Oh what a past couple of days it’s been.  Last night I worked until 10pm, got home, did some more unpacking, and then passed out.  Right now it’s 7:15am and I’m at work again.  I might as well have just slept here.  I came in early so that I could get as much in before my cut off at 10:30am.  Plus, I’m gonna leave @ 4pm today to do the spa thing and just have some “Lory” time. 

Tonight is my friend An’s bday @ Pandora, so that’s where I intend to de-stress myself.  Hopefully this time I won’t drop my phone in the water, tell my bff she smells of throw up, and/or tell a married man that he should be more faithful to his wife!! But I just may….I’m definitely going to let my alter-ego take over.  I’m soooooooo ready to shake my groove thang!

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