It’s raining madness…

Nothin new in the past 2 days…worked all day Monday and then vegged @ home…watched “The Hills” then watched a really good movie called “Water” about widows and prostitution in India. Such a good movie. I was crying at the end needless to day…
Tuesday went to the movies w/ Cynthia and her boyfriend Frank…saw 2 days in Paris. It was cute…about a couple that goes to visit Paris where the woman is from and the come across alot of secrets in her past…the relationship is tried…very good. Anywhoo…tonight I think I’m just gonna go home after work and scrub my apartment down…I get so lazy after work…I need to clean….I need some inspiration…maybe a good cd and some wine will get me in the mood… šŸ™‚
It’s been stormin so bad here everyday…kinda makes you not want to do anything at all…

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