Cashmere Mafia…


Okay, did anyone catch Cashmere Mafia last night after Desperate Housewives? I don’t really know what to think of it…last night was just the pilot and I felt like it tried too hard to be like SATC.  I also thought it moved a little too quickly.  I’m gonna give it a little more time.  I think the next one comes on, on Wednesday.  You can also catch them on .


Desperate Housewives was good too…I can’t believe Carlos is gonna be blind…I think he’s so hott…perfect example of a latin lover..aahhah!! I want to know what that paper said that Katherine threw into the fire…I want to know the secret!! 😉

One response to “Cashmere Mafia…

  1. I actaully thing that Mafia may have a chance because of Lucy Lu. She’s a popular actress. And I think because Sex isn’t on anymore, people may be starving for another strong woman show like that. But I agree, it’s pretty much trying hard!

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