Strawberry Shortcake

I was chatting w/ Andrea today and it went something like this:

15:50] lory07: the soap smells like remember that doll strawberry shortcake
[15:50] lory07: did you ever have one?
[15:50] andrea: YEA!
[15:50] andrea: I had all of them
[15:50] andrea: Rubarb
[15:51] lory07: what’s rubarb?
[15:51] andre: Rubarb was her cat
[15:51] andrea: I think
[15:51] lory07: well do u remember how strawberry shortcake smelled
[15:51] lory07: like her hair
[15:51] lory07: this soap in the bathroom smells just like it
[15:51] lory07: makes me nostalgic
[15:51] lory07: ahaahhaha
[15:51] andrea: wait, that was Custard
[15:51] lory07: yes custard
[15:51] lory07: blueberry muffin
[15:52] lory07: bananna split
[15:52] lory07:
[15:52] andrea: NO, it was the monkey!
[15:52] andrea:
[15:53] lory0707:
[15:54] andrea: You’re Tangerina Torta
[15:55] lory07: You’re Andrea Apricot
[15:55] andrea: HAHAHA

Love my daily chat’s w/ Andrea!!

One response to “Strawberry Shortcake

  1. OMG! Strawberry Shortcake was my absolute favorite! I had my 6th b-day party at the Galleria Skating Rink and it was Strawberry Shortcake themed. I still remember crying because someone stole the little doll off my cake!! haha

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