Houston Rodeo


I got this in an email forward and thought I would post: "Y'all need to be extra careful, as you should always be, this year around the rodeo time. The Houston Police along with just about every other law enforcement agency in the area are starting a new D.W.I. campaign and are kicking it off this year at the start of rodeo. The H.P.D. has purchased six "B.A.T." vehicles which stands for Breath Alcohol Testing. This are large mobile command centers about the size of mobile homes with Intoxilyzers,
interview rooms, court certified field sobriety test practicioners, Assistant District Attorney's, as well as nurses qualified to draw blood.
There will also be a judge available to sign search warrants for blood of those that refuse breath tests who are arrested for D.W.I. along with the other alcohol related offenses. Officers who stop persons who are suspected of being intoxicated are either transported to one of the BAT vehicle locations or the BAT vehicle will come to them. If you refuse breath even for DWI, they will get a search warrant and take your blood which is
obviously worse than breath because it will show things other than alcohol and is often felt to be more accurate.

4 responses to “Houston Rodeo

  1. Part of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo fun is the World’s Championship BBQ Contest. We definitely will be on the lookout for BAT vehicles!

    If you’re in Houston for the Rodeo this weekend, stop by the Maverick Kooks BBQ tent on Friday (Feb 29) or Saturday (March 1) to sample Black Iguana Frozen Ritas – a new adult beverage product produced in Tomball, Texas.

    Black Iguana Frozen Rita 4-Packs now available at some select H-E-B stores.

    Check our Black Iguana blog: blackiguana.wordpress.com

  2. I heard that the DWI crackdown emails were a rumor. Supposedly, the BAT vehicles the city bought won’t be delivered until summer.

    I figure better safe than sorry, but I’m wondering how the rumor got started. Do you know?

  3. Even if they do establish these vehicles nothing of serious charge can come to you …

    You still have your rights to refuse to blow … even if they do get a warrant to take your blood i’d love to see them pull that in court and prosecuting you ……. Amend. 4

    common now ….. they did that in huntsville

    if you think that you get serious charges show me a case to where this accually happen

    (dont post BS about those willed killed or injured while intoxicated anyway)

    that and above all …. its just another attempt to scare the citizens in texas

  4. Listen and Listen well.

    MAD is an invention of a wife of a DWI trial lawyer. The largest funds given each years to MAD is the United States DWI trial Lawyer Association.

    Fact One. Last year 168,000 people were killed (15,800 by DWI drivers) by jack asses driving to fast for conditions – this means YOU – mini driving mother who pays attention to kids and not the road and ends up killing more people every year than bu 10 fold over people driving with a buzz.

    Pull you bullshit on more of weak minded ignorance asses not us.

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