What could be…


In the middle of the crowd he found me….through all that was going on around us the only thing that mattered for that 20 minutes was him and me.  I asked where he was from….he asked where I was from….both of us far from where we both called home.  The conversation was light yet deep and for some reason I felt that I would know him for a while….He was a stranger in the night….a person I wanted to know…..mysterious yet I felt I’d known him all my life.  He took my breath away.  Then I was pulled away and he disappeared.  How was I to know that would be the last time I would see him…..or is it?  He got my number….and stayed in touch over 2 states away and sometimes I feel like he is right here.  He is the rock I lean on when I’m down and I try to be the same for him. Who would ever think that a couple of words via text message or hearing his voice would make all the difference in my  day.  Now it’s hard for me to fall asleep without telling him goodnight….or reading the 4 letter word “muah!” from his text…a kiss I could only imagine, but have never experienced…..he’s been a great friend and if only we lived in the same city who’s to say what could be or would be….

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