Please Pray!


I have some big prayer requests this week..

Please include Tony’s nephew, 5 wk old baby Esteban in your prayers this week. 

On Saturday afternoon, he was unresponsive and rushed to MSW ER via ambulance.  He was transferred to Ben Taub via ambulance shortly after arrival as TCH was on drive-by and his condition is severe.  Once a bed became available, he was transferred again via ambulance to TCH (TX Childrens Hospital) on Saturday a little after midnight.  What we do know is that he has an air pocket over his heart and fluid in his lungs of some unknown etiology/origin.  Esteban is on a ventilator and will remain on one for this week.  An EKG and echocardiogram was done yesterday but since he is on a ventilator, it was inconclusive.  A bronchoscopy was done yesterday but that did not show anything as far as his throat or abnormalities in his lung branches.  There is not a way to image babies on ventilators as they vibrate their small crib and with all the air around his heart, they still can’t image a clear picture for his heart or lungs.  He is without a fever & has never been sick, so he doesn’t have an infection and this is why the physicians are completely perplexed.  We did meet with one of the PICU physicians yesterday, and he said out of all the 30 babies in the Pediatric ICU there, he is ranked #2 for almost the most critical. 

It is very sad and very stressful for Tony and his family right now.  His family and Tony could really use the extra prayers for this tiny & young baby. 


 Please pray for T and her family.  Her dad passed away a week and a half ago and she is struggling to make it back at work. 

Also, DC is having major issues with an ex that was abusive and was thrown into jail and is being released today…she is horrified at what he may do to her and her family when he gets out.  Please pray that he stays away from her and also that she can have some kind of piece of mind and peace.  Thanks!

If you know me, you know that I’m a firm believer in the Power of Prayer.  Please take a second to pray for my friends and their families.  Thanks!

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