Bi-polar Relationships…

Cyn and I were @ lunch today discussing relationships and yadda yadda and got on to the subject of “bi-polar relationships.” You know those relationships that are either really good when they are good or really bad when they are bad.  There are some people that you can’t just have a medium with.  It’s not just boyfriend/girlfriend relationships…I’ve even had friends where I experienced such.  I had a friend in High School where we were either bff’s or rival enemies….there really wasn’t an in between.   Same with a couple of my ex’s…..the good times are awesome and the bad times are just brutal.  Have you had friends or relationships where things are either/or and never in the middle?

One response to “Bi-polar Relationships…

  1. I am new to this site and I came across your blog. Yes I just came out of a relationship that was “Bi-Polar” When the relationship was good, it was heaven. SO much chemistry, romance and passion towards one another. In a blink of an eye it turned in to an inferno. Anger, frustration, yelling to where it came close to hatred.

    Both of us tried to reach a medium, never could find one. I think that was the most frustrating part. Wanting the same things from each other, not knowing why or even realizing that it was bi-polar.

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