Today’s a special day…

Today is my cousin, sister, bff…Yvette’s bday…we are one month apart and although she is my cousin, she is more like a sister to me.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have her as my sidekick my whole life.  I love that cutie patootie!

Part 2 of my cousin’s bday is tonight @ Macaroni Grill…mmmm I’m so excited!! I’ll have to limit my caloric intake but it’s still gonna be good to eat bad for a little bit.  I’m sure I’ll end up sharing w/ someone so I won’t be such a bad girl! I just received great news that one of my dearest friends, DivaChrissy has tested negative for any further cancer cells.  She has kicked it completely.  Through the power of prayer and her amazing strength she has over come a really tough obstacle.  I’m so ecstatic! Pata power to you Chrissy!!

DivaChrissy Signature Smile

The weather has been so blah lately, the mornings start off chilly the days are warm, and then it’s back to chilly again.  I wish it would just stay hott…I thoroughly enjoy the heat.  Nothin’ like 90 degree weather to get your blood flowing!I’m in the mood to shake my groove thang…was thinking of maybe going to Sammy’s on Thursday night…depending on how I feel.  I love the “Spazmatics” they look like the revenge of the nerds and sing all the reminiscent 80’s songs that I love.  My only hang up is the long line and cover…who pays cover anymore?

One response to “Today’s a special day…

  1. Thanks for your support mommacita! It’s been very challenging, but I made it through. I just want to spread my testimony to everyone that PRAYER WORKS! If it weren’t for everyone’s prayers the chemo/radiation may have not worked.

    I am so ready to celebrate!! I wish I could go to Sammy’s!! I’ve never been there and heard its soooo good. But tomorrow is my sister in law’s bday dinner. Maybe next week.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YVETTE!! I love you girly.


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