Weekend update….

Well…I decided to take a break from the computer this weekend.  Friday night I went to dinner at Soma Sushi w/ Nora and Mark.  The dinner and conversation were very pleasant, but the service was horrible.  We literally were there for 2 hours.  It took forever to get drinks and our last sushi roll didn’t come out till we were already signing the bill.  I was very disappointed….although I love the Yumi-Yumi, I don’t know if it was worth the wait.  After Soma, we headed to 26ten….the music was great, not to mention they opened up a new bottle of champagne for us.  Now that’s service! Since I was w/ the hop-a-long gang we had a couple of stops ahead of us.  We left 26ten and were off to The Drake….it wasn’t as packed as a regular Saturday night, but sometimes that’s a good thing! I mingled amongst the crowd and met some people from Africa that spoke potrugese.  I threw out a couple of phrases and they were impressed! Really cool!! Last stop was Pandora…something about that place reminds me of a dark dungeon.  The crowd was very young and some people looked cracked and coked out…sad sad sad…I mean seriously, crack kills!!  I left the crew and went home solo…it felt sooo good to be snuggled in my nice big bed…

Saturday morning I woke up early, but felt like a train wreck…Cyn and I walked to our favorite Mexican stop, “Tacos-A-Go Go.” That place rocks!! Two potato and egg tacos later and I was already starting to feel 60% myself.  We walked back home, and I took an afternoon snooze.  Woke up, did some cleaning and got ready.  Kristee met up @ my apartment and we headed over to Grand Luxe for my cousin, Yvette’s surprise bday that I was hosting.  Everything went so well….there was a total of 17 people there and she was so excited when she walked in.  She was in shock…it was so hilarious!  After Grand Luxe we went to The Black Swan….it wasn’t as packed as it normally is, but we had a good time laughing at the crowd.  People watching is one of my favorite past times!  I was kinda tired and not feeling well, plus I didn’t drink, so I kinda was a bummer towards the end.   

Sunday morning I woke up at 8am sharp, bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Drove to my parent’s in Sugarland and spent the day with my nieces and nephews.  They loved the stuffed bunnies I got them and didn’t want to put them down.  My brother just bought them a huge trampoline, and I ended up showing them how to do flips on it. It’s a major work out, or maybe I’m just out of shape! ahaha!! I ended up falling out on the couch a couple of times…those kids wear me out!! When I woke up Dad made steak and shrimp….my favorite!! Mmmm!! I’m still thinking about it.  My nephew had ketchup all over him so I gave him a bath….he was swimming in the tub…so cute!  Got home and Lola and I passed out…we were so exhausted!

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