My weekend…

Friday night went to Chrissy’s cancer free happy hour @ Pub Fiction…had such a good time!! The girls came over afterwards and we hung out and caught up.  Chrissy ended up spendin the night on our couch. 

Woke up early Saturday morning it was a lazy Saturday….ate breakfast and then napped for most of the day.  I finally rolled off of the couch and headed to Yvette’s Bday party….part 2! The kids had a blast! I was kinda tired from waking up so early. Left around 9pm.


Got home…napped, showered and then got a second wind and since my roomie was out of town I got kinda bored…so I decided to go w/ BQ to The Drake.  I had a good time the place was packed and the music was good as always….met some interesting people and then headed home to Miss Lola. 

3 responses to “My weekend…

  1. Had so much fun at the Happy Hour Party! Thanks for going, and thanks so much for letting me sleep on your sofa. That breakfast at your complex is the best! We gotta go again sometime. xoxo

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