Memorial weekend…

Well, despite my incapabilities to drive anywhere…my weekend turned out pretty good.  Thursday night I went to Rickshaw to begin Chrissy’s bday celebration.  Dee’s boyfriend, Ralph is the dj extraordinare there and he took it back to old school.  Angel 2 was wondering what some of the songs were.  ahahah!! After Rickshaw, we did some club hoppin…stopped by Belvedere, Zeppelin, and ended the night @ Bond.  The spot to be for Thursday nights was ultimately Bond.  I was impressed by the wide range of ages and the diversity of the crowd.  The music was good and over all I had a good time. 

Friday morning Kristee came over and we layed out at the pool all day…in the 98 degree weather!! It was too hott!! Chrissy picked me up at 4ish and took me to Richmond Arms for her bday office party….there was a Kilt Convention goin on and it was hilarious!! 

Got home around 7ish and took a little nap.  Ricky Bobby picked me up afterwards w/ his 2 friends from Virginia and Buddy.  We went to eat @ Soma Sushi…one of my favs!! Mich came and met us up too! After dinner we headed to Saez & Zouk (formerly Hue) …they are only open one Friday a month…and we were invited guests…ahhahah!!! We mostly spent the night people watching which is one of my favorite past times. 

Woke up Saturday morning…bored as hell. Watched “Mario’s Story” which had me crying all day and “Descent” w/ Rosario Dawson…both AMAZING films suggested by my boy JC!! Eddie came to pick me up around 9 ish and we headed to dinner w/ some friends @ Los Cucos.  After dinner, we trucked it along to Meteor and South Beach.  I love gay night!! I get all kinds of male attention without being tempted by the devil… 😉 ahahah!!

Sunday morning I woke up w/ a screaming hangover which consisted of a pounding headache, shakes, and all kinds of not feel so goods….Andy called me bright and early and said he and his daughter were in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by.  I warned him that sista hangover was visiting and that I wasn’t 100%, but he still insisted.  They stayed for about an hour and as I closed the door behind them I was also diving into my bed at the same time.   Nora stopped by a couple of hours later…I don’t know if these people got some notice that I was having an open house or wtf, but I was in no mood to entertain and they still wanted to be in my presence.  ahahah!!! Gotta luv em!! Once I came to my senses, Eddie came and picked me up to go to Open City….the best place to be on a Houston Sunday Funday.  The crowd was beautiful, the music was amazing (except a little repetitive), and the food is scrumptious!! I, on the other hand, was still nursing my little baby hangover…I stayed at 75% the whole day and night…even when we went to Zeps afterwards, no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get my remaining 25%.  Ended up home by midnight….was soooooooooooo happy to see my bed!!

Woke up early Monday morning…took a cab to the movies and watched a double hitter…”IronMan” and “Indiana Jones”….Louis met me for the 2nd movie and drove Miss Daisy to Tacos A Go Go and then to my casa.  Got home, took a little napecito, and then woke up ready to leave Memorial Weekend w/ a bang.  Went downstairs to the party @ my apartment complex and then to Dee’s and Ralph’s crawfish/fajita party!! Good times!!

 Surpisingly enough, I’m glad to be back at work!!! ahahah!!! Time for some regularity!! Pics to come soon!!

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