Holiday Break

I had a very eventful Holiday break….first of all we got a new addition to the family her name is Sofy she’s a poodle mix:

Christmas was really delightful w/ the fam!

Friday,  I went to the hockey game w/ Eddie, Tasha, and some other friends….

Friday night we headed out to Blue Label, Drake, Pandora, and Saez and Zouk

Saturday I took my nieces to Chelsi’s 10 year old bday @ Pearwood Skating Rink….we had a blast!!

Sunday I spent the day @ The Texans vs. Bears game w/ my friend Robert and his girls, and Garrison….Good times!

One response to “Holiday Break

  1. Hiya,
    Fist to explain how I am looking at your page… googled Houston social activities… there you are so I take a peek..
    I am actually looking for Houston bits and pieces as I have a few days there in July 09 (All the way from Aussie land).. I am travelling on my own to a conference but have a few days to fill..
    Thought there might be some social dinner/hiking/outing club that I could tag along too…
    Havent really found a huge log of info but when i saw your blog I thought- this girl will know where to send me!
    Hoping to see somthing sporting?
    Hoping to eat?
    Hoping to have many an ale in a a beer providing establishment and a few wines where applicable…
    So Houston Butterfly… Can you help a girl out?

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