To all my haters,

Unlimited abundance…There is no limit to the supply of abundance. In fact, the more abundance that is lived, experienced and appreciated, the more there is to go around. The only limits on your abundance are the limits you place on it. The good fortune of others does not come at your expense, and your own authentic good fortune does not come at the expense of others. As such, envy is a completely self defeating thought. When your thoughts are filled with envy, you cannot see or connect with the abundance that would otherwise be available to you. Yet the moment you begin to rejoice in the good fortune of others, it becomes your good fortune as well. As soon as you let go of any envious thoughts, abundance begins to flow your way. Be supportive, not resentful, of the achievements of others. Instead of cutting yourself off from their good fortune, you can participate in it and partake of it by virtue of your sincere encouragement. Banish all thoughts of envy and resentment, and open your eyes to the amazing abundance that is yours to live.

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