Blog Hotties

Woo hoo!! I made it to Blog Hotties!! I feel pretty cool right now! 😉

Name: Lory Ortiz
Age: 32 (Feb 20, 1976)
Location: Houston, TX
Occupation: Vacation Cruise Planner
Status: Attached
Blog Content Rating: 6/10 (A decent read if you happen to be part of the Houston clubbing scene)
Notes of interest:

  • Owns a female Chihuahua named Lola.
  • Thinks Whitney of MTV’s The Hills is “super smart”.
  • Has a boyfriend she refers to as ‘Chicago’ on her blog.
  • Has never had any plastic surgery.
  • Loves NKOTB, karaoke and salsa dancing.

Blog URL:

4 responses to “Blog Hotties

  1. Real nice site! It’s truly very unique. I especially like what you’ve done with the photos. I certainly can say unequivocally that I enjoyed the time I’ve spent in the State of Texas! In fact, I have frequented some of those establishments named. Obviously for informational purposes only! I will check back from time to time.
    Best wishes.

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