This week in advance…


This week is going to be pretty crazy…..Juls (my west coast bff) is comin in from San Diego on 2/14…yeah that’s right…Valentine’s Day.  She’s gonna be my Valentine! We have a big group going to “single’s Valentine’s dinner. ”  I know V-dayis just another day….but spending it w/ a group takes the pressure off.  So, I’m hosting a dinner for all of us that can go out and do whatever we want w/ out getting permission from our “significant others…ahhah!!   We may go out dancing after…depending on how Juls is feeling. 

Friday night we are gonna kick off my bday festivities.  Saturday morning I have a hair appt. then comin into work for a bit….then heading to my “Black and White Ball.”  Yeah, I know what you are thinking….I made a big deal about people being high maintenance and requiring you wear a certain color for their bday….but I’m not the regular civilian….I’m the Social Butterfly. ;)ahahh! Jk!  So far I have 90 RSVP’s .  I’m hoping everyone comes sporadically and also that everybody gets in.  The place that I’m hosting it at is pretty exclusive. 

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