Vodpod videos no longer available.


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